20 Most Popular WordPress Plugins For Slider

best wordpress slider plugins

August 16th, 2019   |   Updated on December 27th, 2023

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Your website needs to look attractive as only then more and more people would be enticed into coming and paying a visit there.

Though there are many ways to make your site look beautiful a slider is usually considered to be the most effective from amongst them.

Thankfully WordPress offers you multiple plugins to choose when it comes to deciding a slider for your website, Which one looks the best though still remains doubtful, To assist you we have brought together a list of 10 best WordPress plugins for Slider.

Each of them looks nice on any website but you may have a specific requirement in mind. You can go through their details and read our analysis to know which is the most appropriate for your niche and content.

This effort would help you in choosing one slider that would add to the saleability of your website.

Best WordPress Sider Plugins

1. Soliloquy

best wordpress slider plugins: Soliloquy

We believe that you shouldn’t have to hire a developer to create a WordPress slider. That’s why we built Soliloquy, a drag & drop slider plugin that’s both easy and Powerful

Soliloquy allows you to create beautiful responsive image and video sliders for your WordPress site in minutes, not hours!

User experience is our #1 priority. That’s why we put in extra effort to ensure that Soliloquy is the best responsive image slider for WordPress. This means that your slideshows will always look great on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop).

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Review: isitwp

Soliloquy was originally created by Thomas Griffin, the same mastermind behind OptinMonster, the best email marketing tool and Envira Gallery, the best WordPress gallery plugin.

Soliloquy’s one of the most popular WordPress slider plugins in the official WordPress plugin repository with over 1 million downloads. Since its launch in 2012, Soliloquy has been helping bloggers, small businesses, and even Fortune 500 companies to create beautiful WordPress sliders.

In 2018, Soliloquy was acquired by Nathan Singh, an entrepreneur based out of Houston, Texas.

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2. MetaSlider

wordpress slider plugins free: MetaSlider

MetaSlider is another easy to use WordPress slider. Creating a new slider is quite simple and it automatically takes care of all the technical settings for you.

Create powerful, SEO-optimized slideshows in minutes with the world’s #1 slider plugin!

With WordPress’ most popular slider plugin, enhancing your blog or website couldn’t be easier: simply select images from your WordPress Media Library, drag and drop them into place, and then set the slide captions, links and SEO fields all from one page.

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Review: isitwp

Meta Slider is a very popular, highly-rated plugin that allows you to create image sliders. It has multiple different options for slider styles and transition effects for your slides. In our Meta Slider review, we’ll take a look at its main features and user interface to test how great (or not) it really is.

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3. Smart Slider 3

wordpress slider plugin free: Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is the most powerful and intuitive WordPress plugin to create sliders which was never possible before. Fully responsive, SEO optimized and works with any WordPress theme. Create beautiful sliders and tell stories without any code.

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Review: colorlib

Smart Slider 3 is one of the newest slider plugins available for download that has surpassed the success of many others. In addition to being an intuitive plugin, Smart Slider delivers an exceptional workflow for adding any WordPress-based slider to your blog. Using the accessible editor dashboard, you can create sliders using drag and drop with real-time preview. This plugin is super compatible with WordPress, including the Media Library, shortcodes, widgets, and posts.

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4. Slider By WD

best wordpress slider plugin: Slider By WD

Slider by 10Web is a versatile solution to help you add fast loading, responsive and SEO-friendly sliders to your website pages, posts, theme header or any other location.

The plugin supports both images and videos on the slides, which further could be spiced up with various transition effects.

Filmstrip, carousel and parallax effects of Premium version will have your slides look even better.

You can create multi-functional sliders in Premium version, by applying text, image, video, hotspot and social media button layers to the slides.

Every feature of the slides, from text size, navigation buttons to slide loading icon, can be customized, giving you a myriad of options to experiment with style and design.

It’s by far the easiest solution to create beautiful sliders, which you can add to your website with a shortcode, by inserting into the theme using the PHP function or through widget. Slider by 10Web supports swipe control to make sure your slides look great on touchscreen devices.

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Review: wplift

Slider WD is a highly responsive slider plugin which is developed to help you to add fully customizable sliders to your website. It can be used as a plugin and as a widget.

You can add unlimited number of slides in each slider and use different transition and layer effects to make it even more attractive.

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5. Slider Carousel

free wordpress slider plugin: Video Slider

Video Slider plugin is a great way to create a stunning video slider without programming skills. Fully responsive, work on any mobile device.

You can attract more people to your website and amaze them with effective slideshows, that show your video amazing way. It is very easy.

