How Can Poor Website Design Negatively Affect Google Ranking?

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November 11th, 2019   |   Updated on January 29th, 2022

Having a website is a great way of getting more business. If you are a business owner, either you are catering to businesses or consumers. If it’s former, a B2B web design needs to be clear, concise. aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and offer detailed information about your product or service. However if your target audience is the consumer then your B2C business needs simple navigation and user-friendly functionality to engage and convert visitors into actual buyers.

In this article,  we’ll discuss the importance of a website for your business success, which will also help you understand what ought not to be done to affect your website’s Google ranking negatively.

1. It Is The Starting Point For SEO

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When implementing an SEO campaign, the first place to start is with website design. Not only can this help to reduce bounce rate, but this can provide you with a rebranded site that is easy for audiences to navigate.

Though this is arguably one of the biggest changes you could make when implementing an SEO strategy, this can help the longevity of the site as well as increase ranking position over time.

2. Look At Long Term Rankings

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Reaching the top page of Google can take time but with a website that is designed well and content that is fully optimised, you can begin to see an increase in rankings over time.

If you are looking to completely rebrand, it is important to make your logo and overall colour theme perfectly suit the ethos of your business and create a professional-looking finish.

Whether this is designed by an in house designer or by a web development Essex service this can help to increase the longevity of your website whilst providing you with a website that customers will want to visit.

3. Poor Design Can Increase Bounce Rate

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Poor design is one of the many reasons why potential customers will click off of your website. But poor design with a number of pop-ups and plug-ins can also have a profound effect on the loading time of your site.

This can lead to a number of people taking their businesses elsewhere and can affect sales over time. Therefore, ensuring that your website is as optimised as possible with a great design can help to increase session time and even increase sales and overall visits throughout the course of the campaign. However, it is important to be patient during this time as results will not be instant.

4. Avoiding Flash


Using flash on your website is a huge mistake when it comes to SEO as it not only reduces loading time, but it is not compatible with mobile devices. Therefore, a website that uses this style of coding should be redesigned as soon as possible.

This will then help to improve rankings and reduce bounce rate without spending too much of your budget, making this a worthwhile investment for those looking to reach page one of Google.

Site speed and overall usability of a website is key to ensuring that your business is as successful as possible whilst providing the best possible experience for customers.

Though it can take time to completely redesign a website, this is an investment that will benefit the business ten-fold as there will likely be a return of investment as a result. Will you be redesigning your website in the near future?

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