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It’s About Time We Adverse Effects Of Mobile Phones


December 12th, 2018   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

There’s no denying that mobile phones have revolutionised today’s communications. Before, people had to spend a lot of money to talk to their loved ones overseas.

Today, everyone can get in touch with anyone with just a touch of the screen and for a fraction of the price too. It’s beneficial, alright, but the convenience it brings also brings about addiction and increased daily usage.

On average, a person can spend as much as 144 minutes on the phone during his or her waking hours. What they fail to remember is that continuous usage, or just being within 20 feet of a mobile phone, exposes them to electromagnetic fields.

Although it only uses low-powered transmitters, the amount of radiation that people expose themselves to can have long-term detrimental effects on the body.

1. The Immune System Is Compromised

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There was a study conducted at the University of London which showed that cellphones contain more bacteria than an average toilet seat.

It gets even worse when you absent-mindedly put the phone down in public toilets, which exposes you to even more bacteria when the toilet is flushed.

In fact, 92% of the 390 sampled mobile phones have bacteria on them, and an alarming 16% had E. coli on them. To be on the safe side, make sure you regularly wipe down your phone with 40% rubbing alcohol to kill off any harmful germs on it.


2. Makes Life More Stressful

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Life is already stressful as it is because everything’s fast-paced. If you don’t keep up, you’ll get left behind. With increased mobile phone usage, there’s also a corresponding increase in stress levels because of the constant notifications, reminders, and calls that we feel like should be quickly actioned.

The University of Gothenburg, Sweden, researched the topic and had participants respond to questionnaires relating to cellphone-induced stress. Results showed high mobile phone usage causes sleep disturbance in women and depression in men.

The key takeaway of the study was that excessive phone usage can pose a mental health risk in men and women, especially in young adults.


3. Increases Chronic Pain Risk


The hands are the most compromised part of the body when using a mobile phone. The unnatural hand and finger positions and movements while holding the phone and responding to messages can cause pain and joint inflammation.

Back and neck pain are also common complaints, which is mostly caused when the phone is held between the shoulder and neck while multitasking. Make sure that you don’t subject your body to strange postures for long periods of time, to avoid chronic pain.


4. Increased Cancer Risk

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Let us not forget the EMF and radiation we expose ourselves to when using our phones. We won’t feel the adverse effects now, but they will show in the long run. Whether it’s through insomnia, infertility, decreased bone density or, worse, cancer.

If you can’t help but use your phone because your work calls for it, you can use an EMF shield to protect yourself from any harmful radiation. You can visit to learn more about such protection.

Admittedly, letting go of an amazing technology will be a challenge. But since we rely heavily on our mobile phones to function every day, we just need to learn how to control usage and protect ourselves from any adverse effects caused by it.

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