25 Little Things You Should Do To Make Your Man Feel Loved


December 13th, 2018   |   Updated on February 21st, 2023

Love is a beautiful feeling however over time it loses its shine and most importantly men start feeling neglected. Though they may not say it they also want their lover to pamper them sometimes.

Here are 25 sweet little things you can do for your man and make him feel loved and appreciated.

1. Your first meeting of the day should be full of smiles and laughter, forget what happened last night even if it was an ugly fight.

2. Each time he does something special for you just say thank you.

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3. After a tiring day at work ensure you keep his beer in the fridge before he comes back.

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4. Just once in a while buy a card and write messages and sweet nothings which start with “I love that you…..”.

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5. When he is back and its hot offer him something cold to sip on. Similarly when it’s cold just a cup of hot chocolate without him asking is going to work.



6. In the morning before separating do give a goodbye hug.

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7. If you see he is tired move your nails on the back to help him feel relaxed.

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8. Keep the touch on when he is watching Netflix. Scratch the back of his head just lightly so that he knows you are there.

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9. Give him a special back massage when you feel he wants it.

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10. Find out what his favorite dish is and experiment on that to create better versions of it.



11. Do a little extra work, and fill his car with gas if it is getting over.

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12. Know how he best understands your feelings for him.

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13. When hungry fix him up a quick meal especially if he is busy.

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14. Find out the root cause of any issues and solve them after having a clear conversation with him.

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15. Do not make your fights a reason to prove the other person wrong.

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16. Remember any past happy times memory just text that to him immediately.

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17. Keep telling him that he is handsome.



18. Do those chores for him which he just loathes but can’t do without.

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19. Coffee in bed if you have woken up early.


20. Whenever you miss him just say it.



21. Don’t send him without a kiss on the forehead.

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22. Had a hectic day, rub his feet till he feels better.

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23. Smile when you see him.

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24. If he has a desk job give hand and forearm massages on special days.

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25. If you are going away for a while bake his favorite cookies or dishes to keep him company.

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