How To Be A Top Tweeter: 7 Tips That Will Get Your Tweets Noticed

How To Be A Top Tweeter

Published on August 30th, 2022

Driving engagement on Twitter could be quite a task. With over three hundred million active users and an average of five hundred million tweets being sent on this platform, the chances of getting your tweets noticed are slim.

We, however, have a few tricks up our sleeves that can help you get enough likes, retweets, and comments, and increase Twitter followers.

Keep reading as we show you how to get your tweets to stand out.

1. Create A Content House And Content Calendar

A content house and calendar serve as building blocks for all your Twitter activities. It helps you create a plan and stay consistent till you increase engagement on your tweets, and even after you get your desired results.

With your content house, you have better niche-specific tweets to attract your audience base. The content house provides all the topics that are related to your brand, to keep you from tweeting about everything and anything.

The content calendar, on the other hand, keeps everything on schedule. The timing of a tweet and what topic to tweet about.

With these two foundational activities, you can keep your tweets coordinated, interesting, and informational – all at once.

2. Use Trending Hashtags And Hop On Trending Topics

There’s always something new going on in the industry you’re in. Could be something controversial or celebratory.

Whatever it may be, you can get your target audience to see your tweets by using the right hashtags.

Hashtags also help your tweet get some global recognition. People who click on the hashtags they’re interested in can easily get to see your tweets when they go to the hashtag section of Twitter. So, keep your Tweets resourceful and on topic, it’ll drive readers to follow you for more updates.

When coming up with new ideas gets difficult, jump on relevant trending topics to get fresh content for your page. Trending topics also work together with hashtags, leaving you with new tweets to come up with every week.

You can also engage with other users’ tweets. Share your opinion, that’s exactly what Twitter was made for.

3. Use Catchy Images Where Necessary

Twitter is a text-based social media platform. So users could scroll for several minutes with no images in sight. This could make them get bored and tired easily. To give them a break from reading texts all day, insert some images.

With clear, high-quality images, you can grab their attention and reduce the chances of them scrolling past your tweet.

4. Engage With Your Followers And Other Commenters

Users like to connect with the account they’re following or recently discovered. Like and respond to their comments, especially if they ask questions. Communicating with them frequently will increase their interest in actively engaging in your tweets.

If you, however, keep ignoring their comments, engaging with your tweets becomes difficult for them. No one enjoys knocking on an empty house. So, try to respond to as many comments as you can. Plus, it keeps your tweets appearing at the top of your followers’ feeds.

5. Keep Your Content Original

Your audience doesn’t want to see the same tweet over and over again. If you keep tweeting the same things, standing out will get more difficult.

Instead of copying their tweets, stick to borrowing their ideas. Get your inspiration from their content structure, but don’t plagiarize, always keep it original.

Stick to a unique brand personality. Be unique in your tone, choice of words, templates, and many more.

6. Use Retweet Comment

Retweeting used to be the common way to share a tweet you’re interested in. Now, Twitter has a new option that can get people to not only see the tweet but also what they think about it.

People show more interest in the original tweet when you add a comment to your retweet.

You also get to personalize and add more value to the initial tweet when you use this function. Do this to your tweets or tweets of other users to draw attention to your page and theirs.

7. Always Give Credit

You can boost your engagement by collaborating with more significant users in the same industry. Your followers and theirs can engage with your tweets when you tag them accordingly.

Specify what contributions you’ve made and make clear the basis of your collaboration. When you tag their profiles, you reach a wider audience and eventually build credibility in your industry.

Wrapping Up!

Boosting engagement on your profile and tweets might take a while. But, if you’re consistent enough, you’ll start seeing results sooner than you might expect.

You also need to be authentic and engage with them like you’re human. You tend to build a solid connection with your audience when you communicate with them like a human, not a robot. So, avoid using auto-replies and stop sounding monotonous when engaging with them.

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