Essential Plugins To Build A WordPress Site For A Flawless Mobile Experience

Mobile Friendly Websites

September 25th, 2019   |   Updated on March 29th, 2024

Over a period of time mobiles have taken full control of our lives. We use them to conduct any kind of tasks and that is leading to a spurt in its users everywhere.

However, this situation has caused grave issues for businesses as they need to see that their website should be customizable and can be viewed on mobiles as well.

To make this smooth you can trust Word press plugins which are able to convert your website accordingly. Here are 20+ awesome WordPress Plugins that will make your site mobile-friendly.

These plugins are super convenient to use and can convert your website into the format that would get it more viewers on the mobile.

WordPress Plugins To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

1. WPtouch

WPtouch: WordPress Plugin To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

WPtouch, a WordPress mobile plugin, effortlessly integrates a sleek mobile theme for visitors accessing your WordPress site via mobile devices.

Endorsed by Google, it promptly establishes a mobile-friendly version of your site, maintaining SEO integrity. With WPtouch’s user-friendly administration panel and WordPress Customizer, customize its appearance without altering code.

Your desktop theme remains unaffected for non-mobile users. Upgrade to WPtouch Pro for enhanced themes, features, and expert support.

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2. Jetpack

Jetpack: Best WordPress Mobile Plugin

Jetpack offers an economical solution for safeguarding your personal or small business website, ensuring it stays backed up and free from spam.

Benefit from cost savings on bandwidth and accelerated image serving through one of the globe’s most sophisticated Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Additionally, Jetpack keeps a vigilant eye on your site’s uptime to ensure accessibility for your readers. Enjoy bulletproof spam filtering and robust brute-force login protection, providing peace of mind as you develop and expand your online presence.

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3. WP Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Edition: Mobile View for Responsive web

The WordPress Mobile Edition plugin automatically presents a mobile-optimized interface when visitors access your site via mobile devices.

It seamlessly detects mobile browsers and allows for customization of the browser list through the settings page.

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4. Auto Optimize

Auto Optimize: Make Your WordPress Site Mobile Friendly

Autoptimize simplifies website optimization by aggregating, minifying, and caching scripts and styles. It injects CSS into the page head and can inline critical CSS while deferring the full CSS.

It also relocates and defers scripts to the footer, minimizes HTML, and offers image optimization options including WebP conversion and lazy loading.

Additional features optimize Google Fonts, asynchronously load non-aggregated JavaScript, and remove unnecessary WordPress core emoji data.

Even on HTTP/2, Autoptimize enhances site performance. With an extensive API, it allows tailored customization for each site’s specific needs, making optimization straightforward and effective for improved website speed and efficiency.

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5. Any Mobile Theme Switcher

Any Mobile Theme Switcher: Best Mobile Optimization WordPress Plugin

Any Mobile Theme Switcher automatically detects mobile browsers and loads the designated mobile theme based on admin settings.

Compatible with various devices like iPhone, iPad, Palm OS, Android, Android Tab, and Windows Mobile. Customize different mobile themes for each browser for a tailored user experience.

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6. Hummingbird

Humminbird: WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

Hummingbird accelerates website performance with precise control over file compression, CSS and JavaScript deferment, minification, Lazy Load integration, and top-tier caching.

Developed by WordPress speed specialists behind Smush image optimization, Hummingbird boasts over a million active installations.

Addressing PageSpeed Insights recommendations, it offers text compression, preconnects to origins, preloads key requests, manages network payloads, and optimizes cache efficiency.

Advanced features in the Pro version include delaying JavaScript execution, generating Critical CSS, and deferring unused CSS.

Hummingbird streamlines WordPress speed optimization, ensuring faster loading times, improved search rankings, and enhanced user experience.

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7. Smush


Smush, the premier image optimization plugin, streamlines image optimization, resizing, and compression, including WebP format conversion for swifter webpage loading.

Developed by WPMU DEV since 2007, trusted worldwide, it enhances website performance and user experience while improving Google PageSpeed Insights scores.

With features like lossless and lossy compression, lazy loading, and bulk optimization, Smush sets itself apart as the ultimate solution for WordPress image optimization, accommodating both novices and seasoned professionals alike.

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8. Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu effortlessly transforms your existing menu into a mega menu, enabling seamless integration of WordPress widgets, customizable styling, and menu behavior adjustments.

Offering automatic touch support, off-canvas mobile menu options, and responsive breakpoints, it ensures a user-friendly experience across devices.

With extensive features like grid layout organization, submenu styling options, and accessibility enhancements, Max Mega Menu prioritizes code quality, performance, and usability, making it the ultimate menu management solution for WordPress.

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10. WP Mobile Menu

WP Mobile Menu

Enhance your mobile website experience effortlessly with WP Mobile Menu, the ultimate WordPress responsive mobile menu plugin. Engage your mobile visitors with easy access to site content on any device.

No coding required, it seamlessly integrates with all WordPress responsive themes. Offering features like 3 depth menu levels, logo branding, Google Fonts, and customizable styling, WP Mobile Menu ensures a user-friendly interface.

Premium options include advanced functionalities like alternative menus, sliding carts, and header product live search, maximizing your WooCommerce shop’s sales conversion.

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11. AMP


Page Experience (PX) encompasses various ranking signals, including Core Web Vitals (CWV), assessing user interaction on web pages.

AMP, an efficient tool, automatically applies optimizations to enhance site performance, facilitating improved page experience for visitors.