It is necessary to select the video ( currently supports in Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo and MP4) that you would like to show in a slider using the Rich Web, wich creates a responsive slideshow, thumbnail slider or slider post feed.

Plugin supports Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo and MP4 videos. It is fully responsive works on iPhone, IPAD, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

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Review: colorlib

A similar approach compared to the last WordPress slider plugin just that Slider Carousel is exclusive to images.

Additionally, Slider Carousel also works with posts and pages and other custom content.

The plugin will acclimatize to your needs and regulations quickly without you needing to do much work. You also do not need to worry about responsiveness and browser compatibility.

Slider Carousel follows all the latest practices, making sure your creation will stand the test of time.

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6. Instagram Slider Widget

best wordpress slider plugin free: Instagram Slider Widget

Instagram slider widget is a responsive slider widget that shows 12 latest images from a public instagram user or a hashtag.


  • Images from Instagram are imported as WordPress attachments
  • Display Images in Slider or Thumbnails
  • No API Key Needed
  • Link images to user profile, image URL, attachment URL, custom URL or none
  • Sort images Randomly, Popularity, Date

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Review: colorlib

Instagram, like any other social network, is all about building a brand image. Whether you are a solo writer or a small business company, being engaged on Instagram is helpful to your business. You might think that sites like Facebook drive more customers to you, but the simple fact is that you never know where exactly the next customers will come from. It could be Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Instagram is such an easy social network to use as well. With hundreds of millions of monthly users, you don’t want to miss your chance at getting a slice of that pie.

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7. Crelly Slider

wordpress slider plugin download: Capture1

Crelly Slider is a Free / Open Source responsive WordPress slider that supports layers. You can add Texts, Images, YouTube/Vimeo videos using a powerful Drag & Drop Builder and animate each of them. It is perfect to display your creative content in posts and pages.

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Review: WordPress

I wanted to replace a beefy (bloated) slider (revolution) that was bundled with my theme, to improve speed tests. Found this with animations and beautiful simplicity. Added my own CSS snippets and duplicated the original RS slider look and animations perfectly. I added a little @media size css elements to hide some buttons on mobile, and voila, a perfect slider in every way. I donated $10 to support, you deserve it. So clean, logical, well-coded – Keep up the great work!

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8. WooCommerce Products Slider


A premium quality carousel slider to slide your woo-commerce product. easy to use via shortcode anywhere.

Plugin Features:

  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready.
  • Unlimited slider anywhere.
  • Custom number of slider items to query.
  • Custom number of Slider Column Number for Destop &
    Tablet & Small Desktop & Mobile.
  • 3 Slider nav positions.
  • Slider AutoPlay.
  • Slider Stop on Hover.

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Review: yith

you will be able to create sliders to give value to your products or product categories of your e-commerce.

How I Can Benefit From It:

  • You will improve your e-commerce interface and usability simplifying the interaction with your users.
  • You will be able to choose the products or categories to highlight through sliders inserted in ad hoc spots of your e-commerce.

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9. GS Logo Slider


GS Logo Slider is the best WordPress slider plugin available for displaying your client’s logos on your website.

The plugin creates a custom post type so you can easily add a client’s Logos carousel to display anywhere of your site using the shortcode.

The GS Logo Slider plugin is simple but flexible & powerful, and won’t slow your site like many slider plugins.

The slider carousel displays a ticker style flow, and the logo image can be displayed with or without a clickable caption.

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Review: colorlib

If you are a freelancer, you might want to show all the companies and brands you have already worked with. On the other hand, if you run a company, you are probably interested in showcasing your partners. Yet again, as an eCommerce website, have you thought about displaying brands that you carry? GS Logo Slider is the right WordPress plugin you need to achieve these results. Hence the name, it creates a slideshow that features brand logos for the most part. And you really do not need to do much setting up, if you would like to activate GS Logo Slider.

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10. Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Ultimate responsive image slider a fully responsive slider photo gallery plugin for WordPress blog users. You can add infinite image slides in a single slider using multiple image uploader. You can publish unlimited slider on your blog. The slider image gallery it creates provides a beautiful aura on your website.

This responsive slider plugin has various settings like customizable height and width, auto play slides, slide thumbnails, navigation buttons and much more. You can configure each image slider gallery setting individually and accordingly to you. You can show slider within the Page or Post content.

