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Deez Nuts Jokes

May 17th, 2022   |   Updated on September 24th, 2022

Deez Nuts joke and memes have been very popular jokes in the US. However, the use of the term peaked in March 2015, when a video of welvendagreat saying “deez nuts” into a cell phone and laughing uproariously was posted on YouTube.

So, who is Deez Nuts? Scroll down to know more about Deez Nuts.

Let’s Check Out These Funniest Deez Nuts Jokes And Memes


Deez Nuts Joke Ideas


#Joke 1

Teacher: You will score D’s in all the units you are taking.

Student: All right, I will also give you D’s.

Teacher: What do you want to mean?

Student: Hahaha! Deez nuts!


#Joke 2

Hello, your friends say that you are a huge dee fan.

What do you mean?

Deez nuts!

Ooh, I thought it was the Dexter’s Laboratory’s, Dee Dee!


#Joke 3

Have you ever heard of London?

Where is London?

Fall, trip, and the Landon Deez nuts!

Take care not to land into your friend’s nuts!

best deez nuts joke

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#Joke 4

If you don’t shut up, you are likely to end up like your friend ken.

Who are you talking about?

I will make your mouth fit, Deez nut!

I do not want to end up like the poor ken!


#Joke 5

Do you want to say that you are thirsty or hungry?

Yes, I am hungry and thirsty.

So you would like to have some Deez nuts?


#Joke 6

And what did the wind do to the palm tree?

It was not an ordinary blow job. Hold your Deez nuts!


#Joke 7

Do you like pudding?

Of course yes

Well, what about pudding some Deez nuts into your mouth?


#Joke 8

He got into the bar with a pirate walk as his steering wheel was attached to the Deez.

When the Bartender asked him about that, the pirate said, Argh, it is driving my nuts.


#Joke 9

The squirrel did a backstroke. Why?

He needed to keep his Deez nuts dry.


Best Deez Nuts Jokes


#Joke 1

Do you like squirrels, young girl?

Tell me because I am almost nutting your hole.


#Joke 2

Honey is like “Meth”; What do I like?

I need some Deez Nuts


#Joke 3

Stop gagging on the Deez Nuts for a while


#Joke 4

Have you ever heard about Willy?

He is known for sucking Deez nuts.

bofa deez nuts


#Joke 5

Wife: Are you aware of what can make me happy?

Me: When the Deez nuts get into your chin?!?


#Joke 6

What is your favorite meme available online?

Deez nuts!

Wa! I like them!


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#Joke 7

What types of nuts do get poor grades?

Deez nuts!


#Joke 8

Are you leaving, man?

Leaving what?

Leaving Deez nut in your mouth


#Joke 9

Ask your friend, “would you like to see BofA?”

Get a response as “Why not?”

You then call out, “BofA Deez Nuts!”


#Joke 10

“Honey is like “Meth,” However, I will be like, “What do you mean.”

Need some CDs: I will be like, “What Deez Nuts!”


Good Deez Nuts Jokes


#Joke 1

Me: Are you in love with parodies?

The victims: Sometimes, I am.

Me: How is it possible for you to like Deez NUTS mouth?


#Joke 2

Do you want to use CDs and tape?

For what purpose?

So that you can see Deez Nuts!


#Joke 3

On the weekend, I bought guh

What do you mean by guh?

It is simply a guzzle Deez nut!


#Joke 4

What did the nuts say to each other?

My mouth fits the Candice Deez nuts.

these nuts jokes

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#Joke 5

Kindly let me know if you Bofa?

Do what?? I do not Bofa Deez nuts


#Joke 6

Did you meet Philip, your friend?


Philip the Deez Nuts.


#Joke 7

Are you aware of the people who will be attending our party?

Yes, It is Dee

Who is Dee

Deez nut.


#Joke 8

Do you like Paradis Venessa?

Yes, I do

What about Deez nuts?


#Joke 9

Have you heard about the latest news?

No, inform me, please.

Well, London, fit Deez nuts into your mouth.


#Joke 10

Do you like parodies?

Very much, why do you ask?

What if you enjoy a pair of Deez nuts on your chin!


Funny Deez Nuts Jokes


#Joke 1

Have you not seen the Bofa film?

What? What is in it?