The official AMP Plugin, backed by the AMP team, seamlessly integrates with WordPress, preserving standard workflows.

Its features automate AMP markup generation, offer validation tools, and support AMP page serving, ensuring effortless AMP implementation and compatibility for WordPress sites.

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12. UpdraftPlus

Trusted by millions in the WordPress community, UpdraftPlus Backup & Migration Plugin ensures effortless backup, restoration, and migration of WordPress websites.

With over 3 million active installations globally, it offers scheduled backups to preferred storage locations like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

Seamlessly restore your site in just a few clicks and effortlessly migrate to new hosts, servers, or domains. UpdraftPlus simplifies site management, reducing the risk of data loss and downtime.

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13. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache (W3TC) enhances your site’s SEO and user experience by boosting performance and reducing load times.

Leveraging features like content delivery network (CDN) integration and cutting-edge practices, it optimizes WordPress websites.

Trusted by millions for over a decade, W3TC is the go-to Web Performance Optimization (WPO) framework, compatible with any web host.

It stands as the ultimate solution for maximizing your WordPress site’s performance.

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14. MC4WP


MC4WP streamlines email list growth in Mailchimp. Easily create visually appealing sign-up forms or seamlessly integrate with existing forms on your WordPress site.

Features include quick Mailchimp account connection, mobile-optimized forms with customizable fields, and native HTML form creation.

Integration with various plugins like Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, and Gravity Forms ensures a smooth experience across different platforms.

Ideal for enhancing user engagement and expanding your subscriber base effortlessly.

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15. Elementor Website Builder

Elementor Website Builder

Introducing a WordPress website builder, with no limits of design. A website builder that delivers high-end page designs and advanced capabilities, never before seen on WordPress.

Whether you’re a web designer looking for a way to achieve pixel-perfect websites, a marketer looking to get online fast or a developer who wants to expand their capabilities, Elementor’s website builder has what you need – intuitive drag-and-drop Editor, advanced design features and a full open-source approach.

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16. AppPresser


AppPresser simplifies the process of converting WordPress sites into iOS/Android mobile apps swiftly. It enables WordPress site usage within apps, granting access to device functionalities like the camera and contacts.

Acting as a bridge between your app and WordPress, this plugin requires app creation through its app builder before installation on your WordPress site.

It serves as the foundational code for integrating your AppPresser app with WordPress, activating essential functionalities and providing a settings page for seamless operation.

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17. MobiLoud


MobiLoud transforms WordPress sites into professional iOS and Android apps, seamlessly published to the App Store and Google Play.

It caters to any WordPress-based business seeking mobile app presence, offering two platforms: News and Canvas.

News is tailored for news sites, blogs, magazines, and digital publishers, facilitating the creation of fully-featured content apps akin to top publishers like the New York Times.

Canvas enables the development of hybrid iOS and Android apps from any WordPress site, ensuring compatibility with existing themes, plugins, and site functionalities.

MobiLoud handles app creation, testing, submission, and ongoing maintenance, offering a comprehensive solution that saves thousands in development costs.

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18. Responsive Menu

Responsive Menu

Boasting an extensive array of over 150 customization options, you unlock a staggering 22,500 possible combinations! No coding expertise required – its intuitive interface ensures effortless customization to achieve your desired look with utmost simplicity.

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19. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer

Combat slow website speeds and cumbersome oversized images with EWWW Image Optimizer. Elevate your site’s performance, enhance SEO, and cultivate visitor satisfaction. Optimize existing images and effortlessly manage new uploads with EWWW IO’s seamless integration.

Benefit from limitless file size optimization, pixel-perfect rendering, and top-notch compression ratios for JPG, PNG, and PDF files.

Enjoy unparalleled support, secure communications, and complimentary image backups. Experience the ultimate in image optimization with EWWW IO’s innovative server-side tools and automatic optimization features.

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20. a3 Lazy Load

a3 Lazy Load

Boost your site’s loading speed effortlessly with a3 Lazy Load, a user-friendly plugin tailored for mobile optimization.

Ideal for content-rich websites, it seamlessly enhances performance, especially evident with heavy content.

Compatible with WordPress 6.0, it complements WordPress’s lazy loading features while extending support to older browsers and external media.

Disable WordPress Core Lazy Load with ease and fine-tune image lazy loading preferences across posts, pages, widgets, and thumbnails for optimal flexibility.

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21. Lazy Loader

Lazy Loader

LazyLoad stands out as the premier free lazy load plugin for WordPress, offering seamless lazy loading of images, videos, and iframes.

By displaying content only when visible to users, LazyLoad significantly enhances site speed and optimizes images for Google PageSpeed.

It effortlessly handles lazy loading for various elements including post content, widgets, thumbnails, and avatars, streamlining loading times.

With a lightweight script under 10KB and no reliance on JavaScript libraries like jQuery, LazyLoad is a performance powerhouse for your WordPress site.

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22. New Tab Redirect Plus

New Tab Redirect Plus

With New Tab Redirect Plus, comment visitor links seamlessly open in new tabs or windows, boosting user engagement and reducing bounce rates on your WordPress blog.

It ensures that all website links within comments and author URLs open in new tabs, encouraging visitors to explore your site further.

This straightforward plugin offers customizable link destinations, supports both HTTP and HTTPS links, and is a simple, speedy, and efficient solution for WordPress users.

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