3 Simple Ways To Revamp Your Living Space

Published on April 27th, 2019

Does your home space look exactly the same as it did when you first moved in? Does it still inspire you or make you feel stuck? Bring back the energy into your home by making some great changes. Our taste and preferences change as time passes and as we experience life. It is only fitting that we somehow inject a part of ourselves into our living space.

With so many styles to choose from, you can become lost in it all. To start on the right path, you have to be absolutely sure with what you want and how you want your space to be. If you are set on that, everything else will follow. Here are a few tips for your home interior face lift project:


1. Arts And Accessories

When Designing Your New Home

Accessorize bare spaces in your living area to make it homier. Utilize that wall in the living room by putting up framed artwork from your kids or favorite artists. Maybe get your vintage collections and put them on display in a glass cabinet for your guests to admire.

Add a plant or a bunch of flowers in a vase on a coffee table or in the kitchen. Plants give a fresh and organic look to a space. Accessorizing means to give a space dimension and personality. It’s fun and interesting to visit a home with unique and nostalgic pieces put on display. It’s a way of saying to your guests “welcome to my home”.


2. Rearrange Your Furniture

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Change how the couch or tables are in one space. You can reorient the couch to make room for more fluid flow of traffic and create more storage. Maybe add in throw pillows or eliminate pieces to give a completely different vibe to the space. Swap the old reading lamp with one that is more modern. Remember not to put too many things in your space as it could look cluttered and crowded. Less is more.


3. Fresh Coat Of Paint


Reinvent your space with big impact and minimal effort through paint. It’s a cheap way to completely change the look of a room and make it look fresh and new. Here’s a great opportunity to accentuate a wall by painting it with color that will make it stand out. You can also create a wall of art and showcase your work.

But remember not to go overboard or go crazy with the colors. Pick a shade that will last and suit all seasons and trends. Choosing a specific shade for a room can get tricky. It is important to match the color with how you want to utilize the space. Is it for recreation? Then use stimulating and inspiring colors. Is it a place for rest and relaxation? Pick calming ones.

You can take this decorating project to the next level by calling in the professionals to show you how it’s done. Revamping your home to make it look sweet takes skill and a good eye for design. If in Tennessee, a Knoxville interior designer can bring great ideas to the table while putting your preferences and vision as a foundation in creating that beautiful space you want.

When redecorating a room, always tie the pieces, the colors and the arrangement to how the space will be used and what it is for. Keep it balanced and you’ll enjoy your new space for years to come.