3 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

June 2nd, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

A bachelorette party is the last big girls’ night out before you officially settle down as a wife. Therefore, you might want to take advantage of this night out and go all out.

Besides getting drunk, going to Vegas, or hitting the club, there are things you can do for your bachelorette party. Here are three fun bachelorette party ideas where you will have fun affordably.

1. Glamping

One thing you can do outdoors is go camping. Glamping is camping, but you can still use an actual toilet, a shower, and electricity.

You can do several things while you camp, such as skydiving, horseback riding, rafting, zip-lining, hiking, and rock climbing. Choose activities that appeal to the bachelorette since you all want to show her a good time.

Choose a camping site close to the airport and the wedding venue if some of the girls are coming out of town. If you are in Louisiana, you can try Fontainebleau camping for a camping bachelorette party.

When planning the activities to do when camping, do not forget about food; planning the food may be a challenge unless you’ve requested catering services.

If you are making the food yourselves, focus on simple meals prepared with limited resources. Remember to bring plenty of snacks.

Since the focus is on the bride-to-be, modify her favorite dish into a camp setting considering food sensitivities and allergies for the guests.

To spice up the party, personalize it with themes to distinguish it from a regular camping adventure. An example of a party theme is tutus in the woods, where everyone wears their favorite tutu for a fun photo session.

You can also have a beach theme by wearing your swimsuits, Hawaiian shirts, board shorts, and sarongs for enjoyable sundowner cocktail sessions.

2. Beer or Wine Tasting

Wine-loving Dad

If your best friend and her friends like a bit of booze to make them happy, there are several options involving alcohol that won’t hurt your pockets.

Instead of spending the night bar-hopping, you can start the night with a game at home and later head to a local bar. You can decorate a bar cart and have the guests build cocktails with their favorite recipes.

Another option involving alcohol is renting out a private room at a karaoke lounge, where you all can sing while enjoying cocktails and beers with friends.

Drinking while belting out nostalgic tunes is an excellent way for a bride-to-be to enjoy her bachelorette party.

You can take her to her favorite winery or visit a new one for the girl who prefers a calm atmosphere. Buy a few wine bottles to take to a picnic at a nearby park or on the winery grounds.

Those who prefer beer or whiskey tour a distillery or brewery for tasting as a fun afternoon activity. Toast to the bride-to-be and take photos for remembrance.

3. Spend the Day at the Spa

If the bride-to-be is big on self-care, you can round up everyone for a day spa. Most spas have lounging areas, Jacuzzis, rest areas, and saunas.

It is an excellent way to spend the day or a night with friends, unwind, and enjoy a bachelorette party.

For the adventurous lot or those who want to sample specific offers, you can try spa menus such as facials, pedicures, massages, and full-body scrubs.

Sometimes all the friends do not have the time for a full-day spa experience. Instead, you can host a meditation session in the backyard of one of the members to create a Zen space.

Include string lights and a sea of pillows, or hire professional help to undertake the meditation session in a studio space. Self-care and wellness are more than trends; they are about pampering yourself whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid.

Final Thoughts

With all the fun ideas for a bachelorette party, a bride-to-be should not plan their bachelorette party. It is better to leave the planning to the maid of honor or one capable bridesmaid.

The bride-to-be has enough things to worry about planning the wedding. You will attend the party as a guest to enjoy all the fun and relish the memories with your girlfriends.