5 Top Advantages Of Using Random Word Generators

Random Word Generators

Published on January 19th, 2023

If you are someone who writes on a regular basis, from emails to reports to school assignments to creative writing—which, in general, includes everyone—the chances are that you’ve heard the term random word generator before.

But what exactly does this refer to? Word generators are essentially exactly what they sound like: they’re digital tools that provide you with an assortment of random words.

You can set certain parameters around the words you generate, such as number of words, word type (nouns vs. verbs vs. adjectives), beginning and ending letters, and word size.

What is the purpose of a random word generator? They are helpful tools that supply words you might never have thought of, which can help both the ease and quality of your writing.

Aside from the basic understanding of how word generators can be used, we have five more advantages of random word generators to inspire you to use one next time you begin to write. So, what do random word generators do?

1. They Help You Get Past Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the uncomfortable mental phenomenon where your natural ability to put words to paper feels suddenly difficult; whether the root is a lack of inspiration, a lack of creativity, a struggle with motivation, or another reason, every person is bound to experience writer’s block at some point. Often, writer’s block feels like an inability to begin writing, as though the right words are out of reach.

Because random word generators supply you with an endless assortment of interesting words, all according to your specifications, they’re an ideal tool to get you out of your writing slump.

If you’re struggling with writer’s block right now and don’t believe a word generator can help you, try generating even just 10 words; we know you’ll start to feel the creative juices flowing as you consider each intriguing word.

2. They Teach You New Words

Because of the way it will supply you with a diverse assortment of words, it’s inevitable that you’ll learn new terms when you use a random word generator.

Whether you have the goal of expanding your vocabulary this year or want to start small and learn a few new words the next time you use a random word generator, these tools are great for expanding your knowledge.

3. They Are Excellent for English Learners

Speaking of how word generators can help you learn new words, they’re especially practical for those trying to learn or better their English.

It’s believed that knowing 800-1000 of a language’s most common word families equals fluency, with the 800 word mark translating to about a 75 percent fluency.

This especially relates to the ability to engage in organic conversation with native speakers. But when it comes to full fluency of English, experts acknowledge that there are a vast amount of words to know—there are, after all, more than 171,000 commonly used English words.

Fortunately, random word generators can easily help English language learners learn and memorize vocabulary that will help them in the long run.

4. They Promote Memorization Skills

There are many reasons why you might want to strengthen your memorization skills. Maybe you want to improve your overall cognitive performance, or be able to present talks and speeches from memory, or even just recall the expanded vocabulary words you’ve been learning.

Working on your memorization is an ideal way to improve your memory skills—it truly is that simple! Instead of wondering what to start memorizing, you can use a random word generator and choose a certain number of new words to learn each day.

5. They Are a Perfect Start to Writing Poetry

Let’s not forget to talk about creative writing! Random word generators are elite tools to use when writing creatively because they offer new direction, which can get the creative juices flowing.

And because of the specifications you can set for the types of words you generate, including setting word and syllable length, when you’re writing poetry, you can ensure you find the perfect words you were reaching for.

You can even write a poem entirely composed of randomly generated words; you might find that your writer’s voice grows in unexpected ways through the process!

Random word generators are strong tools for writers to utilize—even if the types of writing you most often create are emails and social media posts! Clearly, there are many advantages to making a word generator a part of your routine, from memorization to expanding your vocabulary to helping you find the right words.

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