6 Ways To Combat Stress During SSAT Preparation

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March 27th, 2019   |   Updated on May 14th, 2020

Every SSAT exam brings along a whole lot of pressure and stress with itself. Everyone who is preparing for SSAT has one thing in common the extra stress.

The challenge is to beat the stress and pass out with flying colours. But, how do you deal with it?

Etutorworld has laid down 6 tips to help you combat stress during your SSAT preparations which would not only improve your score but your lifestyle as well.


1. Sleep and Eat

Enough Sleep

Follow the mantra that works wonders. Eat. Sleep. Study. Repeat. A good night’s sleep should be part of your routine during these critical days.

Not only does sleep help you function properly throughout the day, it allows you to retain and remember the important details and hence reduces time wastage during the day.

Moreover, through nutrition, especially a good breakfast is needed to keep you functioning and energetic throughout the day. Avoid junk food and a lot of sugar as that makes you lethargic and reduces your attention span.

2. Start Your Morning With Positive Vibes

How you start your mornings can have an impact on your performance throughout the day and also how you sleep.

There are multiple things that can allow you to start your day with a fresh and positive mind, focused on achieving your targets for the day.

You can use various meditation apps that require 10 minutes of your time to focus on breathing and calmness. Or sit down with a family Member you rely on and discuss positive thoughts with them to cheer and motivate yourself.

If you enjoy an extracurricular activity like dancing, singing or even going for a run, don’t let that go during this time.

Contrary to popular belief, keep an hour every morning for them, it would help you clear your mind and at the same time, keep you at peace.


3. Don’t Pay Attention To What Others Are Doing

There is a high chance you have a lot of friends preparing for the exam like you are. However, since we’re all humans with different upbringings, different surroundings and different personalities, everyone is going to have a different strategy and approach to give their best shot.

The best thing for you to do is, not focus or not let what others are planning deviate you from your place of action, as it might impact your own preparation.

Think of it this way, someone might be spending 6 hours studying what you can finish in 3 hours. This doesn’t mean you need to study for 6 hours as well.

There might be someone who keeps panicking all day and talking to them can ruin your own mental peace, so avoid talking to this person most of the time.

4. Set A Routine And Follow It

Study group in a library

One of the major reasons for Stress is lack of knowledge and control over a situation. If you can get rid of that, you can say stress goodbye. Set a routine to understand your progress or the lack of it, choose your own schedule and follow it.

A usually suggested approach is to make a to-do list for the day or the week, go through it at regular intervals and check yourself if you are missing out on an important task.

If you’re weak at a subject, allocate extra time for it through your day, revise what you know and sit down every night to take stock of what more needs to be done the next day.


5. Speak To Someone Or Consult

There are days when you might feel low or might have a lot on your mind. The best way to refocus or motivate yourself is just having a good conversation with someone you can rely on.

Usually, avoid someone who is also preparing for such exams and look for someone who has given these exams before or an elder family member.

Maybe go out for a walk with them, clarify your doubts or just talk about what you have in mind. Speaking to someone gives a lot more clarity and answers as compared to constantly thinking about them alone.

In fact, letting it all out can work wonders. You feel rejuvenated and honestly, you can do it. You just sometimes need someone to tell you that you can.


6. Get Rid Of Distractions

Students To Stay Motivated And Focus On Studying

No, I don’t mean your phone or your laptop. Those are the two most important things during exam preparation. You need them to have your to-do list on the go, your meditation app, your revision documents and all your preparation videos. In fact most of your research and preparation will be online and requires internet.

However, various Men’s group like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, might be fun during SSAT practice breaks can also lead to a lot of time wastage and mind blockage. No, I am not asking you to get rid of these apps.

Everyone needs a little socializing and fun during boring exam days. However, you surely need to limit its usage. Either schedule a fixed time every day to use these apps or only install these apps once a week for an hour’s use.

Follow these tips and it’s gonna get better. Breathe, take it easy and don’t lose hope. You are giving your best and that is what matters. All the best!