16 Best WordPress Payment Plugins For Seamless Payment Gateway

WordPress Payment Plugins

July 1st, 2019   |   Updated on December 27th, 2023

Setting up a new website for a business can be a tiring process especially if you have no idea about how to proceed with things.

Though the presence of platforms like WordPress is bound to make things easy the truth is that not having adequate knowledge about the same can be a deterrent.

Especially when it comes to payment getaways any issues related to the same can make the task difficult to achieve, With this though in mind we have brought together a list of the 10 best WordPress Plugins For Payment Gateway which you can choose from.

These plugins have different features and benefits and when we listed them down we made sure to keep that in mind.

You can easily go through the analysis we have done and pick up that plugin which would serve your purpose. In case of confusion go through multiple of them and compare them before making a choice.

Best WordPress Payment Plugins

1. Mollie Payments For Woocommerce

WordPress Payment Plugins: Mollie Payments For Woocommerce

Quickly integrate all major payment methods in WooCommerce, wherever you need them. Simply drop them ready-made into your WooCommerce webshop with this powerful plugin by Mollie. Mollie is dedicated to making payments better for WooCommerce.

No need to spend weeks on paperwork or security compliance procedures. No more lost conversions because you don’t support a shopper’s favorite payment method or because they don’t feel safe. We made payments intuitive and safe for merchants and their customers.

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Review: WordPress

This plugin allows to configure next day payments for credit cards in the control panel but the real liquidation to your account is 5 business days, so this converts in 7-8 total days including weekends. This is, in general,not good for the e-commerce dynamics where transactions and deliveries customers need are the quickest as possible. In our case, we move to other payments gateways that are more expensive but really pay next day while in the meantime we are talking with the bank to install their gateway in our e-commerce that is more economic and pays the next days.

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2. 2CheckOut

what wordpress payment plugins work best for digital downloads: 2CheckOut

Whether you’re tapping into international markets, looking to boost conversion rates or running a subscription-based business, 2Checkout can help you tackle the complexities of digital commerce, globally.

This Platform’s Modular Design Was Created To Meet These Dynamic Needs:

  • Global Payments
  • Digital Commerce
  • Subscription Billing
  • Global Tax & Financial Services
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Partner Sales

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Since the early 2000s, 2Checkout (2CO) has served as a third-party payment processor for e-commerce merchants. As the name suggests, 2Checkout allows customers “to check out” and pay when completing an online purchase. 2CO bares similarity to Stripe and PayPal, and competes for much of the same marketshare. You may have encountered 2Checkout as a payment processing option within one of its many partnered shopping cart, invoicing, or booking platforms. As far as I can tell, the primary advantage to selecting 2Checkout over competitors has been its availability in additional countries — over 200 markets in all.

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3. Bambora Online ePay

what wordpress payment plugins work best for downloaded files: Bambora Online ePay

With Bambora Online ePay for WooCommerce, you are able to integrate the Bambora Online ePay payment window into your WooCommerce installation and start receiving secure online payments.


  • Receive payments securely through the Bambora Online ePay payment window
  • Create and handle subscriptions
  • Get an overview over the status for your payments directly from your WooCommerce order page.
  • Capture your payments directly from your WooCommerce order page.
  • Credit your payments directly from your WooCommerce order page.
  • Delete your payments directly from your WooCommerce order page.
  • Sign up, process, cancel, reactivate and change subscriptions
  • Supports WooCommerce 2.6 and up.

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Review: FinancesOnline

Bambora is a payment gateway built to help small and medium-sized enterprises accept and receive payments online, in-app, or within a platform in the most convenient yet secure way possible. This solution can accept payments from over 60 countries, provides you with real-time insights into your profits, and serve as a hub where you can get smart financial solutions to grow your business.

This technology platform is equipped with a wide range of capabilities that let you get the most out of eCommerce and physical commerce tools in a single interface. Among its most notable features are: credit card processing, online payment form creation, recurring billing options, batch processing solutions, as well as revenue sharing functions. On top of those, Bambora also has robust fraud defense tools and risk and underwriting options in order to keep you and your customers’ data safe everytime you make a transaction.

What makes this platform even better is that it blends seamlessly with any software ecosystem. It has RESTful APIs and SDKs that allow it to easily be combined with your shopping cart systems, websites, and other applications.

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4. WP Full Stripe Free

wordpress payment plugins using itransact: WP Full Stripe Free

Full Stripe (Free Edition) is a WordPress plugin designed to make it easy for you to accept payments from your WordPress site.

Powered by Stripe, you can embed payment forms into any post or page and take payments directly from your website without making your customers leave for a 3rd party website.

