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20 Best Insurance Software Of 2021 That Will Help You Save Time And Work Smart

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September 9th, 2020   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Insurance carriers, agencies or brokerages need best insurance software that can help them manage their key tasks including their day-to-day operations. These systems can help you monitor policy and claims information.

No matter whether your organization is small, medium-sized, or big, you need good insurance software. Can you manage your team without software?

Here, we have listed 20 best insurance software that will help you save time and work smart.

1. AgencySmart

AgencySmart is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. There is no software to install, no updates to worry about, and no compatibility issues. Bringing all the functionality you needed into one comprehensive system, it streamlined the process to allow agents to save time and work smart.

Whether you are a small retail shop or a national TPA or General Agent, AgencySmart is the software product that is designed to help insurance agents be more productive, more effective, and more profitable.

2. Vlocity Health Insurance

Vlocity Health provides an enterprise front and middle office in the cloud that consolidates technologies reduces cost of ownership and creates groundbreaking user experiences to leapfrog you ahead of the competition.

Vlocity Health can play a central role in your digital transformation, enabling you to rapidly build a vision, experience near-term success, and progressively build over time. The Vlocity plan entails not just deployment of technology, but development of digital skills and an agile culture.

3. eHealthApp

eHealthApp is a software company providing both “Broker” portals for insurance agents and “Carrier” portals to carriers, TPAs, General Agencies, PEOs, and more. Broker portals allow employees of group clients the opportunity to complete personal health questionnaires (PHQs), enrollment elections, and other forms online.

Carrier portals enable downstream entities collecting PHQs for underwriting and quoting to securely, easily and efficiently receive the applications and any other documents from brokers.

4. A1 Tracker

Risk management software by A1 Tracker is an integrative solution for companies looking to better manage risk for at various levels of their business. A1 Tracker offers highly customizable dashboards, metrics reporting, user portals, system integration, & training. Fully integrated or stand-alone modules with threat assessments, risk audits, contact workflow, claims management, incident tracking, asset management, safety compliance & HSE, litigation, project management, insurance policies, certificates of insurance, bonds & more.

5. ISI Enterprise

ISI Enterprise offers robust billing functionality for both direct and broker/agency bill for all lines of business. Tight integration with the Policy Administration module allows for a quick view of billing status at both the client/account and policy level, with the flexibility of modifying billing independent of the policy.

The Billing module streamlines the billing process through tools such as automated statement creation and delivery, Excel-based copy-and-paste account reconciliations, and batch receipt functionality.

6. IVANS Market

IVANS Markets is an online tool that provides you insight into agents’ books of business and a new channel to market product details directly at the exact moment agents are searching for the right markets to submit new and renewal business.

7. InsuredMine

An Add-on to any Agency Management System that helps Agents with sales, engagement, analytics, and mobility. Insurance Agents/Support Teams utilize InsuredMine’s Agency Portal and Mobile App to manage clients & prospects, offering an omnichannel presence and last-mile connectivity.

8. WaterStreet

The WaterStreet services suite offers insurance business process outsourcing & extends a high-quality customer experience with sophisticated technology and processes.

Its scalable solution and service offerings allow you to launch new products and expand new territories quickly and seamlessly. Its onshore P&C licensed staff is led by a team of former P&C executives with decades of experience in P&C product, policies, claims, customer service, and technology.

9. NowCerts

With NowCerts agency management system, you won’t need hours and hours of training and instructions. is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technologies such as encryption and authentication to prevent interferences.

Not only is NowCerts AMS intelligently designed and engineered, it also includes a number of artificial intelligence features that will increase your Agency IQ.

10. AgencyBlock

AgencyBloc is an agency management system that helps life and health insurance agencies secure and grow their business with an industry-specific CRM, commissions processing, and integrated business and sales automation.

Whether you are a GA, MGA, IMO, FMO or solo life and health insurance agency, AgencyBloc provides powerful tools to easily manage, access, and report on client, prospect, agent and commission data. Available 24/7 with a cloud-based, industry-specific CRM.

11. HawkSoft

HawkSoft’s Lead Management categories show where clients are in your sales funnel. Built-in cross-sell and upsell reports identify policyholders to whom you can offer additional services. Use batch email, letters, text messages, and scheduled communications to reach your clients.

12. CodeMetro

It offers end-to-end administrative assistance. Whether it’s contracting and credentialing, eligibility and benefits verifications, client intake, or scheduling, it has you covered.

As the first dedicated practice management software for ABA providers, NPAWorks has had the time and exposure to develop important features no one else has. NPAWorks makes managing your ABA practice a breeze.

13. BriteCore

BriteCore is a trusted, fully-managed insurance platform for the property and casualty industry that supports digital transformation, emerging technologies, and new business models.

BriteCore leverages modern technology to solve everyday business challenges, so your team can work faster and more efficiently. Collaborate from anywhere using powerful, web-based tools that streamline tasks, optimize workflows, and make doing business with your company easy for agents and customers.

14. Vertafore Agency Platform

As part of Vertafore’s best-in-class platform, AMS360 is an agency management system that provides the foundation for independent agencies to grow their businesses and boost their profitability.​ It helps streamline workflows​, improve renewals and retention​, and drive new business​ resulting in improved employee ​productivity​ and superior customer ​experience​.

As agencies grow, adopting consistent business processes is a way to drive a quality customer experience and build a world-class agency. AMS360 capabilities that support consistency include:

Quick Navs: Customizable workflows that guide staff through their work, keep everyone consistent, and help new staff learn your approach.

Document Management: DOC360 document workflow helps you process, file, and find customer and policy documents.

15. Instanda

INSTANDA gives your team the power to innovate at scale, deliver solutions to changing markets, and rapidly change the way you deliver your products to customers.


Fadata helps insurers stay competitive in a rapidly changing digital economy by connecting faster and more effectively with their customers and distribution partners.

Its clients across life, pensions, non-life, and health insurance use its insurance process platform, INSIS, and connected solutions to optimize core and customer-facing processes that together drive successful customer engagement.

17. p1

Its technology will integrate with your software. This allows your agency to seamlessly and effortlessly finance their insureds without ever having to speak directly to a representative — unless you need something unique.

Its agency-partners enjoy the benefit of saving precious time. This technology-centric focus separates it from our peers in the industry. It focuses on serving very specific categories of premium finance business and those agencies.

18. PolicyBox

Its policy management application provides support for a rich set of insurance transactions including new business, renewals, rewrites, endorsements, cancellations, reinstatements, non-renewals, broker of record changes, and rollbacks.

The solution is capable of doing intra-term and multi-term out of sequence changes, as well as late-term changes with automated merging of changes. It also allows for automation of every stage of the policy lifecycle across personal, commercial, and specialty products with innate customer-centric handling.

19. Tableau Insurance

Tableau is committed to helping your organization use the power of visual analytics to tackle the complex challenges and daily decisions you’re facing. Visit its COVID-19 Data Hub to learn how organizations, large and small across banking, wealth management, and insurance, are leveraging Tableau as a trusted resource in this unprecedented time.

With Tableau, you can identify, mitigate, and monitor risk with critical data insights. Whether it be ensuring regulatory compliance, tracking insurance fraud, or managing audit processes, leverage powerful analytics to make data-informed decisions.

20. Allfinanz

ALLFINANZ is the automated new business solution delivering complete end-to-end capabilities across automated underwriting and advanced analytics.

Its modular design means you can decide exactly how you want to work. And because it’s underwriting agnostic, you’re free to use the built-in starter rulebook, rulebooks from other re-insurers or to design your own with our easy-to-use rules designer application. It’s your business and your choice.