How IT Staffing Companies Are Augmenting Recruitment


November 13th, 2019   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

In the post-digital era, companies in the Information Technology (IT) space have gained a lot of appeal given the massive field of opportunities.

Brands like Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. are offering generous compensation packages, lucrative benefits, retirement benefits, stocks on offer, and flexible work culture to attract and retain talent.

At the heart of talent acquisition in the industry like IT staffing companies that help organizations meet a wide pool of skilled candidates.

Let’s look at some prominent strategies adopted by staffing companies to attract talent and augment recruitment.

1. Beyond University Hiring


IT recruitment in India has a long-standing history of hiring talent from undergraduate and graduate schools.

IT staffing companies today are moving towards an approach based on the latest technology. This is resulting in quick and effective assessments and a more diverse talent pool.

In fact, technology rids the process of all subjectivity and presents organizations with the best talent out of a wide candidate pool.

Staffing firms like Randstad India employ cutting-edge tech to reach to skilled candidates across the country and present companies with the best culture fit.

2. Employer Branding

business team

The IT job market is brim with some of the most attractive employer brands today. Any IT company that hopes to attract the best minds must build a unique and strong image as a ‘great place to work at’.

IT staffing companies are helping companies with employer branding strategies, attracting candidates with superior knowledge and skills.

3. A Wide Network

A wide network

IT staffing companies typically have a large network of candidates at their disposal, as opposed to the HR department of a company.

They remain in constant contact with reliable and versatile workers looking for opportunities. This can save IT companies a huge amount of time and costs.

Moreover, should a company need to fill multiple vacancies in a short span of time, it can rely on a staffing company to do the job in a matter of days, owing to its well-spread network.

4. Community Participation

Community Participation

Many companies today are attracting talent by means other than the traditional hiring process. They are engaging candidates in competitions, events, etc. to find the best talent from within a community.

Hackathon is one of the best examples; IT staffing companies along with the aggregators come up with this event to solve their ongoing/anticipated business problems and identify great talent in the process.

IT firms are fast seeing a change in their processes and approach to hiring and retaining talent.

However, meeting the changing demands of the recruitment industry is a task they are not equipped to tackle alone.

Augmenting this shift will be IT staffing companies like Randstad India that bring a wide network and years of expertise to the table, all for the benefit of IT companies across the country.