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What You Need To Know About Header Bidding Technology

Header Bidding Technology

March 22nd, 2021   |   Updated on December 3rd, 2021

When a visitor comes to a web page, an ad impression is generated instantly. This creation of ad impressions is what publishers look for, because it gives them the opportunity to make real money.

However, to maximise the earning, the ad inventory of a publisher needs to be seen by a maximum number of advertisers.

And here comes the header-bidding technology, an advanced programmatic technique, which allows publishers to offer their inventory simultaneously to multiple supply-side platforms (SSPs) and ad exchanges before requesting ad servers’ own direct-sold inventory.

By letting multiple SSP sources and ad exchanges bid on the same inventory at the same time, publishers increase their earnings and make more money. So, header bidding is one of the ways by which publishers can eke more revenue out of their ad inventory.

Being a publisher, if you want to maximize your monetization potential, look for smart AdTech developers who will help you plan, design and build right solution for header bidding.

Here are a few benefits for publishers using header bidding technology:

  • Better Control: Enabled with Header bidding technology, all the demand sources bid at the same time, and publishers can control which sources have the ability to engage in the bidding process. Publishers can not only retain control over their websites, but also take control and prioritize their advertisers in the bidding, encouraging marketers to work with their preferred publishers.
  • Transparent Exchange: Header bidding keeps things really simple. Publishers can easily scan which part of their inventory is sold to which demand partner. Also, with the help of advanced reporting and analytics provided by many wrappers, publishers can monitor their earnings and performance.
  • Increased Revenue: Publishers can increase their prices for their premium inventory. Some publishers have increased their revenue by 30-50% with header bidding.
  • Improved Yield: The biggest benefit that header bidding offers to publishers is improved yield. With reliance on multiple SSPs, overall yield increases, allowing publishers for a smarter allocation of impressions and increased fill rate.

How To Implement A Header-Bidding Solution?

Header Bidding

By inserting some JavaScript code into the header of a website, when a particular page is loaded, it triggers a request to all supported SSPs or ad exchanges for bids. Publishers need just one script for all programmatic players.

So with header bidding technology, publishers get the opportunity to offer their inventory to the massive marketplace of media buyers. Hence, publishers maximize revenues by increased competition.

In the never-ending search for better transparency and control over inventory and ad impressions, header bidding is a quantum leap from the monopoly of Google and inefficiencies from other programmatic auctions, and it has become a winning strategy for publishers.