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A Guide To Find The Best Outback Tours In Australia


Published on April 5th, 2019

You may just head into the Australian outback to enjoy some unforgettable experiences which you may not get anywhere else in the world. As you can see in many travelogues, a journey to the outback of Australia is something you can never forget in life.


Exploring a luxury accommodation arranged deep under the ground, a staircase to the moon, a golf course of 849-mile long, natural swimming pools in the middle of a desert everything will give you a mesmerising holiday experience to ponder. Let’s explore further.


1. Sleeping Underground : Coober Pedy in South Australia

Most of the people live underground at the opal mining city of Coober Pedy in order to beat the intense heat. In summer, it is very hot to get outside. The local here are experts in digging, and you may also find opals while exploring the places here.

The accommodation facility here is dug into a hillside sandstone close to the main town, and you can enjoy a good night sleep here. The rooms underground are very tidy and quiet, which pitch to full back once the lights are turned off.


2. Kayaking Through A Billion Years Old Gorge : Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park at North

There are many ways to explore the Nitmiluk Gorge, through a chain of about thirteen magnificent gorges which wind around the rock cliffs in the Nitmiluk National Park at Katherine.

There are options to fly through here in a helicopter or simply take a sunset cruise to see how the red rock walls artistically morph into hundreds of shades. Those who are interested in walking can take the long walking trails here.

However, if you want to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of gorge up closely, then the best choice is to kayak. Just paddle to the spots where the tour boats cannot reach, and you may even camp there overnight if you like to as a part of your tours in the outback. Kayak rental is available at the visitor’s centre here.


3. Visiting A Historic Art Gallery : Rock Art of Mount Borradaile in the Northern Territory

The rock art galleries of Kakadu are listed as a World Heritage site, which is about 20,000 years old. They hold the record of being the oldest living cultural marks on earth. These galleries consist of some marvellous piece of art.

You can visit the wit the Aboriginal park ranger who will tell you the meaning of these pictures and the stories behind them. They really tell stories which you would be amazed to hear. Most of the art site tours are offered for free.


4. Dinner At Sounds Of Silence : Uluru Sounds of Silence in Northern Territory

A magical site of outback Australia is to watch how Uluru changes colours during the sunset. You can enjoy it in a five-star set up from the desert due to the top with a sparkling glass of wine before dining under the stars.

No doubt that it could be one of the most romantic sights of your life. You can order a three-course buffet dinner after it which features some bush ingredients of the native as kangaroo, crocodile, barramundi and the quandong. Enjoy the didgeridoo performance and also join a guided tour if interested under the night sky to complete your outback experience.

However, outback Australia is not limited to above, but you can add to the bucket list a drive across the longest road of Eyre Highway, climb the Broome’s staircase to the moon, or ride a horse to Home Valley Station, Kimberley etc.