9 Exciting Things To Do In Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo

Published on July 26th, 2022

Indonesia’s Labuan Bajo is an enchanting place that undoubtedly draws many tourists. Fortunately, finding accommodation in Labuan Bajo is not a problem. It has many breathtaking hotels and resorts that cater to tourists visiting the region.

The region’s rich culture seeps even into the most modern hotels. Most accommodation in Labuan Bajo offer spectacular views of gardens and the ocean. You might be wondering what fun activities to get involved in during your stay in Labuan Bajo; here are a few.

1. Padar Island

Komodo national park has many islands, and of its highlights is the spectacular sight of nature that is Padar Island. The rocky island has a unique viewpoint from which you can spot its three different colored beaches, i.e., white, black, and pink.

The islands are known to have Komodo Dragons. Experience the thrill of seeing a few even as you exercise caution on your trek. It is a sight worthy of a selfie. You can enjoy a stroll on the beaches, including the famed, Pink Sand Beach and turquoise sea.

2. Manta Point

It is a spot known for manta rays. Enjoy getting wet with magnificent sea creatures. It is a sight to behold, from sea turtles to schools of manta rays.

Divers and snorkelers can have a wonderful time at this spot. However, since there is a strong underwater current at this point, it is best for people who are strong swimmers. Even if you don’t want to get wet, you can have a wonderful time lounging on the beach.

3. Speed Boat Tour

The Komodo National Park is huge. Most tourists don’t have much time on their vacations, yet they would like to experience as much as possible. A speedboat is the best solution.

Speed boating through the Komodo islands guarantees tourists a wide range of sights and activities. Tourists can hop from one island to another.

Such trips can consist of 3 or 4 locations that tourists can visit within a day. For example, tourists can see the famous Komodo dragon at the Rinca islands, snorkel and dive at Manta Point, take in spectacular views at Padar Island and bask on the Pink Sand Beach.

4. Hiking

For those who love the feel of the land, the beauty of nature, and the sound of the gravel under their feet, a hike through Labuan Bajo’s breathtaking scenery is the best option. The Komodo national park has many forests and terrains that you can trek.

Guests can take long or short treks, depending on their preferences. A short hike would be about 20 to 30 minutes long, while longer walks can even go on overnight.

5. Boat Trip

Tourists who don’t want to get wet can still enjoy the beautiful marine life through boat rides. You can charter a boat service for a more private tour and get to places that would have initially been more difficult to reach as a larger group.

Boat trips take tourists into clear waters where they can see marine life. Some tour boats even have clear bottoms where people can see the bottom of the ocean.

Snorkeling enthusiasts may also enjoy the clear waters in various locations. From coral reads to tropical fish, tourists can enjoy the fascinating sea life of Labuan Bajo.

6. Sunset Watching

Labuan Bajo is known for its remarkable sunsets. There are several locations where you can get an incredible view.

One of the most prominent locations is Kalong Island. It is s known for its breathtaking evening skies. As the sun goes down, the sky is filled with hundreds of bats locally known as Kalong (flying foxes).

Taking a boating cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy the breathtaking sight. It is a great way to end a day filled with fun activities.

7. Explore Cave

Exploring caves is one of the best activities you can enjoy in Labuan Bajo. It’s an activity for the adventurous soul. Most of the caves are quite a distance from the city. It takes a long drive, a boat ride, and a trek to make it there, but the result is usually worth it.

Most of the caves have clear water that you can swim in. Light comes in at different times of the day. At Rangko, for example, the sun shines directly into the cave around midday. While at Batu Cremin, the sunlight makes its way into the cave between 9 and 10 am.

The light makes the cave exploration much more interesting. When exploring the caves, it’s best to have a light source, especially when the sunlight isn’t flooding the cave. You will find a lot of exciting things while you explore.

8. Romantic Cruise

Labuan Bajo is a spectacular place that’s perfect for people who are in love. Couples can participate in many activities during the day, but something more romantic will do for those intimate moments.

It can be a chartered boat or a corporate boat. Have a guided tour of the island as you enjoy the beautiful land and exquisite dishes and have a wonderful time with your significant other.

Visit some of the local villages and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes. Most cruises begin early and end late to allow guests to enjoy the spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

9. Weddings

Labuan Bajo is a great place to have an island wedding. It has a gentle climate and many beautiful venues that couples can choose from.

Whether you prefer an outdoor wedding by the beach, an indoor wedding in an elegant venue, or even a wedding on the water, there’s something for everyone. There are many venue options as well as ideas that you can explore.

Most venues are often more than happy to help with planning, especially if the couple lives far away. Expert wedding planners will handle the details for you, so you don’t have to.

Wrapping Up

These are just a small sample of things you can do during your visit to Labuan Bajo. The area is rich in beauty and culture, so even viewing a sunrise from your hotel room or walking among the locals can be very enjoyable.

If you consider Labuan Bajo a holiday destination, pack your bags; it will be worth it.