The Chosen 4 Most Risky Jobs In The USA


December 2nd, 2019   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

As kids, we wanted to be princesses, firefighters, nurses, presidents, pilots, our imagination and dreams had no limits. Now, working hours usually take most of our daytime.

Not all of us are doing for a living what we used to dream of. We either didn’t learn enough, our priorities turned upside down, mom talked us out of it, or no one from a royal family has proposed to us yet.

Whatever we do, we dedicate our precious, statistical 34.4 hours per week to work. Besides time and energy, we often sacrifice our health and lives, as well. The risk level of injuries and fatalities are what makes a job dangerous.

Of course, we have to face the possibility of unexpected harmful situations every day no matter what is our job.

However, the data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics is irrefutable — there are professions that are especially hazardous, if not deadly. After consulting based in Las Vegas injury lawyer, we chose 7 examples of the most dangerous jobs in the US.

1. Nursing Home And Medical Workers

It can be surprising but the professions associated with taking care of sick and elderly people are extremely exhausting for our health and general physical condition.

The sense of high responsibility for other people’s safety and well-being creates great mental pressure on the health services employees.

That combined with physical tiredness and very often lack of sleep leads quickly to general extreme exhaustion which results in accidents at the workplace and illnesses associated with such stress — gastric ulcers, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, etc.

Clearly physical injuries that the medical and nursing home employees are exposed to are most often: different serious spinal cord injuries, falls, and sprains.

The main reason for such a high risk of medical-related occupations understaffed institutions and budget cuts. It’s important for us as a society to be aware of this growing problem. After all, the mental health system is a significant part of our lives.

2. Fishing Industry Workers


The most of deadly injuries caused during work in 2017 experienced not firefighters, policemen, nor drivers. The most deprived professional filed were fishers. The major enemy of fishers is the nature — extreme weather conditions are no joke.

The most hazardous fishing field was announced to be the legendary Alaskan commercial shellfishing. Between the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska, there’s a deadly battle with the force of nature for crabs.

Drownings are the main cause of death among fishers. Other fatal factors are machinery defects, falls caused by slippery deck, hypothermia, transport accidents, and heavy equipment.

3. Logging Workers

Being a logger is a big dream of many little boys. Working in the woods with heavy equipment sounds like the very peak of maskulinity even as they grow up. Not all of us, though, are aware of how responsible and unpredictable this profession is.

In 2019 fishers lost the first place in the infamous race of the most dangerous occupations. The lead was taken over by logging workers.

The logging industry is riddled with traps and fatal hazards. Falling trees, heavy tools and chainsaws are just the beginning of the deadly list.

Loading platforms are also extremely dangerous — workers can be crushed between the falling logs. Working in the open outdoor area is a cause of a late medical help.

4. Veterinarians

The world wide beloved pet doctors may not have the deadliest occupation ever but it’s still a high risk profession when it comes to the state of one’s health. According to statistics, working with animals was said this year to be more dangerous than working in police services!

Besides of the risk of scared aggressive animals, possible infections, and spinal cord injuries, veterinarians are under a similar pressure as health care and nursing home employees.

Unexpectedly long working hours, working overtime, stress-causing animal noises, but also witnessing animals’ and their owners’ suffering is extremely mentally exhausting, as well.

Just as medical workers and doctors, veterinarians are exposed to stressful and hazardous unpredictable situations. Sometimes even more often.

A cat scratching your eye, dog bites so deep that it draws blood, wild animals with rabies, and many other dangers — that’s the daily life of veterinarians.

The above-mentioned professions are just a tiny fraction of the most dangerous jobs in the country.

We wanted to show you the variety of dangers that are waiting around the corner for people that decided to sacrifice their professional life to different, maybe unexpected, highly resposible occupations.

The kind of danger differs from occupation to occupation, but it doesn’t change the fact that physical and mental exhaustion, the level of responibility, and stress are huge and very often neglected factors that can put you, your coworkers, patients, and clients in an incredibly dangerous situations.

Before choosing education field or switching to a different occupation take your time to think thorough if you’re ready for given responsibilities and risks.

Many accidents and negligence take place because the worker’s insufficient preparation. Deciding to make your childhood dream come true is one thing, but sacrificing your whole life to it is something completely different. Choose your dream job wisely!