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Joe Francis Net Worth, Height, Age, Bio And More

Joe Francis Net Worth

Published on February 8th, 2023

He is also known as the founder and creator of the entertainment brand Girls Gone Wild. He later released a very famous direct-to-video film, Banned From Televisions. Despite all his acclaimed success, Joe Francis has also been in the spotlight for legal troubles and troubles. He has been convicted of numerous crimes, including tax violations, bribery, child abuse, and prostitution.

Joe Francis Net Worth

Joe Francis is an American entrepreneur and film producer who has a net worth of $25 million. After a decade of legal and financial ups and downs, it’s a bit difficult to pinpoint Joe’s net worth at any given point in time. He’s been in exile in Mexico since 2015.

He is said to have left the United States to avoid the consequences of several lawsuits and judgments in the United States. In Mexico, Puerto he lives on a 40,000-square-foot property called Casa Aramara in the town of Punta Mita, 10 miles north of Vallarta. The estimated value of his Mexican mansion is $10 million to $15 million, and regularly he rents at $35,000 a night.

Francis is best known for producing Girls Gone Wild, Banned From Television, and other films and TV series.

Outside of his film career, Joe Francis has always been the subject of controversy. His activities allegedly included excessive gambling, defamation, tax evasion, and bribery.

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Joe Francis began his career as a production assistant for Real TV. While working on the show, Francis developed the original concept for Banned from Television. Joe Francis created a video under the Banned from Television brand using unused footage licensed from Real TV and featured real-life fatalities, suicides, executions, motorcycle accidents, and many other shocking scenes.

Joe Francis became uncomfortable with this task after a while and shifted his focus to his new project, Girls Gone Wild. In the 1997 Girls Gone Wild video, a young college-age woman was seen baring and acting rough. The video became a hit for Francis, earning him over $20 million in the first two years. The company, famous for its constant barrage of late-night infomercials, made hundreds of millions in revenue during its existence.

Girls Gone Wild Legal Matters

After a protracted legal battle with Florida authorities to stop Francis from filming any more Girls Gone Wild videos, Frances was forced to plead guilty to recording violations. Joe Francis then spent 339 days in prison and paid a $60,000 fine. He also pleaded guilty to having contraband in a prison cell during his imprisonment.

In 2004, Joe Francis was kidnapped from his home in Bel Air by Darnell Riley, a known con man. Riley puts Francis in the trunk of his car, takes him to a secluded location, and films him degrading before leaving. This was all part of Riley’s plan to extort $500,000 from Francis. After hearing about the situation, Paris Hilton intervened and helped bring Riley to justice.

Several women have sued Joe Francis for filming without permission. Among them were minors. In 2008, after it was revealed that Francis had filmed two minors in his Girls Gone Wild video, he did not contest prostitution and child abuse.

Girls Gone Wild Bankruptcy

In February 2013, GGW Brands, the parent company of the Girls Gone Wild brand, filed for bankruptcy. The move, initiated by Joe, was reportedly an attempt to prevent Steve Wynn from seizing company assets. Francis was charged with assault, wrongful imprisonment, and concealment of witnesses. Francis allegedly forced three of her girls, whom he met at a nightclub, into his apartment. Upon arriving at his home, Francis reportedly attacked the girls and kicked one of them out before telling her not to call the police (to dissuade witnesses).

Steve Wynn Litigation

During an ill-fated trip to Las Vegas in 2007, Joe Francis lost over $2 million at blackjack. Casino owner Steve Wynn became concerned when Francis indicated that he had no intention of paying his debts. In addition to refusing to pay, Francis accused Steve Wynn of threatening to kill him, hiring prostitutes to encourage gambling, and other “deceptive practices.”

The court took no interest in these allegations, and they sided with Wynn when he sued Francis for the second time for libel and defamation. Four years have passed and interest on the first debt has risen. This brings Francis’ total debt to over $7.5 million. But Francis’ real problem began when he began appearing on national television when he repeated his allegations that Wynn had threatened to kill him. Therefore, the court agreed with Wynn’s defamation claim.

Ultimately, the damages associated with the defamation claim completely masked the original gambling debt, and at one point, a judge ordered Francis to pay over his $40 million. Wynn claimed that the defamatory remarks not only threatened the very existence of his gaming empire but also his 12,000 employees. Frances was fined $11 million just for his defamatory remarks.

At this point, Joe Francis was clearly digging himself deep, but he doubled his stake and flatly refused to pay him. This prompted authorities to forcibly confiscate many of his assets, including the Bel Air mansion.

Ultimately, the $40 million defamation award was reduced by a judge to just $19 million. In a statement following his court victory, Steve Wynn announced that he would donate 100% of his court-ordered funds to charities for abused women and wounded soldiers.

Joe Francis Bio

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) About Joe Francis

What is Joe Francis’ net worth?

Joe Francis has a total net worth of approximately $25 million.

How old is Joe Francis?

Joe Francis is 49 years old (April 1, 1973).

What is Joe Francis’ salary?

Joe Francis has an estimated annual income of $175,000+.

How tall is Joe Francis?

Joe Francis’s height is 1.87 M

What is Joe Francis’s wife’s name?

Joe Francis is now divorced.

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