50 Hilarious Joke That Will Make You Cry

Hilarious Jokes

December 13th, 2019   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

1. What’s The Leading Cause Of Dry Skin? Towels

2. Who Does A Pharaoh Talk To When He’s Sad? His Mummy, Of Course.

3. Why Does Snoop Dog Always Carry An Umbrella? Fo Drizzle.

4. A Magic Tractor Was Driving Down The Road When It Turned Into A Field!

5. Why Don’t Skeletons Watch Scary Movies? They Just Don’t Have The Guts.

6. What Do You Call A Deer With No Eyes? No Eye Deer.

7. What Condition Does A Noodle Have When It Isn’t Feel Like It’s Good Enough?

8. Why Was The Little Strawberry Crying? His Mom Was In A Jam.

9. What Do You Call A Sleep Walking Nun? A Roamin’ Catholic.

10. What Did The Fish Say When He Hit The Wall?

11. Why Was The Sand Wet? Because The Sea Weed.

12. What’s A Duck’s Favorite Snack? Cheese And Quackers.

13. How Does A Duck Buy Lipstick? She Just Puts It On Her Bill.

14. Why Was The Pediatrician Always Losing His Temper? Because He Had Little Patients!

15. What’s So Bad About Russian Dolls? They’re All So Full Of Themselves.

16. What’s The Scariest Plant In The Jungle?

17. How Do You Befriend A Squirrel? Just Act Like A Nut.

18. What Did The Buffalo Say To His Son When He Left For College? Bison

19. Why Can You Never Hear A Pterodactyl Going To The Bathroom? Because The Pee Is Silent.

20. Why Was The Poor Guy Selling Yeast? To Raise Some Dough.

21. Did You Hear About The Circus That Went Up In Flames The Other Day? It Was In Tents.

22. I Once Saw A Camel With No Humps. His Name Was Humphrey.

23. What Do You Call A Man With No Arms Or Legs Wading In A Pool? Bob.

24. Why Can You Never Trust An Atom?

25.  What’s The Most Famous Creature In The Ocean? The Starfish.

26. You Could Say It Was A Very Emotional Wedding. Even The Dress Was In Tears.

27. How Many Tickles Does It Take To Make An Octopus Laugh?

28. What Do You Do When You See A Spaceman? Park Your Car, Man.

29. What Is Forest Gump’s Facebook Password? 1forest1!

30. Did You Hear About That Really Great Farmer?

31. Why Did The Skeleton Hit The Party Solo? He Had No Body To Go With Him.

32. I Ate Too Much Middle Eastern Food. Now I Falafel

33. What Did The 0 Say To The 8?

34. Why Did The Lifeguard Kick The Elephants Out Of The Pool? They Kept Dropping Their Trunks.

35. Why Do Ships In Norway Have Barcodes On Their Sides?

36. What Kind Of Music To Chiropractors Listen To? Mostly Hip-pop.

37. How Do You Make Water Holy? Boil The Hell Out Of It.

38. Wanna Hear A Joke About Construction? I’m Still Working On It.

39. Why Did The Jaguar Eat The Tightrope Walker? It Was Craving A Well-balanced Meal.

40. How Does Jesus Make Tea? Hebrews It.

41. Who Do Call When The Ocean Needs A Little Cleaning? A Mermaid, Of Course.

42. What’s The Difference Between A Piano And A Fish?

43. What Do You Do With Epileptic Lettuce? Make A Seizure Salad.

44. What Did The Pirate Say When He Turned 80? Ayyyye Matey.

45. Why Wouldn’t The Shrimp Share His Treasure? Because He Was A Little Shellfish.

46. The Dyslexic Devil Worshiper Sold His Soul To Santa.

47. What Do You A Row Of Bunnies Moving Backwards? A Receding Hare Line!

48. How Did Darth Vader Know What Luke Got Him For Christmas? He Could Feel His Presents.

49. What Do You Do When A Chemist Dies? Barium.

50. What Did The Green Grape Say To The Purple Grape! Breath!!