Are Cloud Architect Certifications Worth It?

Cloud Architect Certifications Worth

April 28th, 2021   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

In the past decade, many companies have introduced cloud computing certifications. Many people still wonder how getting a cloud architect certification can enhance their career prospects. If you want to know whether pursuing a Cloud Architect certification is worth it or not, read on.

Who is a Cloud Architect?

A Cloud Architect is an IT specialist working on developing the computing strategy of a company. This strategy involves cloud adoption plans, the design of cloud applications, and cloud monitoring and management.

As a Cloud Architect, you will also be responsible for providing support for deployment in cloud environments and application architecture.

You will assist with cloud environments like private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. As a professional, you will draw on your knowledge of the cloud architecture and platform of the company while designing and developing a dynamic cloud solution. The average salary for a Cloud Solutions Architect in India is ₹1788577.

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In order to work as a Cloud Architect, you must have in-depth knowledge about the concepts involved in continuous delivery and continuous integration.

You must offer expert guidance to the team regarding the infrastructure. It is your responsibility to maintain the IT environment throughout the project’s lifecycle. You also have to make decisions regarding the types of systems the organization will use for carrying out its business.

Comparatively, the job of a Cloud Architect is still new in software development. Your foremost responsibility is planning, designing, and assisting with the cloud environments.

You must have an understanding of the concepts and should be able to provide expertise on build-and-release and infrastructure to the development teams.

Why is the Cloud Architect certification worth it?

Organizations all over the world are looking for Cloud Architects skilled in platforms like Azure and AWS. There is a soaring demand for cloud professionals.

And if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you need a certification. Here are a few reasons explaining why Cloud Architect certification is worth every penny:

1. Earning Potential

The first and foremost reason explaining why Cloud Architect certification is worth it is that it will help you climb up the corporate leader and increase your income. A Cloud Architect with certification can earn a better income than the one without the certification.

2. Security

Making an investment in a market that is expected to perform better or is already doing well is always considered better.

Cloud Computing is a market where vacancies will be increasing in the near future. So, by getting a Cloud Architect certification, you can rest assured knowing that your future is secured.

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3. Credibility

Companies like Microsoft value certification because they believe that it is a perfect way of measuring your knowledge.

In fact, experience, training, and certification are three of the top most attributes a company looks for while hiring a cloud professional.

So, getting a certification in Cloud Architecture validates your expertise in helping an organization optimize costs and reduce risks while implementing workloads.

It also provides you an opportunity to take up a cloud-based project or for a client to see your credibility. So, if you have decided that you want to be a Cloud Architect, you can select a platform like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform and start learning.

4. Jobs

The expected end result of switching domains or earning a certification is getting a job or making more money. But, given the high level of competition in the field, standing out from the crowd is a must.

And one way of doing this is by getting a certification. Once you are certified, you will be able to start your journey in the field of cloud computing.

It is important to note that getting a certification doesn’t guarantee you a job, but it surely makes you stand out and be eligible for a career as a Cloud Architect.

Now that you have learned of all the reasons why Cloud Architect certification is worth it, let’s understand what you should be wary of before taking on the certification.

Cloud Certifications are currently in high demand, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it can always be transpired into a career.

Getting a certification won’t guarantee your job or even confirm competence in the domain. Even if you have the right skills for clearing a specific certification, it might not guarantee you employment as the work environment might be more demanding.

So, apart from the certification, having the right skill sets is also important. The reason why companies look for certified professionals is that it makes it easy for them to filter the candidates out.

Also, it is a confirmation of your commitment to the domain and improving yourself. Some companies hire certified professionals because they have to meet the norm of having a certain number of certified people on board.

A Cloud Architect certification might or might not get you a better job role or a hike, but it makes sure that you have the skillset to make it in the field.

The best way to go on about this is to plan the certifications. Carefully select the cloud platform you want to work on and then enroll in an accredited training program.