What You Need To Know Before You Call Intellectual Property Law Israel


Published on December 11th, 2018

1. Introduction: What Is Intellectual Property Law?

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That rule applies to enforce any legal rights obtained through a patent or design. It involves the assigning of rights to everyone involved, including those who created the design and who gets credit for future patents and products connected to the original design.


2. How Does It Relate To Business?

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A company may have constructed an original patent or idea for a product. The law applies to ensure the company retains full rights of the design, no matter who takes over the company in the future.


3. Intellectual Property Law Israel: The Four Main Types

  • Patent rights including making, buying, and using the design or product in question.
  • The trademark consists of any symbol or logo that sets the company apart from every other business. It is imperative that you have a lawyer on retainer when it comes to the trademark. Those who do not have a lawyer during the process can easily lose the right to the logo they created. You do need to keep in mind that trademarks have a shelf life of 10 years. Every ten years you need to renew the trademark or it defaults. You do not want that to happen.
  • Trade secrets are lists of formulas, customer lists, and surveys that businesses keep safe from their competitors. You do not want someone to get hold of these because they know your secrets. That is another reason you need your own intellectual property lawyer on retainer. There is a lot of risk in losing this information to another person.
  • The copyright provides authenticity for who came up with the idea and asserts authority where it is needed. The copyright is just as important as the logo or symbol. Whoever has a controlling interest in the copyright has a say in what happens to the idea and who it is given to. That is why you need a lawyer to back you up.


4. One More Fun Fact About Intellectual Property Law

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The Right of Privacy is included in the property laws. That guarantees your company’s right to the private information that it uses, including the customer lists and formulas. Say, someone obtains a copy of these documents without your knowledge.

The law protects you against any liability that may come back on you. The law will also go after the person or person(s) who obtained the information illegally. Retaining a great intellectual property lawyer also helps. They will protect your interests.