20 Exquisite Beach Towns In The USA

Exquisite Beach Towns In The USA

Published on May 29th, 2023

Isn’t living on the beach a dream come true? Many people want that exotic life where they can breathe in the sea air every morning.

There are many places the world over which qualify in the category of being places with superior living experiences.

When it comes to the USA, there are many towns that have exotic beaches and well-established communities that would welcome any newcomer.

Here is our choice of the top 20 greatest beach towns in the USA. Let us know which one is your preferred choice for long-term living.

1. Alys Beach, Florida

 Beach Towns Alys Beach, Florida In The USA

Nestled in the arms of the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico, Alys Beach is your perfect retirement choice.

The city adopts green design features that would make your drab life exciting. The streets are made of permeable pavers that reduce water runoff and invite cool breezes.

When bored, enjoy the arts and food festivals that are a regular occurrence. Also, the close to the seaside and rosemary beach is a visual delight.

2. Ambergris Caye, Belize

Belize is not exactly a part of the US, yet it offers similar vibes. The currency and language are the same, and the transition from an expat to a citizen is fairly easy.

Though only a 25-mile-long coastline, the development of Mahogany Bay Village adds to its attractiveness.

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3. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston may be an old city, yet the variety of lifestyles you could explore here is numerous. Stunning buildings, iconic sites, and gorgeous neighborhoods are just some of the exciting features on offer.

Not to mention a splendid waterfront, commercial harbor, and huge open spaces make this city enviable.

4. Daniel Island, South Carolina

With small-town vibes, Daniel Island offers open spaces, beautiful architecture, and exotic recreational facilities.

Surrounded by two lush rivers, the neighborhood offers a scope of Kayaking, boating, and basic fishing and crabbing. Along with 25 miles of running tracks, add to the old-world charm.

5. Fernandina Beach Florida

 Beach Towns Fernandina Beach Florida In The USA

If you want to experience coastal living, Fernandina Beach is your perfect choice. With a stunning 50-block downtown, broad beaches, gorgeous marina, this town has lots to offer.

You can also find the oldest bar here. Couple this with pristine sands, and this destination can welcome you all year long.

6. Gasparilla Island Florida

Located near the Gulf of Mexico, this island town is just seven miles of lush brown sand. During the peak season, you will find multiple industrialists, fishermen, and cruisers visiting these Islands.

The main attraction is the village of Boca Grande, which is a sight to behold with pastel cottages and palm-lined streets.

7. Grand Haven Michigan

This eastern shore of Lake Michigan offers old-life vibes that are hard to miss. Also known as the “Coast Guard City USA,” this place welcomes marine life in every manner.

Enjoy fishing, boating, Kayaking, and more. Don’t miss the historic storefronts that line the whole city.

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8. Harbour Island Bahamas

Though tiny, this jewel of an Island showcases charming cottages with an exotic vibe.

The sparkling water is the haven for fishes and the nearby boutiques have exciting and new age designs to offer. Notice the change in color of the sand as people come and go.

9. Kukui’ula, Kauai, Hawaii

Embracing the Pacific Ocean, the town has a vast golf course for fitness lovers. Each home is a visual experiment in architecture, and a farm on the property builds community existence.

Not to forget, a world-class spa and high-end shopping add to the beauty of this quaint town.

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10. Langley Washington

 Beach Towns Langley Washington In The USA

One hour far from Seattle lies this picturesque town where the weather resembles Southern California. Boasting of outdoor activities like Kayaking and hiking, the city offers a sense of fulfillment.

Yet the place bustles thanks to the lip-smacking cuisine offered at the restaurants. With a vast network of ferries, the island is always brimming with people and action.

11. Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu is a prime location in Hawaii that offers a glimpse into its unique culture. Beautiful waters, roadside shrimp shacks, and leading restaurants are just prime attractions.

Though the third largest island, this location never sees warm weather attracting tourists yearly.

12. Orleans, Massachusetts

Orleans has 54 miles of coastline, and you can imagine the beauty it encompasses. Summers are buzzing with the Cape Cod Baseball team, dozens of art galleries, live theatre, and much more.

Enjoy the luxurious vibes as you stroll around this beautiful and quaint location.

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13. Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

With live Oaks and Spanish mosses, the Palmetto Bluff is where you get the break. You can do loads here, including golf, fishing, yachting, and shooting.

The Music to Your Mouth festival is an end to culinary satisfaction. Plus, the Montage Palmetto Bluff is the new age shopping destination for newcomers.

14. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

South of Cancun lies this absolute jewel with its ease and affordability, making it a place worth living.

The beaches are gorgeous and the coastline long enough for you to never get bored. With Cancun close by, you can access all the facilities that would make your stay memorable.

15. San Diego, California

Beach Towns San Diego, California In The USA

This southernmost city of California offers a sweet life for those who stay here.

70 miles of coastline, beautiful beaches, neighborhoods full of quaint cottages, and you would not want to go back ever. Also, do not miss the best craft beer this place has to offer.

16. Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is a vision in itself. It has a beauty that is unmatchable whether you talk of the old-time streets or the sweeping beaches.

With a lavish food and drink scene, you can satisfy your culinary appetite. Visit the beaches for some fast surfing action.

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17. Sarasota, Florida

With world-class beaches and an exotic arts and culture scene Sarasota has everything for the general visitor.

Mid-century type architecture lines through the buildings and old-school neighborhoods keep up the charm of living there. Not to forget the Gulf, which, with his laid-back attitude, makes it worth a visit.

18. Seabrook, Washington

Is your dream of living in a beach town with vast expanses of ocean around you? This sophisticated city has a unique character of its own.

Comprising of the town center, independent boutiques, markets, and restaurants, the place is worth living. The beach is just close by, especially if you choose to live in the quaint cottages there.

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19. Shelter Island, New York

This 8000-acre island is perfectly nestled between Long Island’s South and North Forks. It has a style and charm that would make your stay unforgettable.

The location is only accessible by a ferry, and this, coupled with closeness to wine county and canyons of Manhattan, makes it desirable.

Quiet and colorful, this destination never sees a calm morning with crowds and boats buzzing around.

20. St. Petersburg, Florida

 Beach Towns St. Petersburg, Florida In The USA

Located on Tampa Bay, the city boasts an unmissable downtown arts scene. Lined with historic small neighborhoods, the city is lively.

Facing mild wintery weather, it receives tourists all around the year. Plus, the pristine white sand is inviting and makes for a picturesque beach setting.

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