Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

Marketing Strategies

May 28th, 2021   |   Updated on February 18th, 2022

The way business works has changed drastically over the past few years. Technology has now expanded the reach of marketing campaigns. However, this also means that competition is more challenging than ever.

Businesses are now clamoring for their blog and their site traffic. Clicks and site visits increase the ranking of your page, which could lead to more significant traffic.

In this article, we are listing down how you can increase your blog’s traffic.

1. Promote Through Social Media.

Having multiple platforms gives you a wider reach, which is why it’s essential to repost your blog on other platforms after you publish it.

These platforms include Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, and other social media sharing platforms.

People don’t always visit the same sites, so having your article or post spread out increases the chance of more people seeing it.

2.Write Better Titles..

Titles catch the attention of your readers, but it’s more than that. Keywords you use in writing your blogs should also appear in the title.

This not only gives an idea about the focus of your article it also helps in search engine optimization (SEO).

Your article is more likely to pop up in the results pages with the right keyword and title. More than that, interesting, unique, or funny titles always catch audiences’ attention faster, and this will most likely make them click on your article.

3. Include Photos.

Most people online are visual learners, meaning too much text and no pictures aren’t appealing to them. Photos help the readers imagine what you’re talking about.

Pictures also condense the information found in words, especially if they are in the form of infographics.

Infographics have become a prevalent tool in sharing information with people, particularly the younger generation.

And even if you happen to need information from audio files, there are tools such as Audext to help you transcribe the audio to text faster and get the information you need.

4.Add Subtitles To Videos

Another media format you can use for those visual learners is video files. People are always more entertained when they are watching something, and it becomes easier when there are subtitles.

Who can live without subtitles? They make it easier to understand what we’re watching even when the audio isn’t clear.

But having to watch something over and over again to get the subtitles right can be a tedious and time-consuming experience.

As such, you can always turn to helpful tools such as Audext, which will do all the problematic converting audio to text. Now, all you have to do is add the transcribed file as a subtitle onto your video.

5.Incorporate Keywords

Today, people look to search engines whenever they need something. No matter how mundane a person’s needs can be, they search engines such as Google.

If you want to increase your blog’s traffic, you might want to consider search engine optimization. With technology, you will see how powerful your words can be.

When you incorporate words directly connected to your business and ensure that these words are the most searched, you can expect better blog traffic for your website.

Purchasing the top spot in a search engine can be an expensive option, most especially when you’re just starting. Utilize the power of your keywords. They are your keys to success.

6. Add Social Sharing Buttons

If you are looking for people to visit your website, look no further than social media. Almost everyone is part of a social media network.

It is now used as a way to connect with other people. When your website has social sharing buttons, you get to reach more clients.

Plus, it allows your clients to post their purchases on their social media profiles. The best thing about social sharing buttons is that you get to have free advertising.

7. Invest In Promotion.

No matter how unique your blogs are, it doesn’t matter if no one gets to see them. Invest in the different promotion platforms to boost your sales and clicks.

When it comes to promoting your website, you can utilize the power of search engines. Search engines not only direct people to what they are looking for.

When you create excellent content, search engines can place your website as the top results. Although, if you hope to do it a little faster, you can purchase those top spots. With a pay-per-click advertisement, you can easily be on top.

Promotions such as this mean that you have to pay the search engine every time someone clicks on your website link. Though it may seem expensive initially if done correctly, your investment may seem small compared to your revenue.

The online world is vast and seemingly endless. As such, make sure you explore all your options and keep on top of trends. These will help you achieve your goals, increase traffic to your website, and create the best content possible.

As a business owner, this will only mean good things for your business, so don’t be hesitant to share your goods or services through social media channels