How To Use Time Productively If You Are In College?

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March 13th, 2019   |   Updated on March 16th, 2019

Time Management can be a common problem for many students. They hardly get any time to do anything apart from classes, assignments, and studying sessions in the library. They cannot enjoy being with family and friends as their mind is always overloaded with assignments and tests. Some of them get so overwhelmed and anxious they even have to buy essay for college.

To prevent this stress and burnout, here are some time-management tips to stay productive and enjoy your time in college.


1. Organize Your Space

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Staying organized will help you to study efficiently and stress-free. If you keep your belongings organized then you don’t have to waste time searching for the essentials like water bottle, paper, or keys. Keep the things at their regular places.

For instance, if you keep the important assignments and documents in a desk drawer then you should always keep them there. This will save your lot of time and you can fully give yourself to the productive work. It will also prepare you for the professional world, where the organization skills are vital.


2. Plan Your Study

Take the planner and map out your study schedule for the entire term outlining assignments and tests with their due dates. You can also mark them in your calendar to keep them always visible.

In addition, you should prepare weekly schedules on Sundays including all the material that you must cover in the upcoming week. Have some spare time reserved for unexpected issues that might arise during the week, so you can adjust your schedule and deal with them without impeding anything else.

You can also check the study schedule from the last week and see if there is a need to revise anything. Have a proper time for the study sessions, group project work, and writing assignments. Managing your time in this precise manner will certainly help in saving a lot of it.


3. Use To-Do Lists

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On top of your plan, create daily to-do lists and strictly follow them by prioritizing. This will help you to remain more productive and save a lot of time. Create a list in such a way that every task isn’t on high priority.

There should be low and medium priority tasks as well to keep small things from falling between the cracks. You can do this in handwriting or through an app where you can create, edit, and rearrange lists, assign them priority, and check off items that you have dealt with.


4. Avoid Procrastination And Distractions

If you’re studying in a group then there is a need to eliminate distractions. Most of the times there are chances of more fun than work while studying with your friends, so you should plan breaks for chatting and other things unrelated to your subject matter.

That doesn’t mean that when you are alone, nothing can distract you! Close all the social media tabs while studying as they are the primary time-sucks. Also, use additional precautions based on your type of learning. For example, if you are an auditory type learner, switch off notification on your phone because even the muffled buzzing is capable of breaking your focus.


5. Have Proper Sleep

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Having proper night sleep will help you to keep your brain refreshed and relaxed. It also improves your focus and memory. When properly rested, your brain is capable of absorbing and retaining more information, so you spend less time cramming.

During the examination weeks, when there are stress and time-pressure involved, students are prone to avoiding sleep and studying compulsively. However, this brings more harm than good and results in lower efficiency. Have the proper sleep every night, especially during exams, to stay productive. Sleep is essential to boost your energy levels and keep you attentive in the class.


6. Practice Self Care

In order to stay productive and maintain your general wellbeing, you need to make sure that you practice self-care basics, such as healthy diet, refreshing breaks at regular intervals, sufficient water consumption, and exercises.

Keep your wellness on the top priority. You will not save a lot of time by torturing yourself and ruining your health with overstrain, sleep deprivation, and stimulants. Remember, health is wealth.


7. Attend All The Classes

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Going to classes regularly is the best time-management practice. When you miss classes it takes more time to cover the material independently than if you have attended the classes in the first place.

The guidance of the professors in the class is always an important way to easily grasp the study material. Also, make sure you take notes and revise them regularly – not only before the test.

These are some of the effective ways to use time productively. Follow them to ensure you always meet the deadlines and score well in the exams.