4 Most Effective Ways To Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement

October 6th, 2021   |   Updated on October 28th, 2021

Whether you’re an individual looking to amass more followers, or a business keen to get seen by more eyeballs online, social media is a brilliant method for promotion.

Not only are you able to pay for advertising on these platforms that target the specific users you’re looking to impress, but you can curate profiles that stand the best chance of being seen and found for free.

In this short guide, we’ll look at the major social media platforms and what you can do to boost your social media engagement on them as we head towards 2022.

Boost Your Social Media Engagement On All The Major Platforms

1. Facebook

Everyone in the industry is aware that Facebook – once the mother of all social media platforms – is becoming an old hat. There are still billions of users of all demographics, but research has shown that the older generation is more likely to engage in posts on the platform, while younger people have moved to different platforms.

So, promotion on Facebook should only be a priority if you’re targeting older generations.

You can use paid promotion to target such individuals or set up a group to attract users. Great pictures, videos, and text will help you engage more people on Facebook.

2. Instagram

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This one’s for the millennials: those who are younger, fresher, and enjoy their content in pictorial form. To boost your presence on Instagram, it helps to have high-quality photos making up your feed.

The more beguiling and attractive, the better. Meanwhile, there are ways in which you can game the Instagram algorithm to make your profile soar up the rankings, presented to more users as a recommended profile.

Combine this with promoted posts and smart hashtag use, and you’ll find that your profile builds followers fast, helping you promote your products or your personality.

3. Twitter

Much-maligned as a social media site, there are several benefits to Twitter. One of them is that you can attract a great deal of media attention on the platform, which journalists use to embed comments and find stories.

That means that if you hitch yourself to a developing story, you have the chance of garnering huge exposure for your profile, amassing hundreds of followers in a single day.

Twitter is also useful for businesses in terms of customer service: responding to personal complaints quickly to show that others can trust your firm.

4. TikTok


Many firms are still working out how to leverage TikTok, the upstart social media platform that younger generations are moving towards in force.

Video-based and creative, this is a social media platform that produces trends by the minute, so you’ll have to be sharp on your content creation here – or you’ll look a little behind the times.

If you’re still unfamiliar with the platform but you’re looking to target younger audiences, this is something to research before you jump in and begin publishing content. That research will help you understand what this new, vibrant platform is all about.

There you have it: the four most important social media platforms and what you can do to boost your social media engagement or how to promote your business on them in the latter months of 2021.