The Free Edition Of Wp Full Stripe Has The Following Features:

  • Create payment forms to take payments via Stripe.
  • Drop payment forms on any page or post with a simple shortcode.
  • Choose between set price and donation style payment forms.
  • View list of received payment details from within WordPress.
  • Choose to send email receipts on successful payment, via Stripe.
  • Choose to redirect to a page/post following succesful payment.

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Review: WordPress

The design of this plugin is absolutely atrocious. The price is stored clientside! The customer can go edit the html source code and change the payment price to anything they want and the plugin will accept it. The price is simply stored in a hidden input tag. In addition, it offers only very basic forms that have zero input validation. It’ll accept any plain text input the user throws at it. AVOID, garbage plugin.

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5. Omise WooCommerce

best wordpress payment plugins checkout: Omise WooCommerce

Omise WooCommerce Gateway Plugin is a WordPress plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce. The plugin adds support for Omise Payment Gateway payment method to WooCommerce.

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Review: WordPress

This is pretty cool payment gateway with PCI DSS Compliant, compatible ton of themes and has such API for developer. Support team is also nice.

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top wordpress payment plugins:

Offer your customers a variety of payment options ranging from debit cards, credit cards and e-checks to digital payments like Apple Pay, PayPal and Visa Checkout.

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Review: wpmudev is another widely accepted gateway that might offer precisely what you need:

  • Cost: There’s an initial $49 setup fee, a $25 monthly fee, as well as per-transaction fee.
  • Payment Location: It’s up to you: this can go on your site or on’s.
  • Merchant Account: You’ll need a merchant bank account to collect your payments.
  • Security: You’ll have free access to’s fraud protection tools if you integrate gateway on your site. Otherwise, is PCI DSS certified.

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7. PayPal Payments Pro

wordpress payment plugins that make accepting payments easy.: PayPal Payments Pro

PayPal Payments Pro gives you the flexibility and payment processing security to build a professional-grade e-commerce site. It can be configured in any way your business needs – and works across devices. Plus, because it’s from PayPal, you can tap into over 184+ million active customer accounts around the globe.

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Review: FinancesOnline

PayPal Payments Pro is a payment processing solution built on PayPal’s technology that enables online merchants and businesses to accept credit card payments online as well as process mobile and retail credit card. On top of that, users can create and host their own checkout pages for full control.

With PayPal Payments Pro, users are charged with a flat rate of 2.90 percent along with a $0.30 per-transaction fee, which is beneficial for companies with large tickets. The flat fee remains the same whether the cards used are debit, credit, corporate or rewards.

PayPal Payments Pro doesn’t require buyers to have a PayPal account to complete the purchase. Aside from accepting payments online, users of PayPal Payments Pro are able to process credit card payments via phone, fax, and mail (Virtual Terminal). Plus, because it’s from PayPal, you can tap into over 184+ million active customer accounts around the globe.

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8. senangPay


senangPay payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce. This plugin enable online payment using credit or debit cards (Visa and Mastercard only) and online banking (for Malaysian banks only). Currently, senangPay is only available for businesses that reside in Malaysia.

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Review: PrestaShop

The default currency used via senangPay is Ringgit Malaysia. If you offer multicurrency shop, other currency will be asked to be converted to Ringgit Malaysia by dialog box for customer to confirm agree to use Ringgit Malaysia with your currency exchange rate settings in your Prestashop.

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9. Skrill Official

Skrill Official

Trusted by millions across the globe Skrill meets the needs of more than 156,000 businesses worldwide providing a convenient and secure way to send and receive money in nearly 200 countries and 40 currencies.

What This Module Does For You:

  • Free and quick setup
  • Access credit cards and 100+ local payment solutions with 1 easy integration
  • Connect with 50+ million Skrill account holders
  • Highest security standards and anti-fraud technology
  • Seamless payment experience across mobile, tablet and desktop

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Review: G2

What Do You Like Best?

The Most Innovative ideas I love most from Skrill is their good and reliable service, where i have opportunity to transfer my funds from Skrill account to my mobile money account as easy as it is with very low cost even poor from scratch can effort to send and receive money.

Powerful Security system to avoid stammers and spammers, Skrill is simply the best!

What Do You Dislike?

So far there is no dislike from Skrill, am OK with everything, maybe they should improve more reliable ways of sending and receiving money by adding other mobile networks like Airtel and Vodafone etc.

Recommendations To Others Considering The Product:

if your looking for E-wallet to suit your need, look no further, just come to Skrill and open your free account and add your bank of credit card and start buying and seeking securely with low low cost!! I promise you will not be tossed to and fro looking for a cheap online e-wallet.

