How Roller Banners Are Still An Important Marketing Tool

Roller Banners

Published on December 11th, 2019

Few marketing strategies are as important as efficient advertising. We are in the 21st century, however, the modernization of commercial adverts have not totally overturned the effectiveness of simple and durable marketing tools such as roller banners.

Roller banners have maintained its importance in marketing largely due to its durability, portability, and versatility.

They are very cost-effective and professional to give the product an air of importance. From simple roll-up banners to foam board printing, it is important to draw the attention of customers and promote the products or services offered, while at the same time-saving cost and maximizing output. And this is what roller banners afford marketers.

Foam board printing is becoming more popular today because it is an affordable way to print pictures for marketing, and various other uses.

With different paper sizes, flexibility is an advantage that comes with board printing. Together with its cost-effectiveness and durability, it also has the ability to withstand long usage. Foam board printing are now used in malls and offices and have proven to be an effective marketing tool.

Marketing tools help in product development and promotion. It includes strategies and actions that a company uses to advertise, develop and promote its products, goods, and services.

Daily, there is a huge transfer of marketing information through electronic media, large format advertising and many other means targeted at consumers.

But whatever the means, each marketing format has the ability to impact on listeners. So, it simply is just a question of getting an effective marketing tool to work for your needs.

Smaller-scale businesses might not be able to afford the high cost of electronic marketing and thus, the roller banners can help in this case to attract buyers.

As opposed to other forms of marketing tools, roller banners have great advantages that make them unique and the most effective print advert.

Beyond being cost-effective, they are quite light and can easily be erected and retracted. They are also easily stored and very portable thereby allowing marketers to have a form of mobile advert tool that is placed and carried from place to place. That means it is ready for use when and where the need arises.

Tips For Designing An Effective Roller Banner

Roller Banner

1. Be Creative

You have a very short time to captivate customers and attract them to the banner. This is why creativity is important. Roller banners can be made more efficient if they have modern visual contents and colours. The goal is to make people stand for a long time reading the contents of the banner.

Many marketers fail to understand the importance of creativity and although money is spent designing, the outcome is less because people are not drawn to it. Contrasting colours can be more effective to draw people’s attention to the banner.

2. Simplicity

Nobody likes reading long and boring ads. Thus, the adverts on roller banners should be kept efficiently simple. The messages on the banner should be clear and precise and effectively convey information about the product advertised. Stick to one message. People will definitely not like to read long texts. Font size and design also matter. If you put out your contact details make sure it is visible and not obscured by the message.

3. Brands Are Important

Brands Are Important

Your brand is your identity. Roller banners work more effectively when they show the brand and slogan of the marketers.

Customers need to associate the banners with similar designs seen on the company’s website or office stores.

There is a need to make people remember the brand. Colours and slogans are quite helpful in branding.

This gives the product a unique outlook that people can easily associate with the product and make marketing more effective.

4. Target Audience

marketing tools are more effective when they reach the right audience and roller banners are no exception.

Your roller banners and the advert it conveys should be targeted at the right people and places. Put up only the most relevant information on the banners.

Remember, these banners are your silent salesperson and therefore, should speak to the right audience.

5. Impressive Banners Get More Attention

An effective roller banner is one that impresses the audience. First impressions are a very vital aspect of marketing. Use motion pictures, graphics, photos, videos and much more. Audience interaction is key.

The banners should be able to convey simple information and answer questions the audience may have without the need of company staff or employee assistance.

Integrating reality adverts with an electronic device can be helpful to impress the audience. Ensure that the quality of the print is adequate to give the product all the attention it deserves.

Reasons To Use Roller Banners

Reasons To Use Roller Banners

Because there is a need for product promotion, getting a means of advertising your product at an effective rate and efficient maximization is important.

Here are some reasons why roller banners have maintained its importance in the world of marketing

1. Roller Banners Are Cost-Effective

Getting the best output for little cost is every marketer’s dream. Roller banners are quite affordable but still maintaining the importance of the product.

They appear quite professional. Businesses without much advert capital can benefit from roller banners as it affords them the opportunity to interact with a large number of people at a very low budget.

2. Durable And Mobile

Weather, long usage and other factors can affect some other forms of marketing tools but not roller banners.

Designed to effectively last for a long time, roller banners can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are also quite mobile and come with storage bags for safety and transportation.

This ensures that they can be moved and mounted easily. Therefore, their location can be changed to meet more audiences without extra cost.

3. Effective


Like most marketing tools, roller banners are effective in product promotion and improving sales. That is, they make an impact at a lower cost.

Roller banners also have a wide variety of uses ranging from simple outdoor advert to uses in office areas and reception.

They are lightweight, easily assembled with great roll up ability. They can be ideally applicable in conference rooms, exhibitions, trade shows, and retail spaces.