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Review: colorlib

Weblizar is a reputable name among WordPress users. With countless successful plugins under its belt already, you can count on the Ultimate Responsive Image Slider to be of excellent assistance to your slideshow needs. The number one feature that Weblizar developers highlight is “limitless” capacity. You can certainly add unlimited numbers of sliders anywhere on your site. Save yourself some extra time by uploading all of your images at once. As we said, you can display multiple sliders on a single page, including WordPress Pages and Posts. Elements like titles, descriptions, buttons, and thumbnails can be enabled or disabled on an individual basis.

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11. Slider Revolution

The Slider Revolution editor was built to save hours or even days of work on every project.

The new interface comes with intuitive options categories. You’ll know exactly where you can find what you need at all times, so you can implement its creative vision with just a few clicks.

The speed of production will make your clients marvel at how fast you can deliver fully-polished, stunning visual work.

These customizable templates are NOT just for WordPress responsive sliders, but also for hero sections, web pages and other content elements.

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Review: isitwp

Need to create advanced sliders with images, videos, posts, social media, and other content? Want to configure every detail of the slider’s animations and appearance? Then you need a plugin like Slider Revolution. Find out how you can get control over every aspect of your sliders in our Slider Revolution review.

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12. Layer Slider

Layer Slider plugin is super effective for creating responsive Image sliders in record time. With this, you can create a responsive layer slider in mere minutes.

Slider plugin for WordPress is responsive image and HTML content slider plugin. Slider Slideshow plugin supports touch navigation. Slider slideshow plugin is mobile friendly and allows creating custom slideshows with Images,videos & HTML content. Slider Slideshow plugin is developed in best practices of CSS3 and HTML5. Slider Slideshow plugin supports vertical and horizontal thumbnails for photo gallery. Slider Slideshow plugin supports videos from Youtube, Vimeo & video.js , Slider Slideshow plugin allows you to create video sliders and galleries.

It is focused on performance, accessibility, stability and provides the best experience for users with any device. Slider Slideshow doesn’t have a dozen of fancy transition effects, but types that work as fast and as smoothly as current day technology allows.

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Review: isitwp

LayerSlider is not a bad plugin. It’s powerful and has a lot of features. But the interface isn’t very beginner-friendly — it was created with developers in mind.

Soliloquy puts user experience first. It was designed to be lightweight and easy for beginners. You can put together a slider in just a few minutes.

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13. RoyalSlider

RoyalSlider is an image gallery and content slider plugin. Script is available as jQuery and as WordPress plugin. Every slider template is responsive and touch friendly. Take a look at it in your mobile device or try to resize your browser to see the effect.

Royal Slider is easy to use jQuery image gallery and content slider plugin with animated captions, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices


  • Ouch navigation support for iOS (all versions), Android 2.3+, IE10, IE11, Blackberry and other OS and browsers that support touch or pointer events.
  • Absolutely any HTML content in each slide and each thumbnail (or tab).
  • Smart lazy loading – loads nearby images in background, so users don’t need to wait each time and images are available instantly. You may set how much images to preload in options. Can be disabled.
  • Super smooth hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions.
  • Full-screen feature with native HTML5 fullscreen support. Perfect for photo gallery where you want to show high-resolution photography.
  • Memory management – keeps only a few slides in display list.

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Review: WP Mayor

RoyalSlider is probably one of the most feature-packed slider plugins I’ve come across. Nonetheless, the UI is very intuitive and little help snippets are sprinkled all over, making sure even beginners won’t be lost when setting up their slider.

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14. Toolset

Got custom development? With Toolset plugins, you’ll have working prototypes in hours and complete projects in days.

Toolset uses the WordPress Block Editor. It comes with a rich blocks library and is compatible with blocks from other plugins. Toolset includes everything you need to build rich custom sites, without coding.

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Review: wpcrafter

Toolset, formerly WP-Types, is a suite of plugins that are used to extend what WordPress does by creating custom post types and relationships among post types. That is just scratching the surface of what Toolset can do.

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15. Smooth Slider

Smooth Slider is a WordPress Plugin for creating a dynamic slideshow for featured posts on a blog. The slideshow created by Smooth Slider are JavaScript and Text based, that’s why bloggers and site owners will get full benefit of Search Engine Optimization as the texts are readable by Search Engine.

There are two sections in the Slider – Left Slides Section and Right Navigation Pointers or Buttons. The width and height of both the sections along with the fonts, borders, colors and Image sizes are customizable through the settings panel.

You can have different Slide title in the Slides Section and Navigation section for the same slide. Also, you can choose not to show the title in the slide’s Section.

