The 5 Best Apps To Learn French

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April 27th, 2019   |   Updated on April 13th, 2021

It is time to start learning French. If you have a smartphone, we recommend you to learn with music, movies, YouTube videos, podcasts and do not forget about mobile apps.

If you just make the first steps in French, you might be asking, which mobile apps to start with. In this article, you will discover the list of the best apps to master the most romantic language in the world.

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1. FluentU

FluentU is an awesome app, which can immerse you in the world of the French language. The French learning experience is made of videos, news, commercials, and inspiring talks.

You will hear all the time a real French, the one native speakers use in their daily life. You will learn many useful expressions and slang. The app will be like the window into the rich French culture.

The content is very impressive, such as movie trailers, web series, funny commercials, etc. Do not be afraid not to understand the media content. Each video is packed with subtitles, which you can tap to stop the video and see the definitions and examples.

FluentU will track all the vocabulary you have learned. Users get a totally personalized experience. You’ll receive the media recommendations that suit your interest and current level.

You can use FluentU with your PC or tablet. The application can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes stores.

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2. MindSnacks

French learners will love this stylish iOS app. It is geared mainly towards students. Users find the app to be highly entertaining. It will help you learn a lot o new French words.

You will learn new words through exciting games. The app is divided into several vocabulary units: food, job, transport, etc. You can use every vocabulary set to learn and strengthen new words.

While playing the games, a word will flash on your screen, and your task will be to match to the drawing. There is another game where English and French words appear on the screen as balloons. You will have to match the pairs.

There are fifty vocabulary sets, which will help you go through the basics in no time.

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3. MosaLingua

MosaLingua is a good platform, which is a perfect mix of an interactive French application and an audio phrasebook.

It uses SRS technique when new words are presented. It is a special way to calculate when words should be presented before they got to be forgotten.

Learning in such a way, words stick to your memory a lot longer. The app has 14 categories and 100 sub-categories.

It boots various conversations and audio files, and covers more than 3000 phrases in the audio phrasebook, MosaLingua is perfectly designed app, which aims to help you absorb the basic material in the shortest time period.

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4. Rosetta Stone

It’s impossible to present top apps for language learning without mentioning Rosetta Stone. It is one of the oldest and most popular methods, which is now available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Rosetta Stone app is set apart from other language methods by offering an immersive experience. You will learn French through French.

You will not see a single word in English inside the course. You will learn French in the way young children learning to speak our mother tongues.

Rosetta Stone is a method that will give you long term benefits. You will be taken through a well-sequenced pace, exposing new words, sentences, and phrases. This course might be what you’re looking for.

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5. Memrise

If you love innovative apps for learning French, try Memrise. It is an excellent choice for those who are struggling to remember French words after a while. It has a unique methodology.

It teaches new words through pictures and humor. The best thing about Memrise is that it has not been created only by professionals, but also by the community. You will enjoy learning the most difficult French words by disguising them through clever jokes. You will find this approach highly effective.

You will find many different modules, which range from Basic to Advanced levels. All the words are presented in batches; each of them is centered around themes like verbs, thoughts, feelings, and colors.

It is true that one of the most difficult problems of learning the French language is to acquire vocabulary. Memrise iOS/Android app is definitely worth checking out.

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It’s So Fun To Learn French with Apps

As you can see, there are many great apps, which can help you fulfill your dream to learn French. Learning French through the apps will satisfy both beginner and advanced learners.

Each app mentioned in our listing is designed with the same purpose in mind – to make the learning efficient and fun. So, check all the apps and decide which one is the best for you and your French level.

Hopefully, after this article, you will have a clear idea of the types of French learning applications available for both iOS and Android devices.

Merci et bonne chance, which means “Thanks and good luck.”