7 Practical And Proven Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Online Store

April 19th, 2019   |   Updated on July 17th, 2021

When you set up an online store the first thing that you expect is to immediately start getting a return for the investment you have made.

Online stores are successful only when they are able to attract converting traffic towards them. In the sense, that the people landing on the site should be those who actually move ahead and complete the purchase.

For higher traffic, it is important that your target audience is aware of your store. Here are 7 ways you can use to boost traffic to your online store.

1. Data Analysis

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First and foremost it is important that you know which pages of your website are actually converting for you. Dive deep into your analytics to find crucial information related to the same.

This is important as you can then work on only those pages which are lacking somehow in terms of traffic generated.

2. On- Page SEO

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These days most brands easily forget the importance of on-page SEO. This includes items like meta description, internal links, and alt image text.

When we work on these three factors it becomes convenient for targets to reach our website and move further ahead. In fact, internal links are one of the most underutilized assets that a website has.

3. Referral Traffic


Often we use other websites such that people click on those links and land on ours. These links are known as referral links and can be achieved in various manners.

This could include having links on blogs and forums, creating blog content, social media content and marketing, social media and guest blogging among other methods.

4. Google Search Ads

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Having your ad on top of the Google ads list is a sure shot way to boost your traffic. Amongst these falls the Dynamic search ads which mean that Google on its own places your ads in the search details of your target audiences.

They know the potential shoppers who are looking for products similar to yours and place your ads in their search list to help them identify you.

5. Email Marketing

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This is probably the most cost-effective modes of marketing your website. Fix up a weekly frequency to decide how soon you wish to target your customer base.

Moreover, it is important that you make your emails enticing and able to attract the customer’s attention because that only would lead them to make the sale.

6. Long Tail Keywords

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Having long keywords to identify you also work when it comes to bringing in the traffic. You need to outrank your competitors and for that, you have to find what people are looking for and in what way.

Long keywords, therefore, prove useful to help you do that effectively.

7. Facebook Campaigns

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After Google, Facebook is your alternative to drive some traffic your way. You can run new campaigns to direct some new shoppers your way or modify the existing ones.

Though there are various kinds of ad types to be able to reach out they are successful only when you can segment them.

Normally a blend of various strategies is crucial to give your website the boost it needs. Look at the analytic figures to find out which ones are those and use them smartly to get the best results in terms of converting traffic.