Top 5 EU Citizenship Programs

EU Citizenship Programs

Published on January 30th, 2023

Most people prefer to visit European countries not just to travel, but also to stay there. In addition, this is not a random choice, as living in prosperous countries raises the standard of living and promotes business development.

Unfortunately, getting a residence permit, that is, initial and subsequent citizenship, can be difficult because of many factors and conditions of the country chosen to move. Therefore, many people use the special programs that allow you to easily get a second passport in Europe and citizenship, reducing the waiting period in half, and even threefold.

Time is the most valuable thing a person can have in life. So, let us look at the reasons for obtaining a second passport, and what exactly the top five options are.

Passport Details And Reasons For Moving

Therefore, getting a eu citizenship in Greece, Italy or another country is a tidbit for many inhabitants of the planet.

In a variety of ways, people seek peace and stability, develop businesses in these countries, or pursue a global education. There are several ways to get citizenship by investment program or a citizen’s main document:

  • Naturalization,
  • Investment.

If the first method is chosen, much depends on whether the person who wants to continue living in the republic has an initial residence permit. This, in turn, can be obtained by having relatives in the state, by marriage or by living in the country and making investments.

Therefore, if you have one, the process of obtaining a passport is many times shorter. However, it still lasts, as a rule, from 3 years and more. In the opinion of Zlata Erlach (agency Immigrant Invest), it is faster to receive a passport through investment, then you do not have to wait more than 6 months, and there is no need to stay permanently in the territory, while the registration of status lasts. Main factors for gaining citizenship:

  • The desire for a better life;
  • The ability to travel (the list is different for each state), i.e. to obtain a visa-free entry with the passport of the country sought;
  • To reside in the Schengen area;
  • To receive quality medical care,
  • International education for children.

In addition, many EU countries are characterized by a good climate, peacefulness and the culture of their citizens.

The requirements for second citizenship in Europe vary depending on the country you want to move to and the program. Usually, if one has to live in the country for a long time, this period is about 7-10 years, which in itself is an incredibly long time.

Therefore, the best way to get the EU second passport is to invest. By investing in the country’s economy, wealthy people can become citizens in a matter of months. They can realize themselves by contributing to real estate – renting or buying it, various development funds, etc. Again, the conditions are slightly different for each country.

Top 5 EU Investment programs

1. Malta

Malta is a small country with a good health, education and security system, as well as security for its citizens, tourists entering on a visa and, of course, citizens with a passport.

An European passport can be obtained after just five years of residence. In addition, if you do not want to wait, you can invest by any available means. You will be able to visit around 200 countries unhindered, and enjoy your holidays and the freedom of movement and quality of life in the country.

2. Turkey

Consider investing in Turkish citizenship. It is an incredibly beautiful country, with the opportunity to develop business through the purchase of flats, buildings and other real estate.

Interestingly, citizenship is hereditary and can be passed on to your relatives, who can appreciate the benefits of living in the paradise territory.

3. Dominiсa

The Republic is an island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea and is characterized by its mountainous terrain.

Crowds of tourists come here to immerse themselves in a tropical paradise. The program is suitable for most affluent people who are looking to improve their standard of living and be able to visit European countries without problems, which is about 150 locations worldwide. The applicant does not have to be present for the paperwork and stay in Dominica.

4. Antigua And Barbuda

The island state is a great place to move as a family. Famous for its coasts and beaches. Indeed, one of the reasons to become a legal citizen is the minimum investment amount, among other republics, and the short waiting period for a passport.

Good standard of living and visa-free travel to various countries, including Singapore, Ireland, the UK and others.

5. Montenegro

It is an extremely beautiful country, with picturesque locations and an excellent microclimate in which to live. Those who obtain citizenship have the opportunity to travel to more than 120 countries.

The Balkan Peninsula with its natural landscapes is ideal for living in Europe. In addition to the above, it is an economically developed region. It is famous for the production of metallurgy, electrical engineering, shipbuilding and much more.

Therefore, having considered the 5 proposed options for permanent residence, you can give preference to the program you like. Bear in mind that a second passport to the EU opens up prospects for the future and opportunities, both in terms of travel around the world, and in other aspects of life.

The investment usually pays for itself in a few years or sooner, and the move helps you develop your most original business ideas!

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