7 Awesome TV Installation Ideas To Decorate The Wall

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February 26th, 2019   |   Updated on March 1st, 2019

When it comes to TV installation, you may think that there’s just one way to do it: you find a good spot on the wall, or on a TV table, and you put it there.

Well, this isn’t entirely true, as there are plenty of creative ways to go about it, whether you’re going to go with a TV wall mount, or a different kind of an installation process. In this article, you’re going to find the 7 best ones.


1. Hide It With Art


For a house with a traditional-style décor, a TV can ruin the ambiance, but many consider it a necessary evil. However, being able to catch all your favorite TV shows doesn’t have to mean you’re automatically leaving a sore spot in your home. Indeed, you can create bi-fold doors out of your favorite artwork, and use those to hide your TV behind when you’re not watching it.


2. Put It Behind A Shelf

Another option to hide your TV when not in use it to create a wall mounted shelf that can go over it. The great thing about this particular TV installation idea is that you can get a piece of furniture you already own, and give it new life.


3. Put A Map In Front Of It

watching tv

If your house has décor that’s mostly vintage or rustic, you can get a vintage-looking map that can be pulled down, and place it on the wall, right above the TV. This way, when you’re not watching a great movie, your house’s décor will be saved. It also happens to be one of the simplest ways to hide your TV from sight, without losing points on the aspect factor.


4. Put A Frame Around It

Not everyone wants to hide their TVs. After all, they’re quite beautiful pieces of technology. A good option to display it proudly is to have it framed. The great thing about this particular option is that it allows you to work your style in as much as you want, since there is no shortage of frame models to pick from. In fact, if you’re handy enough, you may even be able to take this project into your own hands.


5. Hide It In A Footboard

Smart Tv

For those who like to watch TV while relaxing in bed, a great option is having the TV installed in the footboard. This way, you can lower it in the board when you’re not feeling like watching anything, thus creating a wonderful technology free zone.


6. Take It To The Kitchen

One spends loads and loads of time in the kitchen, which is why adding a TV in there wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. Of course, you do have to coordinate it with the other objects in there, since you wouldn’t want your TV above your cooker. This aside, and ensuring that you mount it properly, you can have your own entertainment center right there with you while you’re cooking.


7. Feature Wall

TCL 5-Series 4K TV

TV installation brings about one unpleasant issue with it, and that has to do with wires: they seem to be everywhere. In some cases, it can be easy to hide them, but in others, such as when your place is made out of brick, concrete or lathe and plaster, it can be quite a headache. Well, the good news is that all is not lost! You can create a feature wall on which to mount the TV, and behind which you can hide all those pesky wires.

Bringing a TV into your home doesn’t mean you have to give up on the style you’ve worked so hard to achieve. So, pick your favorite way of installing that great piece of technology, and see your home instantly become more unique.