Top 10 Best Plagiarism Checker For Students In 2019

Plagiarism Checker

Published on June 27th, 2019

Know Why Students will Need Plagiarism Checker?

Deadline is that deadly clock whose tick-tock can give nightmare and dark circles to any students. The result is one has to resort to unfair means of completing a paper and of all the unfair means the most deadly and the most common is copying the text of someone else’s work.

However, most of the times, students forget that if they copy or produce duplicate content then they will be subject to serious problems and that can even lead to the cancellation of the degree that they are about to hold in a few years and this is quite a big price to pay. So, what can be a possible solution to this problem? Well, the most known and the possible solution to this problem is to check paper through the plagiarism detection tools.

Top 10 Best Plagiarism Checker For Students

Plagiarism Checker

Looking for the best tool online might lead to confusion. Hence, the top 10 tools to check plagiarism is given here. One can have a look at the list and then decide, without being confused by the long list produced by the search engines. Below are

1. Dupli Checker

This is one of the most famous plagiarism checkers for teachers and students. Its interaction is trouble-free and apprehended that will not anyone feel any difficulty in doing any work. No registration fee is required in it. It gives the chance to copy and paste the text or download the document. This plagiarism checker software examines the content and hence checks the plagiarism.

2. Paper Rater

It improves the grammar, vocabulary and also checks the plagiarized sentence. It is one of the best plagiarism checkers used by student for making projects and assignments.

3. Copyleaks

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It is one of the best plagiarism checkers. It marks, checks and detects plagiarized sentence in content. It makes a differentiation between original and duplicate content. It can check the plagiarism in various languages and scans the document for avoiding plagiarism.

Most importantly this duplicate content checker tool is one such tool that helps in providing more or less an accurate result because they use artificial intelligence to check paper, thus helping students to avoid plagiarism before they submit their copies to their professors.

4. Plagiarisma

One can check the plagiarism by using the URL. But this type of has a disadvantage that one can check only limited content per day.

5. Plagium

This plagiarism checker is widely used by many people as it checks 5000 words at a time. One has to paste the text and it automatically checks the plagiarized sentences in a document.

6. Plag Scan

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It scans the uploaded document by the help of URL. It is an advanced form of the checker and it is available online.

7. Plag Tracker

It is available in six languages and allows the copy, paste, importing and uploading of the document.

8. Viper

This checker is free one does need to buy it like the various other tools. It is widely used by students because of its advanced software and interface.

9. Quetext

It allows the copying and pasting of the content and scans the content and find out the plagiarized sentence in the content.

10. Plagiarism Checker

It is a free tool which checks the words, phrases, and sentences in content. It is an online plagiarism checker and can be used for free.

Premium Vs. Free Version Of Plagiarism Checker

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Free tool for checking duplicate content is quite a tempting option, especially for students, but then how far they are reliable is a question that one also have in their mind. Well, when the question of choosing a plagiarism checker is concerned than going for the premium version is a better option as it helps the student to produce high-quality content.

There Are Few Reasons Behind It And Some Of Them Are Stated Below:

  • A paid tool will help to compare the student’s written assignment against billions of paper and then only they will provide a plagiarism report that will be fair enough and accurate enough to avoid plagiarisms of all kinds.
  • Often the free plagiarism checker does not provide enough scope and also does not check a document against multiple languages, or even file formats but such is not the case with the paid and the premium tools as a result of which the students are benefited and fetch good marks or rather high grades in their examination.
  • An assignment, especially the assignments of the present world is not only based on the books, magazines, and journals but often blogs and website information is being taken into consideration while structuring or constructing an assignment. A free duplicate content checker is not given consideration in this respect and the main reason behind this is that they are not reliable with respect to checking the document and comparing them through various blogging sites, along with journals, books, and magazines.

So, taking the above points into consideration it can be said that it is better to spend money than to go for a free version if one wants to have an error-free academic paper.

Some Quick Tips To Avoid Plagiarism

  • Citing sources can help the students from getting involved in any problem as there is a way to acknowledge the work of another person and hence, cannot be referred to as plagiarism.
  • If direct quotes from any texts are used then quotation marks should be used along with a proper citation, and many tools have the quotation filters, thus, the students are saved. However, in an academic paper it is better not to give too many long direct quotes and if at all they are given that should be indented in order to separate it from the entire text.
  • More research should be carried out in order to have an in-depth understanding of the knowledge, so that copying others’ work comes to mind and one can come up with his/her own idea, which will be supported by the previous researches, through proper paraphrases and in-text citation along with references at the end of the paper.


In an academic institution, plagiarism is not at all tolerated. Thus, students should always try to avoid plagiarism and should provide a more or less error-free copy, with original ideas and contents. That will not only help them to achieve big goals in the academic arena but that will also help the student to have an in-depth understanding of the subject.