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10 Types Of A Breakup That You Should Get Through

Types Of A Breakup

November 23rd, 2017   |   Updated on March 29th, 2024

Take a cheap cigar, pour some drink, or orange juice, and sit down, let’s talk about types of a breakup, how it happens and how it ends.

1. Realization after the first weeks.

At the end of the first weeks of the relationship, you realize that the fairy tale is over, and this woman is not your happiness but rather a burden. Somehow there comes a moment when you stop making compromises and cannot agree on what to watch, what to eat, where to go for the weekend. You both have a desire to be alone and do your own business. This is the first type of breakup.

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2. New people.

Everything is fine until you meet a similar girl with the same beautiful hair, tastes, and similar worldview. Her main advantage is that she doesn’t have a habit of correcting other people’s grammatical mistakes, talking loudly on the phone or whining all day and night. And these “improved people” are gradually beginning to occupy more and more space in your life, replacing those unique and very special ex-partners.


3. Are you together or not?

You cannot decide whether you are together or not. It seems to you that you have taken into account all your past mistakes, but, in practice, you will not behave correctly. You are just in a state of tense peace, and, on the border of your interests, there are occasional small skirmishes that end in a truce. By the way, it may be quite helpful to imagine that you date a bride. This way the future of your relationship will become clear.


4. Children have grown up.

The couple that has been formed in the soap bubble of adolescence, suffers a collapse of the relationship. They change their tastes, worldviews, they meet new people who are completely different from those whom they have met before. And old love, based on naive romanticism, does not seem so nice and interesting anymore. Almost everyone gets through this type of breakup.

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5. I do not know.

This phrase best describes this relationship. Both partners hesitantly look at each other and wait for the initiative. “Do you want to go to the movie?” – “I do not know.” The problem is not that they do not understand each other’s tastes and preferences, but that they do not know what they want.


6. “It’s not about you…”

It’s hard to get angry at the girl who has left you if she takes the blame for the breakup on herself. “It’s not about you, it’s me,” is a phrase that inspires one to breathe easily and freely, and drives the other one into depression, and makes you look for an answer to the question, “What’s wrong with me?”

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7. The baggage of the past.

Do not start a new relationship with the baggage of unresolved problems and questions from the past life. Wait and, only then, look for a new woman. In fact, you have started dating not for love, and in order to suppress a feeling of insult and loneliness. However, you will just torture each other with dislike and claims until you call her by the name of your ex.


8. Passion, turning into suicide.

Virtually, no one of the types of breakup provides guarantees that you will never meet again. Especially this one. You can curse each other, beat dishes, swear, admit in mutual hatred, but after a week, after passionate sex and forgiveness, you again connect your loving hearts.

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9. Tears and snot.

Stop whining, it’s not worth your tears. Anyway, your mother loves you, and you have friends and job. After all, you should stop whining like a little girl. There are so many women, you will meet someone else. What? Are you still crying? Stop thinking about her smile and legs! Do you know why she has left you? Maybe, because you’re a hysterical girl!


10. You’re too old for an open relationship.

You need an adult woman, who will be ready to have children and able to accept the role of the mother of the family. You do not need romantic trips every weekend, open relationship, cohabitation and lack of commitment.

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