30 Facts About Love That Will Seriously Make Your Heart Smile

Facts About Love

December 21st, 2018   |   Updated on July 23rd, 2022

Love is crazy, fun and it brings a sort of commotion to your life. Often those who have not experienced it consider it as just a fallacy or a waste of time. However, for the lucky ones being in love is just pure ecstasy and bliss.

People leave their entire family and friends just to grab a few moments of pleasure with their loved one. In fact, some of them even change their whole personality just to let the person know that they care.

This essentially is a part of the beautiful feeling called Love and we want you to know more about this selfless feeling. Here are 50 facts about love that will seriously make your heart smile that we think you must read too.

We are sure these funny and endearing facts would totally change the perception you have about Love and its benefits. Most importantly you would get to know about this feeling in depth too.

1. Eye Contact Is Key


Some extraordinary research has found that couples who are in love and bond in a romantic relationship synchronize their heart rates after gazing into each others’ eyes for three minutes.


2. Love Potions Are Made From Human Sweat


Historically, human sweat has been used to make love-attracting perfumes, and even love-potions. Though sweat contains pheromones that are key ingredients in attraction, the efficacy of sweat in perfumes and potions is questionable at best.


3. Love Can Be Addictive


Falling in love is much like taking a dose of cocaine, as both experiences affect the brain similarly and trigger a similar sensation of euphoria. Research found that falling in love produces several euphoria-inducing chemicals that stimulate 12 areas of the brain at the same time.


4. There’s A Reason Why Cuddling Feels So Good

Oxytocin, the so-called love or cuddle hormone, is produced during an embrace or cuddle.


5. Your Heart Can Actually Break


Research has provided evidence that intense, traumatizing events, such as a break-up, divorce, loss of a loved one, physical separation from a loved one, or betrayal can cause real physical pains in the area of one’s heart. This condition is called the Broken Heart Syndrome.


6. Biologically, Your Love Changes With Time


It is estimated that romantic love, which is linked with euphoria, dependence, sweaty palms, butterflies and alike, only lasts about a year. After that first year begins the so-called “committed love” stage. The transition is linked with elevated neurotrophin protein levels in newly formed couples.


7. Love Goes Hand In Hand With Stress


Studies show that people at an early stage of love have lower levels of serotonin, which is associated with feelings of happiness and well-being, and higher levels of cortisol, associated with stress.


8. Symmetry Is Everything


Symmetry is how our brains judge beauty. A symmetrical faced man will begin having sex four years earlier, have more sex, affairs, and lovers than those with asymmetry in their faces. Women will also experience more orgasms with symmetrically faced men.


9. Feelings Make Life That Much Sweeter

Propose Day-days of love

Researchers looked at a group of people, and found that those who were thinking about love said a specific kind of food was sweeter than those thinking about jealousy or something neutral.


10. Some People Can’t Feel Love


Some individuals who claim never to have felt romantic love suffer from hypopituitarism, a rare disease that doesn’t allow a person to feel the rapture of love.


11. Your Body Has A “vein Of Love.”


Engagement rings are often worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because the ancient Greeks maintained that that finger contains the vena amoris, or the “vein of love,” that runs straight to the heart.


12. You Have To Be Supportive


Studies have found that one of the most crucial factors in a relationship is how you celebrate your partner’s good news.


13. Love is chaos

Best Friend

The enduring symbol of love, Cupid (or Eros) is said to have come from Chaos (“The Yawning Void”) and represents the primitive forces of love and desire.


14. Love is Blind

23. do-i-love-you-2004-001-lisa-gornick-sarah-paterson-in-bed

When someone looks at a new love, the neural circuits that are usually associated with social judgement are suppressed. So in a way, love really is blind.


15. The Parent Trap


Some psychologists argue that we fall in love with someone who is similar to the parent with whom we have unresolved childhood issues, unaware we are seeking to resolve this childhood relationship in adulthood.


16. Add A Little Adventure To Your Life


Studies show that if a man meets a woman in a dangerous situation (and vice versa), such as on a trembling bridge, he is more likely to fall in love with her than if he met her in a more mundane setting, such as in an office.


17. Don’t Fall In Love If You Have Things To Do


It’s scientifically proven: being in love makes you a less productive person.


18. Women Like Testosterone


Women around the world are more likely to fall in love with partners with ambition, education, wealth, respect, status, a sense of humor, and who are taller than they are. Women also prefer distinctive cheekbones and a strong jawbone, which are linked to testosterone levels.


19. Eye Contact Is Key


Scientists suggest that merely staring into another person’s eyes is a strong precursor to love. In an experiment, strangers of the opposite sex were put in a room together for 90 minutes where they talked about intimate details and then stared into each other’s eyes without talking. Many felt a deep attraction for each other, and two married each other six months later.


20. Attraction Is Evolutionary


Men in love show more activity in the visual part of the brain, while women in love show more activity in the part of the brain that governs memory. Scientists speculate that men have to size up a woman visually to see if she can bear babies, while women have to remember aspects of man’s behavior to determine if he would be an adequate provider.


21. Some People Are Afraid Of Love


Philophobia is the fear of falling in love.


22. Men And Women Feel Love Differently

new love - Love quote

Women often feel loved when talking face to face with their partner; men, on the other hand, often feel emotionally close when they work, play, or talk side by side.


23. Love Is A Journey


Scientists suggest that most people will fall in love approximately seven times before marriage.


24. Love Literally Makes You Grow


The act of falling in love is known to have a calming effect on a person’s body and mind. This, in turn, will raise levels of nerve growth for about a year.


25. A Lot Of People Are Looking For Love

Falling In Love-3

There are about 3 million first dates every day worldwide.


26. Butterflies Are A Real, Stress Related, Thing

Falling In Love-1

The expression of having butterflies in your stomach is a real feeling that is caused by an adrenaline rush. When and if you fall for someone, it will probably be hard to avoid the feeling of butterflies dancing and fluttering around in your stomach. This happens as a body’s response to a fight-or-flight situation.


27. Kicking A Bad Habit, Or Falling Out Of Love?


Recovering from a break-up is like a kicking an addiction to a drug, researchers found from looking at the brain scans of the broken-hearted.


28. Love & Sex Influence Us Differently

Differentiate Between Love And Infatuation-V20

Research has shown that thinking of love influences creativity and abstract thoughts, as well as long-term planning. Thinking of sex however, influences immediate decision making and attention to momentary details.


29. The “I Love You” Moment

Propose Your Love

Statistically, men are more likely to say “I love you” in a relationship than women. Men are also more likely to be more emotionally affected by break-ups than women are.


30. Kissing Extends Your Lifespan

Honest Quotes About Love

Men who kiss their wives in the morning are thought to live up to 5 years longer.


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