11 Types Of Professors You’ll Probably Meet In College


Published on June 11th, 2019

You have heard enough about high school teachers. Most of your high school teachers had certain characteristics which could be found at every high school. Some of your teachers were serious, while others were boring. What about college professors?

You must be aware of the fact that your professors will be very different from you high school teachers. College professors do a different job than your school teachers.

Apart from teaching, they also have to do so many other things, such as research commitments as well as administrative responsibilities.

Do You Know These College Professors Could Make Or Break Your College Experience?


1. The Absent-Minded Professor

The Absent-Minded Professor

This type of professor is capable of giving fascinating lectures, but at the same time they may be six months overdue for a haircut. However, that does not mean you will not have professors who are focused, present and practical.

2. Traditionalist Professors

He or she may dislike PowerPoint Presentations. He or she may be more comfortable handling handwritten notes, a chalkboard than many latest technologies that have entered many classrooms.

3. The Dictator

Perhaps he or she thinks that right in from of him/her are high school students. They could go to any length to show you who is boss. These type of professors are capable of setting crazy rules.

4. The TMI


Such type of professors will keep you busy by talking about their personal life. If their life is more interesting than books, then you may not complain.

5. Seem Scary, But They Are Not

Don’t go by their appearance. They may look like intimidating, but when you get to know them, you will find them always willing to help you. Such professors seem scary only in front of the whole class. They are completely different persons when you approach them one-on-one.

6. Seem Scary, And Actually They Are

You find some of your professors intimidating on the first day. And they will really intimidating by the end of the course.

7. The Hot Professors

The Hot Professors

Who say you like your professors only for their intellects? You are going to find the one whome you will like for more than his or her mind.

8. One Who Treats You As Equal

Some professors teach you as a high school student, some treat you as what you are: a college student. But there are few who treat you differently. They can make you feel as if you are his/her intellectual peer. These professors will be more interested in listening to you then cutting you short with ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ remarks.

9. Demanding Professors

Expect to have at least one demanding professor in your class. Love them or hate them such professors can’t be easily ignored. They will demand a lot of you, always set uncompromising standards for themselves as well as for you. That is why his or her classes may be some of the most rewarding you take while at university.

10. The Snob

Such professors will make you feel like an idiot. They are always right. They hate to be questioned. They don’t want you to be creative. They just want you to do things exactly as you are asked to do.

11. The Laid-back Professor

The Laidback Professor

They are as lazy as you are. They forget about homework, never ask any question, don’t bother to give you a syllabus. They even show up late.

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