Are You Brave Enough To Go On The World’s Tallest Double Inversion Roller Coaster?

World’s Tallest Double Inversion Roller Coaster

Published on July 4th, 2019

The world’s fastest and tallest double inversion rollercoaster will open today which will take passengers from zero to 78mph in less than two seconds. It stands at 175 feet above the ground at Six Flags Great America in Illinois.

Its air-powered launch systems will give passengers experience of five inversions.

It is only the second tallest rollercoaster in the park, just behind Raging Bull at 200 feet (60m), and is the 17th rollercoaster in the park.

Now look at some of the best roller coasters in the world- from classic rides showcased in famous movies and books, to steel monsters reaching speeds of up to (seriously) 240 mph.

The World’s Five Best Roller Coasters That Will Leave You Breathless

1. Space Mountain

Disney’s classic indoor roller coaster are located at five places: Disneyland in California, Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland Tokyo, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland.

Speed is not its biggest attraction (it goes with a max speed of 28 mph). Hard turns, deep dips and out-of-this-world scenery are what make them exciting.

2. Millennium Force

It opened in 2000, hence it was named Millennium Force. Thrill seekers across the globe love it. Its max speed is 93 mph and maximum height is 310 feet. Located in the Cedar Point Amusement park, it was tallest when it was opened, however only a few months later it was beaten by Steel Dragon.

3. Steel Dragon 2000

To find the world’s longest steel roller coaster you have to travel to Japan. The fastest non-launching ride is located at Nagashima Spaland. you will experience a four-minute joy ride with an 8,000-foot threshold at the speed of 95 mph.

4. The Cyclone

Located at Coney Island in New York, has an 85-foot first drop, 60 mph speed and 12 drops. What will you enjoy the most is its classic throwback design. This historic wooden coaster was built in 1927.

5. Superman Escape

Located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California, this one is loved by those who want a feeling of weightlessness and thrilling descent. It is one the best Superman roller coasters in the world. Are you ready to be propelled at 100 mph in seven seconds?


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