25 Paid Services You Can Use To Promote Your YouTube Video

Promote Your YouTube Video

November 1st, 2019   |   Updated on March 10th, 2022

You have your own YouTube channel but have you got enough subscribers to ensure its success. First and foremost to achieving that is creating engaging videos that are bound to make people look at them.

Apart from that, it is also important that you use the right avenues to promote your music. Here are 25 paid services that you may use to promote your YouTube video.

1. Social Media Networks

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  • Facebook and Instagram : While LinkedIn is not the right place to advertise your video Facebook and Instagram are extremely suitable for the same. In fact, Instagram is quite visually creative and if you have a category related to the same you would flourish there.
  • Twitter : Tweeting short videos and or gifs is a nice way to promote yourself but remember that Twitter does not have same level of engagement as Facebook. In this case, you have to post quite often as content gets redundant quickly.
  • YouTube/Google ads : Google ads can help you place your ads in different locations on YouTube itself and that really works. You can even use Google’s analytics feature and find out where your ads would get maximum visibility.
  • Stumble Upon : Though ads at Stumble Upon have a short time engagement you can still get people to make your content viral. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the videos should be visually enticing in order to benefit.
  • Pinterest ads : Any kind of visual, DIY videos are really appreciated on Pinterest and if yours falls in that category it is time you consider it. However, a pin that has been promoted here does not get the same variety as others. In order for your video to get noticed you might have to work a little harder.
  • Reddit ads : If you have the right topic you would surely get audience at Reddit. However, they do not like content that is not high quality hence first insert a few ads to see the response. After you get a reaction in positive you must move ahead with further promotions.

2. Traditional Ad Network

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  • Outbrain : One of the high-end advertising networks Outbrain does well if you have clickbait content to offer. Your video gets to be shared on multiple blogs at one time and this means instant recognition to what you have attempted.
  • Taboola : A competitor to Outbrain this one has the same functioning as well. In case you manage to figure on both the websites then the traction you receive is going to be tremendous. Before anything make sure to check returns to avoid failures.
  • Bright roll : Slightly on the expensive side you need to have deep pockets to try out this one. Publishers attempting to enter here need to have five million views on their videos if they even want to be considered for appearing here.
  • One by AOL : You may know of which was taken over by AOL some years back. This platform is a continuation of the same and has put AOL back in the online arena. There is also a marketplace for publishers so if you want you can try and post your content there.
  • SpotXchange : This is an old network yet they have more than a thousand publishers with them. The costs they ask are pretty low yet the returns in terms of visibility are quite high enough.
  • Adobe primetime : Rebranded and recreated as a part of the Adobe marketing cloud this one has lots to offer to you. There are a variety of apps, services, and SaaS offerings as part of this cloud and if you get your chance you won’t be left disappointed.
  • Exponential interactive : Working on AdoTube this network is very effective at creating and sharing content. They also tie up with web ads so if you want to website advertising you could consider this.
  • Videology : Found by the same person who once started this one has a huge reach in the USA. In case you got a chance to be here you can hope for your video to be reachable to millions at once.
  • YuMe : Focused on programming purchasing this platform lets you reach out to multi-screen audiences and that in turn boosts your reach.
  • Undertone : Having banner and pre-roll ads that are high on the impact they usually have a good presence on apps and if you get a chance to be here than your purpose is fulfilled.

3. Youtube Promotion Networks

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  • Promolta : Their main purpose is promoting YouTube videos and you may join the bandwagon. People say the engagement is not high so just check once before using.
  • Virool : Working on the same lines as Promolta they have a better display. So far they have not used any shade techniques to promote the videos and that is important.
  • Emerse : In the field since 2007 they have worked with quite a few renowned brands. It is a small network but results are effective.
  • Viboom : Again a small network but you really do get quick views here. However the costs are high and you must keep this fact in mind.
  • Sprizzy : The new kid on the block and apart from promoting YouTube they also handle crowdfunding campaigns with ease.
  • Fame bit : Based on influencer marketing you pay and get linked up with other big brands for promotions. However, it is tough to find a place here.

4. Freelancer Promoting

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  • Freelancer : Here you can come in touch with marketers who would willingly promote your video for a nominal fee. Stay away from profiles that look shady and might not be trustworthy.
  • Fiverr : Small gigs are handled here and that too for nominal payments. However, be careful before making any purchases as you might just end up paying for shady work in return.
  • Upwork : You may find some good freelancers here but most have moved on to other pastures. Still, if you are lucky you may find someone good enough to do your job.
  • SEOClerks : Just like Fiverr this is only for social marketers and if you search hard you may get a dedicated person for the task. Most of them are smart enough to use different techniques to get your video wide coverage.