Top 10 Ways To Diversify Your Email Content

Boost Your Email Marketing

September 23rd, 2021   |   Updated on October 6th, 2021

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your business arsenal. It allows you to connect with customers personally and can be more effective than any other marketing tactic for driving sales.

The only downside? Email campaigns are pretty repetitive if they’re not diversified! Read our top 10 tips for how to shake up your email content strategy so that it’s less predictable and more successful.

How To Diversify Your Email Marketing

Add A Video To Your Email

Add video to emails for a more dynamic, engaging experience. You can use pre-recorded videos or even live webcams, so the recipient feels like they’re part of your message!

Including a video in your email marketing campaigns gives you the chance to show customers what they’ll get if they buy from you rather than just telling them.

Videos are also a great way of breaking up text-heavy emails and keeping people engaged while explaining complex or technical products with ease. The best way to do this is by using clickable links in the body of your email that launch the player when clicked.

Create An Interactive Quiz

Email marketing funnels are great ways to incentivize users into taking action with their purchase information and contact data – but what if there was another step?

Interactive quizzes present questions directly related to products within the same niche as yours, making them relevant and valuable for people reading through their content on mobile devices.

They’re easy to create – all you need is a tool like Google Forms and 15 minutes of your time.

Add An Image Gallery To Your Email Campaigns

Images are a great way of inspiring social shares and gaining more newsletter subscribers. When people see something they like, they’ll want to share it with their friends, family, and followers – which is where your email campaigns come in.

By adding an image gallery within the body text or as a link at the end of emails, you’ll give readers different viewing options that could even lead them towards making a purchase decision!

Create Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are another great example of how diversifying email content will encourage social sharing.

People love seeing others talking about products as it makes them feel validated in their decision-making processes – especially if those other people seem trustworthy or authoritative on topics related to yours.

By adding video testimonials to your emails, you’re giving people a chance to see the real benefits of buying from you.

Include An Audio Testimonial

Audio testimonials are a great way of diversifying your email content. They provide a more intimate take on the idea of testimonials, allowing your audience to engage with them in their own time and at their convenience – whether that’s while commuting or exercising.

These types of testimonials are likely to be shared more highly on social media, so they can help you gain greater brand awareness.

Add a GIF In Your Email

Adding GIFs to your email content is an excellent way of keeping things light and fun, making them more memorable for customers. They’re also helpful in breaking up text and making it easier to scan through, perfect for people using mobile devices.

The right kind of GIF can add some personality or humor, so people remember you when they’re ready to buy.

They don’t have to be too over the top either – something as simple as adding reactions from Giphy directly into your campaign will help keep it feeling fresh.

Include Polls In Your Email Newsletters

Include Polls In Your Email Newsletters

Polls are a great way of diversifying your email content. They’re easy to create and can help you get feedback from customers on anything related to your products or services – like which color they prefer if there’s anything they’d like more information about in the future.

This lets you build real relationships with customers who feel listened to by giving them choices within their markets, which will always benefit both sides. Polls should be short and straightforward, so they don’t feel like too much work when reading through them.

Share Industry-related Article Links

Sharing industry-related articles is a great way of diversifying your email content while simultaneously educating customers on relevant topics.

It can also help lead towards sales by providing people with more information about what you offer to feel better equipped to make a purchase decision.

People often share links within their professional network, which helps build trust and authority in the eyes of potential customers who may not have been aware that you offered this type of service before.

Sharing article links should always be done from quality sources – if these are too generic, no one will likely click through or engage further.

In addition, adding your comments to articles when sharing them can add personality and show off your expertise in an area without being overbearing or ‘salesy’.

Create A Visual Guide To Your Products Or Services

Creating an infographic of some sort is another great way of diversifying your email content. They’re visually engaging, easy to digest, and shareable on social media – making them more likely to be seen by people who weren’t subscribed initially.

Infographics are also helpful in positioning you as an industry expert without having to say too much yourself.

When creating infographics, always ensure that the message remains relevant while being eye-catching, and in case you need any assistance with this process – check Easyessay, they can help with written content as well.

Keep it short but sweet, so they don’t become overwhelming when reading through them in detail.

Include Case Studies Within Emails

Case studies can add personality and show how real customers have benefited from using your product or service.

They’re an engaging way of diversifying your emails while providing more information about what you have to offer – which can help lead towards conversions or sales.

People are often interested in seeing how others have found success using the product they’re thinking of purchasing themselves, so case studies within email content are a great way to position yourself as an industry leader without being too ‘salesy’. As with infographics, keep them short but sweet and relevant to avoid people getting bored reading through them.


Diversifying your email content is an excellent way of keeping things interesting for potential customers. By including the above ways in your email campaigns, you can keep your email content fresh and engaging for subscribers.

This allows you to engage with your audience on an ongoing basis and build real relationships – which gives a big opportunity for growth!