Know About Social Security Replacement Card

Social Security Replacement Card

February 28th, 2019   |   Updated on March 4th, 2019

To get a replacement of a social security card (SSC) indeed is easy. There are some options at one’s disposal to get the card- applying online, applying through the mail and the traditional method to visit the office of social security in person. Take a look at each for a better understanding.

1. Visit The Office In Person

Social Security Replacement Card

Most people choose the traditional method and spend hours standing in the queue to apply for the card. It is not convenient as one may need to take leave from work or waste the much awaited weekend. Most importantly even a minor error while filling the form can result in rejection.

One needs to be extremely cautious even with the color of ink that they use. Often people may be unaware regarding the documents that they require for supporting their application thereby resulting in more delays. Not only this, if one has any queries then also they will have to wait in the queue till their turn comes.

Applying through Mail- The best alternate means will be to collect the form from the office and/or get it printed and then mail the same. But here too there is an issue, that is, the questions mentioned on the form may be tough to understand besides making errors while filling up the form is still easy.


2. Applying Online

The truth is, amongst all this will be the best option to opt for. Applying for a replacement of social security card online will be the smartest choice as one can do it from the comfort of their office or home.

All one needs to do is create an account and click on the option to replace documents.  And from here they will proceed to the part where they can comfortably answer all the relevant queries before completing the application.

Although here too the questions are difficult yet much more convenient compared to applying for it through the mail or in person. For best results make the most of Application Filing Service replacement card option.


A. Facts About Assisted Online Filing

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This again is a convenient choice. Akin to the online service as mentioned above assisted online filing will enable one in requesting for a replacement of the SSC at any time and from anywhere. The only difference being the process of application is guided.

Here every step is explained in detail and that reduces the scope of errors significantly thereby making it the quickest means of availing the replacement card. The icing on the cake is one can make the most of the experience helplines.

Often the majority are looking for an urgent card replacement. Of course, should one require filing their taxes or opening a new account in the bank, they are likely to have pressing questions. Thus, being capable of calling them for communicating with a person or using the services of live chat makes this service an excellent choice for getting the social security replacement card in a hassle free way.

Often the email service is also available if the query isn’t much urgent. The best part is everything is laid out for making the application operate smoothly. Amid all other choices accessible, so far assisted filing is highly efficient. There cannot be a second choice for the most accurate and fastest way of availing the replacement of a social security card.


B. A Sneak Peek Into The Entire Process

Simply put, this is three step processes that is, gather documentation, apply online and visit the SSA office.

Gather Documentation- One needs to collect some essential documents (original) or copies certified via the issuing company. No notarized copies will be accepted. The paperwork is required for the following,

  • Citizenship- One needs to provide proof of US citizenship like US passport or US birth certificate.
  • Age- One needs to provide their age proof through the birth certificate, a birth record in the US hospital, religious record or passport in the US made before the person turning 5 revealing their birth date.
  • Identity- One needs to prove their identity the US driving license, an ID card that is state-issued, employee ID card or US passport, health insurance card, military ID card or school ID card.
  • Every document requires being up to date because SSA will decline receipts showing that one has applied for such documents or in case of expired documents.

Apply Online- One can also create an account online on SSA and fill the application.

Visit The SSA Office- One can print the application form and carry the original documents to the local SSA office. When filling the application form online, the website will direct them to a page for finding the SSA office that is closest to their area. This application can also be submitted through the online form only if they meet specific criteria.


C. The Extra Needs

One is free to apply for a replacement card online provided he/she is 18 years old and a citizen of the US. All they need is a state-issued ID card and driving license. Once you meet all these requirements, they can create an account for the replacement card.


D. Is It Possible To Replace The SSC The Very Same Day?

A quick means of replacing the SSC is by requesting a new card online. Visiting the local office can also help. But with regards to getting the replacement on the same day that is not possible as it generally takes about 10-14 days in getting the new card post-processing of the application.

For those who fail to apply for the card online can provide their original documents in the local SSA office as per their age and current citizenship.

The documents of an adult will vary with that of a child. In case the card gets lost or stolen, one can contact the nearest police station for filing a report, browse online for the replacement procedure or call at the SSA’s toll-free number.