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Review: wpexplorer

Slider Revolution is a premium slider available as a WordPress plugin and Magento extension. It’s gained huge popularity in the WordPress community due to it’s wide range of features and ease of use.

In this overview we’re going to cover the main features of the Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin, and then we’ll show you just how easy it is to make your own sliders from scratch.

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16. Master Slider

Master Slider is a free SEO friendly, responsive image and video slider that truly works on all major devices, and it has super smooth hardware accelerated transitions. It supports touch navigation with a pure swipe gesture that you have never experienced before.

With its 8 Starter Samples, creating slideshows has never been so fast and enjoyable!

Master Slider is built using WordPress best practices both on the front and the back end. This results in an efficient, robust and intuitive plugin. It works with any theme, including WordPress Default Themes.


• The Most SEO Friendly Slider Plugin in Market!
• Easy to Use Interface
• Simply Create Fully Responsive and Device Optimized Sliders with 8 starter samples
• Use Sliders Cross-browser and Works Well on All Popular Browsers! (Tested IE8+ and other modern browsers)
• Superlative Lightweight Outputs in Compare with Other Plugins
• HTML5 Valid and Clean Markups
• Touch Swipe Navigation
• Manage Slideshows with Autoplay Timing Options!

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Review: kevinmuldoon

The market for premium sliders is very competitive. This is fantastic for WordPress users as the quality of sliders improves every year.

One of the latest WordPress sliders on the market is Master Slider. They got in touch with me recently and kindly offered me a review copy to check it out. Without doubt, it is one of the best slider solutions available to WordPress users.

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17. Meteor Slides

Image sliders seem to be the cool “in” thing that everyone wants. They’re splashy, flashy and do make a big visual impact. However, all that splash and flash often comes with the costs of a slower site and maybe a bit of a hit on our SEO efforts.

The SEO issues are unclear, though it seems Google may be putting less importance on textual content being above the fold.

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Review: tripwiremagazine

Many webmasters use image and content sliders to enhance their websites ability to capture visitor’s attention and lead them towards important content. A slider placed above the fold on a website front page is a very effective solution for featuring products, important content, photographs etc. Choosing a slider plugin for WordPress is not easy, as there are so many great slider plugins available. Just check this collection and you will know what I mean.

Some sliders are better than the others and there are different types of sliders to choose from. Some WordPress slideshow plugins are pure image sliders, while others are highly advanced content sliders with dynamic animation effects.

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18. FlexSlider

This slider uses the FlexSlider framework by WooThemes. Recent posts are displayed as a responsive slider. Posts can be selected by category or by post type if your theme uses custom post types.

The slider exists only as a widget, no settings page required. Visit Appearance > Widgets in your site dashboard, and place the Recent Posts Flexslider widget in your sidebar of choice.

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Review: drupal

There are several ways you can feed the slider. You can use views or an image field or manually add images. The slider can be in content or a block. I need a fixed manual list in a block and added a child page where I will describe what worked for me. Please add your different uses as child pages.

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19. Slaido—Template Pack for Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin

SALIDO is the Restaurant OS, a single platform that unifies your restaurant operations under one login. Whether you are a single or a multi-unit operator, it takes an enterprise level approach to streamlining all your operations. SALIDO was created with the best interest of restaurant operators in mind. It wants you to focus on what matters to you most, your customers.

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Review: codecanyon

Slaido is a WordPress plugin that allows you to navigate across more than 300 slider templates in your WP dashboard and import them with just 1 click. Slaido includes 320+ Responsive Templates including 120+ Multi-Purpose Niche Templates. Sketch & PSD Files Included More than 700 Slider Designs!

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20. Kreatura Slider Plugin for WordPress

Kreatura a group of creative web designers and web developers.It makes unique web pages and brilliant web apps. Its goal is to push the boundaries and innovate with cutting edge technologies. It is best known for LayerSlider, which powers more than 1.5 million active sites on a daily basis. LayerSlider is a premium multi-purpose animation platform to create sliders, image galleries, slideshows with mind-blowing effects, landing pages, animated page blocks, or even a full website.

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Review: webnots

Kreatura Slider Plugin is a WordPress plugin for creating and customizing fully responsive functional sliders. After enabling this plugin, you can access a new page in the admin panel.

It contains many options and for new users, the plugin can be quite overwhelming in terms of capability. As an example, there’s a variety of animation and transition combination.

It is possible to create 2D animated sliders, create 3D animated sliders, choose thumbnail navigation and choose various transitions.

With the LayerSlider plugin, it is possible to create any slider you need and multiple sliders can be added into a single page.

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