10 Ways A Massage Can Help You Deal With Your Stress

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May 14th, 2019   |   Updated on March 4th, 2020

A massage is often considered an indulgence, but in reality, it can be part of a well-being routine. The various types and styles of massage mean that every session can be customized to address various issues—and a bit one is stress.

When you schedule massage services, make sure that your health is at the heart of the session. In the hyper-busy digital era, everyone is experiencing more stress than ever, but here are a few ways massage can help you handle it:


1. Removes Physical Tension

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There are many types of stress, and emotional or mental stress can often present as physical symptoms. By removing the physical aspects of stress, such as tense muscles, you’re also addressing the comprehensive causes and symptoms of stress. However, there are also physical stressors on the body caused by issues such as injuries that massage can treat.


2. It’s Forced “Me” Time

One of the biggest problems people face, and especially women, is carving out “me” time. It’s a must for balancing stress, and when you’re getting a massage there are no screens or options for distraction.


3. Massage Forces A Detox

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There are many forms of detoxing, from sweating to abstaining from harmful substances. Massage is another form of detox, and a session can help you vanquish dangerous elements such as cortisol. Depending on the type of massage, clients can experience even more various kinds of detoxes. For example, including aromatherapy can customize a detox massage to tap into more of your bodily senses.


4. Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety can be a huge cause of stress, and it can be reduced with massage. Anxiety can be a side effect of stress or a cause of it, and some people are more prone to anxiety than others. It’s critical for each person experiencing anxiety to identify their own best ways of minimizing it—a massage is a great option.


5. Reduce Depression

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There are varying degrees of depression, and massage can be a useful tool for reducing all of them. One issue that can exacerbate depression is lack of human touch. This has become increasingly prevalent in the digital era, and massage is an obvious answer to it. The human touch is naturally healing, but massage takes it to the next level.


6. Help Your Sleep Hygiene

Americans struggle with a lack of quality sleep, whether from insomnia, stress, anxiety, or simply having too much on their plate. A massage can help you get back on a proper sleep cycle. Scheduling massages in the evening can be a fantastic addition to your sleep routine and cue the body that it’s time to relax. Not being able to relax and carrying a lot of tension makes it difficult for anyone to have good sleep hygiene.


7. Help With Disordered Eating

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Whether a client is struggling with overeating or under-eating, a massage can help regulate cravings and food intake.

Sugar addiction, chemical addiction, and using food as a tool for control can all lead to immense stress. However, a massage helps you tap into your instincts, and that can lead to a healthier approach to diet.


8. Undo Some Of The Damage From Your Active Life

Never before have so many people been committed to strength training, cardio, and athletics. While exercise is critical to your well-being, it can also wear down the body. The stress exercise puts on the body can be minimized with regular massage sessions. If you’re a runner, yogi, or any specific type of athlete, there are massage therapists who specialize in your activities and can really help you temper physical damage.


9. It Encourages An Inward Gaze

It can be very challenging for many people to attend a meditation session. Not being able to check your phone or struggling with not letting your mind wander can actually increase stress in some people. However, a massage ensures that you’re relatively still and quiet, which allows you to be reflective without the pressure of doing so. It’s no wonder so many yoga studios also have massage therapists as employees.


10. It Reminds You To Put Yourself First

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If you’re always putting others first and pouring from an empty cup, you’re running on fumes. A massage is an easy way to prioritize yourself, which means you’re taking care of yourself and setting a good example for others.

Reducing stress is a must no matter your schedule or lifestyle. If you want an enjoyable and affordable way to reduce stress while pampering yourself, consider booking a massage appointment today.

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