What Problems Are You Solving With The Product? What Benefits Have You Realized?

Actually, ideals with crafts selling them online, since in my country PayPal are not allowed to receive money for my sales so I had to come to Skrill and its really Working very well.

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10. PayPal For Digital Goods

PayPal For Digital Goods

This plugin provides you with a shortcode to generate a customizable PayPal payment button that allows a user to pay for an item instantly in a popup using the PayPal’s Express Checkout API/Gateway.

The full checkout takes place in an overlay/popup window and the customer never leaves your site. This is ideal for selling file downloads via PayPal.

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Review: WordPress

Does exactly what it says. Very stable, and the only plugin that allow PayPal express checkout without a cart. If you are searching to sell digital products without a carrot hassle for the costumer, this is exactly for you. And last but not least great and warm support.

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11. MemberPress

With MemberPress you can create powerful and compelling WordPress membership sites that leverage all of the great features of WordPress, WordPress plugins, and other 3rd party services including content management, forums, and social communities.

Unlike many other membership site solutions, MemberPress is a robust yet simple-to-use solution that integrates fully with your already-existing WordPress website.

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Review: Winningwp

This is the practice of releasing content to members at pre-set intervals over a period of time — for example, a course that sends modules out by email once a week. This is a common feature in membership plugins, but some are limited to the creation of locked website content.

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12. LearnDash

Easily create & sell courses, deliver quizzes, award certificates, manage users, download reports, and so much more! By using LearnDash you have access to the latest e-learning industry trends for creating robust learning experiences.

With LearnDash you are always in control. Use the simple yet powerful administration capabilities to manage your users and courses with ease.

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Review: Athemes

LearnDash is used by both major educational institutions and enterprises, as well as plenty of smaller websites and instructors. LearnDash uses straightforward custom post types, so navigating the LearnDash interface is easy to pick up.

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13. Razorpay


This is the official Razorpay payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce. Allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards, netbanking, wallet, and UPI payments with the WooCommerce plugin.

It uses a seamles integration, allowing the customer to pay on your website without being redirected away. This allows for refunds, works across all browsers, and is compatible with the latest WooCommerce.

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Review: G2

What Do You Like Best?

What I like the best about Razorpay is the the Payment Method that it provides, along with security, & not only that, you can pay using any method that you want, whether it be Credit Card, Debit Card, or UPI.

What Do You Dislike?

What I dislike about Razorpay, is that even thought it comes with a whole lot of features, that are really amazing, in it’s field, but sometimes, the Payment gets duped for no reason at all, which causes a heck lot of trouble.

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Makes your website ready to use payment gateway to accept credit/debit cards on your woocommerce store in safe way. HMAC-SHA512 Compatible version. is most widely used payment gateway to process payments online and accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and other variants of cards.

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Review: Merchantmaverick


  • Broad support for multiple currencies
  • Robust security and anti-fraud features
  • Month-to-month billing


  • The all-in-one option may confuse customers
  • High flat-rate pricing for an optional merchant account

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15. Fondy


The FONDY ecommerce plugin for online stores, based on the WooCommerce addon for CMS WordPress provides businesses with a single platform for quick and secure accepting payments on the site, and its customers with convenient ways to pay for goods and services of their interest.

After connecting the system, your customers will be able to pay for purchases using bank cards, online banking, mobile payments.

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Review: Trustpilot

Very professional outfit to deal with. Quoted me very keen rates and their sales guy Niall Smyth was extremely knowledgeable about e-commerce in Ireland right now. Picked up some great tips from him.

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16. Donorbox’s WordPress Donation Plugin For Nonprofits


With Donorbox’s WordPress donation plugin, nonprofits can accept recurring as well as one-off donations easily on the go. It also seamlessly embeds on wordpress pages & takes payments via cards, Apple Pay, low-fee ACH and SEPA bank transfers, Google Pay, and PayPal!

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  • It has a custom form builder where you can customize according to your brand needs.
  • Seamless corporate matching to increase your donations.
  • Donation receipts can be customized easily from the dashboard.
  • Integration of fundraising thermometer can encourage your donors to donate more.
  • Donation forms are localized in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch and Portuguese.
  • Donors also have full control over their recurring donation plans.
  • Donation forms and pages are optimized for desktop, mobiles and tablets.


If you are a nonprofit organization looking for a seamless recurring donation system, then look no further than Donorbox’s powerful fundraising system. It has been used by more than 35,000+ nonprofit organizations & has a 5 star rating on WordPress, which makes it the best of the lot.

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