17 Reminders Before The Valentine’s Day Comes Knocking


February 2nd, 2017   |   Updated on February 26th, 2024

Over the last decade, 14th February has settled down in the memories of all the young people as Valentine’s Day.

Not many people know about the history of this day and for them, we would like to reiterate that this is a homage day to St. Valentines.

Probably this year is special and you have also landed with someone special to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. If that is the case we would like to share 17 reminders which would tell you all about the special day of love and what makes it unique from all the other memorial days that we actually celebrate.

1. February Is Not The Right Time To Buy Rings Because Of The Markups. Gold Jewellery Sales Create Nearly 34 Million Heaps Of Mine Waste.

Valentine Ring


2. You May Be Together As A Couple Or Alone, It Doesn’t Matter. However, Not Everyone Likes To Get Dressed Up And Drop Way Too Much Money On Overpriced Pink Martinis And Tiny Portions While Waging War With The Starry-eyed Couple Over The Last Table In The House. Going Out On Valentine’s Day Could Be A Real Waste Of Your Money Because You Could Get Meal On Any Other Night For $20 Less, And It’s Also A Mob Scene.

Dinner Date on Valentine Day


3. There Is Hardly A Chance You Will Fall In Love On The Valentine Day, The Chances Are As Slim As 0.27%.

Fall in Llove on Valentines Day


4. Don’t Mistake Valentine Day For Anything Other Than A Religious Occasion. It’s The Banquet Of St. Valentine. That’s Simply Something We Ought To All Preserve In Thoughts For The Lolz As We Watch People Strive All Too Hard To Get Laid On Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Special


5. There Are 29 Days In February In A Leap Year Which Falls This Year, So There Are Certain Schools Of Thought With A Large Number Of Followers That Suggest We Should Just Eliminate A Day In February To Keep The Month At 28 Days. So, Could We Just Eliminate The 14th? Not A Bad Option As Many Would Aver.

Valentine's Day


6. The Day After The V-day Is The Most Important Part Of The Valentine Celebration When All The Candy Goes On Sale And The Romance Actually Begins.

Valentine Romance


7. When You Search For Valentine’s Day On Google, You Are Going To Land Up With Thousands Of Articles Informing You On The High-quality Proposal Spots In Your City. And That’s Really Awful.

Valentine Day Google Results


8. February 13th, The Valentine Day Falls On Saturday This Year, So Keep Your Wine Ready In Advance.

Valentine Day Wine Party


9. What Are Your Dominating Thoughts Leading Up To Valentine’s Day? It’s Not The Time To Mull Over Your Ex, Whether To Text Them Or Not Or Wonder Whether They Are Going To Reach Out To You? It’s Not The Time To Cogitate Over Your Unrequited Love. It’s Not The Day To Feel Jealous Of The Happy Couples Thriving And Celebrating But It’s The Day That Has More Chocolate Than On Any Other Day. And That’s Important.

Valentine Ex


10. It Only Needs Your Imagination To Turn An Utterly Wasted And Failed Valentine Into A Grand Success. I Am Just Going To Reveal A Secret Here To Make You Feel Better. The Last Valentine, I Knew A Girl Who Spilled Wine On Her Boy Friend’s Computer. That Was Real Fun.

Fun on Valentine Day


11. Do You Know How Justin Timberlake And Britney Spears Spent Valentine’s Day 10 Years Ago? Well, They Covered Head-to-toe In Denim. So, You Need Not Worry Anyway, Things Do Often Go Much Worse.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears


12. Spending Money On Valentine’s Day Lingerie? This Is The Kind Of Investment And A Practical Investment Not Better Than Buying A Vera Wang Prom Dress. You Will Use It Only For A Night Perhaps And Most Likely You Are Not Going To Follow The Dry-clean Instructions And Eventually End Up Discarding It By The Next Year.

Spending Money on Valentine


13. Al Capone Didn’t Buy His Girl Flowers On Valentine’s Day. Instead, He Sent His Gang To Kill Seven Members Of The Bug Moran Gang.

Al Capone with Wife


14. Anyone Knows From Personal Experience That You New Year Health Resolutions Are Going To Break On Valentine’s Day With The Shower Of Candies.

Valentine Candies


15. If There Is An Over Hyped Let Down Of A Holiday, It Is Valentine’s Day And It Is Not Very Different From The New Year’s Eve In This Respect. It Really Is A Failure For Both The Partners Because They Have No Clue Where They Are Going To Get Each Other’s Gift. Or, Is It That Only Women Are Supposed To Get Their Gift? There Are Lots Of Unanswered Questions And High Expectations That Are Unlikely To Be Met.

Valentine Day Eve


16. The Expression Of Love On Valentine’s Day Is Often Superfluous. The Ways Love Is Approached Is Superfluous Because That’s How We Have Been Taught That He Loves You More If He Buys You An Expensive Gift. We Need To Understand Love Better And To Approach It With Greater Maturity. February 14th Often Makes Us Forget That There Are Other Days Too When We Need To Express Love, Kindness, And Gratitude.

valentine day couple


17. Imagine The Taste Of Chalk Sweetened With Aspartame. That’s How Candy Hearts Taste Like.

Candy Heart



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