Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Is A Smart Move For Your Business?

Hiring A Virtual Assistant

October 27th, 2021   |   Updated on November 7th, 2021

What Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

Virtual assistants remotely assist business owners with their administrative tasks. Having a remote assistant was a foreign concept until a few years back.

As technology advances and how a business owner has to handle twofold the original tasks, a virtual assistant is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

A virtual assistant will handle all the daily tasks you delegate and give you enough time to manage your crucial business activities.

Even if you own a small business, trying to juggle everything from scheduling meetings, exchanging emails with clients while handling accounting records and serving customers will drain you and negatively affect your health in the long run.

A virtual assistant will assist you in managing your financial records, schedule meetings for you, manage your phone calls and emails, help you in database management, book your flights and handle all your travel-related arrangements.

They will manage all such tasks that you delegate them, which can be done remotely. A business owner’s primary focus should be building their business instead of managing less-central tasks.

However, it’s hard for business owners to admit that they need assistance. They either believe that they can handle every task independently regardless of how exhausting it is, or they’re focused on saving costs.

The following reasons explain why hiring a virtual assistant online is a smart move for your business.

1. A Smart Move For Your Business

The essential focus for an entrepreneur should be their product or service, their clients, and customers.

Concentrating on these fundamental activities will create more significant opportunities and help your business grow.

Therefore, delegating your minor yet essential tasks to a virtual assistant is the most brilliant move for your business.

If you try to handle the little tasks on your own, the results might be hurried and flawed. However, a skilled virtual assistant will carry out these tasks with utmost proficiency and deliver ideal outcomes.

2. Saves Costs

A remotely working virtual assistant isn’t like the regular employees at your office. You don’t have to pay any office expenses or buy any equipment for them.

You don’t have to offer any employee benefits like bonuses, salary increments, insurances, etc., either.

You get to decide how long you want your virtual assistant to work for you as well. You can analyze your budget and hire them for the required hours fitting your budget.

3. Flexible Working Hours

A virtual assistant will be available around the clock. A virtual assistant can assist any sudden project, campaign, or activity that might arise.

They have all the required skills and expertise to take care of digital marketing campaigns, market research, manage inventory and your social media accounts. You can let your virtual assistant handle any such project on short notice.

4. Saves You From Training

While in-house employees require a phase of training before they are officially and professionally ready to take on your tasks, a virtual assistant who’s already specialized in the field will complete all of your tasks in no time. They’ll get on your delegated tasks right away once you’re done briefing them.

5. Manage Your Social Media

A start-up or online business needs to set up its turf on social media pages to gain recognition. A solid online presence is key to your business’s growth and success.

But as a business owner, you won’t have any time to manage your social media accounts. Content needs to be frequently posted on these social media pages, following the trends while also relevant to the product or service.

A business owner will never have the time to take care of such aspects. Therefore, a virtual assistant will monitor your social media activity for you and actively promote your business side by side.

6. Timely Delivery

The tasks that you’ll take care of your own while juggling your other business matters will always be rushed and not of the best quality. You’re bound to miss a reminder or two if you try to do everything yourself.

Hiring a virtual assistant will give you all the time you need to prepare for your crucial business matters. Their work isn’t going to be rushed like yours either.

They’re going to make use of all their skills and resources to deliver your work on time. You get your work done in less time and with high quality.

7. A Diverse Pool Of Talent To Choose From

When it comes to hiring remote employees, you get exposed to a vast range of talent. You won’t be restricted to only hiring local employees. Instead, you’ll have a global scale of talent to choose from.

With diverse talents and skills, the virtual assistant you hire internationally will cost less than local employees. Low pay rates and high skills and expertise is a valued package deal that you shouldn’t miss.

Where To Find A Virtual Assistant?

Now that you’re aware of the benefits a virtual assistant brings with them, you must be wondering where you can find the right one, too.

1. Freelancing Marketplace

The freelancing marketplace is packed with freelance virtual assistants. The virtual assistants on these freelancing sites are highly experienced, undergo screening processes, and rank accordingly.

The virtual assistants here are also rated and reviewed by previous clients, making your hiring decision much more manageable.

You get a global range of virtual assistants to choose from, all competent and of high expertise and skills. You can find virtual assistants on freelancing sites like:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Truelancer
  • Indeed
  • PeoplePerHour

There are also sites like WoodBows, Virtual Staff Finder, Virtalent, and 24/7 Virtual Assistant, specially dedicated to helping you find the best virtual assistant for your business.

2. Referral From Personal Connections

Browsing various virtual assistant profiles and going through their resumes one by one can be quite a hassle, especially when you’re already up to your neck with the workload.

A reliable recommendation from a friend or colleague can also make finding the right virtual assistant for you.

Keep in mind that anything that doesn’t generate revenue can be easily delegated to someone else.

Learn when to delegate tasks to your virtual assistant and focus on your revenue-generating activities. If you try to stay in control of everything, refusing to let anyone help you, you’re dooming your business.

Start delegating your administrative, technical, and marketing tasks to your virtual assistant and see how it helps your business grow.