The Bofa Deez nuts.


#Joke 2

Are you guys looking for goodies?

No, we are looking for our Archie comics

Then, go to your Dad’s room deez nuts.


#Joke 3

Have you guys seen the movie Beauty And The Beast starring Emma Watson?

Beauty And The Beast?


Beauty and Deez Nuts!


#Joke 4

Which kind of flowers are glib talkers?


Tulips! How?

Cus Tulips have two lips, Deez Nuts!

knock knock deez nuts jokes

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#Joke 5

Which nuts are the worst for your diet?

Donuts, Deez Nuts!


#Joke 6

Teacher: If you are not serious in your studies, you will get D’s in most of your subjects.

Student: Okay, no issues, I will also bestow on him D’s.

Teacher: D’s!? What do you mean?

Student: Deez nuts!


#Joke 7

Do you wanna eat some snacks?

What sorts of snacks?

Deez nuts!!


#Joke 8

Hey, did you know Dee has a huge fan following?

Dee? Who?

Deez nuts!


#Joke 9

Ordering Pizza. Do you like Pizza with toppings of Dee?

Pizza with Dee toppings?

Yeah, Pizza deez nuts!


#Joke 10

Have you heard of the film Bofa?

Bofa? Who is in the film?

Bofa deez nuts.


#Joke 11

Hey meet my freind Mr Ader Titsoff.

Ader Tits off??

Must be a Deez Nut!!


#Joke 12

I had a weird dream last night! I was swimming in a sea of black soda. It was actually a Cola sea.

I was really a deez nut


#Joke 13

Girls, if these fellas can’t appreciate your nuts jokes, you must let go such deez nuts.

Can February March? No, but April May, Deez nut.


#Joke 14

What was Nuts’s email password?

It’s Deez Nuts


#Joke 15

Did you know about the restaurant on the moon?

I heard all the delicacies were good but it had no atmosphere, deez nuts.

Deez Nuts Joke


#Joke 16

She: He’s probably thinking of other girls

He: Why does she think like deez nuts?


#Joke 17

I: John sued an airline company after it lost his luggage.

She: John must have won.

I: Sadly, John lost the case! Deez Nuts!


#Joke 18

I was wondering why the ball was getting bigger.

What happened then?

Then it hit me, deez nuts!


#Joke 19

How does a nutty tree walk through the forest? It takes the psycho-path, you deez nuts!

He bet that I couldn’t build a car out of spaghetti. You should’ve seen suc deez nuts face when I drove pasta.

You can’t explain puns to kleptomaniacs because these deez nuts always take things verbatim.


#Joke 20

What washed up on beaches?

It’s microwaves, deez nuts.


#Joke 21

What washed up on beaches?

It’s microwaves, deez nuts.


#Joke 22

Coffee has a rough time in our home.

Why?? What happens, deez nuts?

It gets mugged every morning!

Popular Deez Nuts Jokes 2021


#Joke 23

Time flies like an arrow

Nuts flies like Deez nuts


Deez Nuts Jokes One Liners

  • Cold Deez Nuts to freeze the balls off a brass monkey
  • Journal of Irreproducible Deez Nuts
  • Deez Nuts May Vary
  • Glorious Deez Nuts of a Misspent Youth
  • Consenting Deez Nuts
  • Deez Nuts Only Channel
  • Just Can’t Get Deez Nuts
  • Young Deez Nuts
  • The World Is Not Deez Nuts
  • Deez Nuts & Beyond
  • The Heart Is Deceitful Deez Nuts All Things
  • Don’t Stop ’til You Get Deez Nuts
  • Drunk Deez Nuts to Dance
  • Haven’t Had Deez Nuts
  • Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Deez Nuts
  • Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Deez Nuts for the Two of Us

Deez Nuts Jokes.


Who Is Deez Nuts?

Who Is Deez Nuts


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Deez Nuts


In conclusion, people forgot about this phrase after some time, but the phrase spiked again in 2015 after an Instagram user posted some Deez Nuts Joke video to one of his friends.

After a small period of time, the video became viral on the internet. After Deez became a presidential candidate for the United States election, the phrase became more viral. Infact, after Trump and Clinton, Deez nut had the most votes in the Unites States Presidental Election.

Deez Nuts Jokes 2021


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