Essential WordPress Security Plugins To Block Hackers & Malware

best WordPress security plugin

August 17th, 2019   |   Updated on March 29th, 2024

You have just started your business and the next task at hand is to set up a website.

More so with the scare of hackers and malicious people trying to harm your website, you have to be extra careful.

Even after choosing a reputable platform like WordPress the fear of intrusion remains.

However, WordPress has many plugins which ensure that the security level of the website is not tampered with.

It is those plugins we have analyzed and created a list of the 10 best WordPress Plugins for Security.

If you are worried about your website you must consider any of these plugins to ensure everything remains safe.

We have also scrutinized their features and benefits and once you read through them you can be assured that your task would become much easier.

Best WordPress Security Plugins

1. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security: best wordpress security plugin

The Sucuri Security plugin is purpose-built to fortify WordPress websites against an array of security threats, including malware and hacking attempts. Its comprehensive suite of features includes:

  • Security Auditing: Monitors website activity for suspicious behavior, aiding in the early detection of potential threats.
  • File Integrity Monitoring: Alerts users to any changes in core WordPress files, helping identify potential hacks.
  • Remote Malware Scanning: Utilizes cloud-based scanners to detect and remove malware from websites.
  • Blocklist Monitoring: Checks if the website is blacklisted by search engines or security providers, facilitating quick resolution.
  • Security Hardening: Implements measures to strengthen the website’s security posture, such as hiding WordPress version details.
  • Post-Hack Recovery: Guides users through recovery steps like password resets and malware cleanup.
    Security Notifications: Sends email alerts for detected security issues, ensuring swift response.

While the free version offers core security features, advanced protections like a website firewall are available in premium plans. Users should be aware of potential performance impacts, limited support options for free users, and the separate purchase of SSL certificates in some premium plans.

Despite these considerations, Sucuri Security stands as a robust choice for enhancing WordPress website security.

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2. WP Security Audit Log

WP Security Audit Log: the best wordpress security plugin

WP Security Audit Log is a leading WordPress plugin that meticulously records and monitors user activity on your website, enhancing its security and providing valuable insights. It tracks a wide range of actions, aiding in the detection of unauthorized changes and potential security breaches.

The plugin’s detailed logs improve accountability and assist in troubleshooting technical issues. It seamlessly integrates with WordPress multisite networks for centralized activity tracking.


  • Performance Impact: Monitoring extensive activity may consume server resources, requiring adjustment for high-traffic sites.
  • Storage Requirements: Continuous logging can lead to data accumulation, necessitating effective management to avoid storage issues.
  • Configuration Complexity: Advanced settings may require technical expertise for optimal setup.
  • Limited Free Version: While the free version focuses on logging, advanced security features are available in premium plans.


While WP Security Audit Log excels in detailed logging, Sucuri Security Plugin offers a broader security suite with features like firewalls and malware scanning.

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3.  iThemes Security

 iThemes Security: best wordpress security plugin that speeds up site

iThemes Security is a top-rated plugin tailored for safeguarding WordPress websites against diverse threats. Its key features include:

  • Multi-layered Security: Provides a robust set of features including password enforcement, two-factor authentication (2FA), malware scanning, login lockdown, file change detection, database backups, and security hardening.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Boasts an intuitive interface for easy navigation and configuration, suitable for non-technical users.
  • Free and Premium Versions: The free version offers core functionalities, while the premium version unlocks advanced features like a website application firewall (WAF) and vulnerability scans.


  • Limited Features in Free Version: Essential security features like WAF are available only in paid plans.
    Potential Performance Impact: Multiple security checks may cause slight slowdowns on resource-limited servers.
  • Backup Reliance (Free Version): Manual configuration is required for backups in the free version; automatic backups are available in premium plans.

iThemes Security compared to other popular options:

  • Sucuri Security: Both have good security features. However, Sucuri Security gives priority to website application firewall (WAF) protection, even in its free version. To get WAF in iThemes Security, you must upgrade to a paid plan.
  • Wordfence Security: They have similar features, but Wordfence Security is better suited for users who are more technically inclined because of its advanced features and settings.

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4. All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall: best wordpress security plugin for shared hosting

This popular WordPress security plugin is known for being easy to use, especially for beginners. It offers a variety of features to protect your website, including:

  • Login security: Stops hackers from trying to guess your password.
  • Firewall protection: Blocks malicious traffic from reaching your site.
  • User protection: Keeps your account safe.
  • Blacklist monitoring: Tracks known threats.
  • File change detection: Alerts you if someone tampers with your website’s files.
  • Content protection: Prevents others from stealing your content.
  • Backups (premium): Creates copies of your website for easy restoration in case of problems.
  • Advanced security options (premium): Provides extra layers of defense.
    Free vs Paid

The free version offers the core security features you need to get started. Upgrading to a premium plan unlocks more powerful tools, like a website application firewall and automated backups.

How Does it Compare?

  • Sucuri Security: All In One WP Security offers basic firewall protection for free, while Sucuri only provides a WAF in their premium plans.
  • Wordfence Security: All In One WP Security is simpler to use, especially for beginners, but Wordfence offers more advanced options in the free version.

Overall, All In One WP Security is a great choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use security solution for your WordPress website. It provides a good balance of features and affordability, especially for those who are new to website security.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you need a website application firewall (WAF)? If so, you’ll need the premium version of All In One WP Security or another plugin like Sucuri.
  • Are you comfortable with a slightly more complex plugin? If so, Wordfence might be a good option, especially if you need advanced features in the free version.

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5. Jetpack

Jetpack: lightest best wordpress security plugin

Jetpack goes beyond basic security with features like brute-force protection and activity logs. While not the most robust solution on its own (upgrades needed for WAF and malware scanning), it offers a well-rounded package for security-conscious users.

Security Focus:

  • Blocks brute-force login attempts.
  • Monitors downtime and tracks website activity.
  • Integrates with paid plans for advanced security features like WAF and malware scanning.

Beyond Security:

Jetpack isn’t just about security. It provides performance optimization, marketing tools, and content management functionalities, making it a comprehensive website management solution.

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6. SecuPress

SecuPress: best wordpress security plugin plugins

SecuPress is a robust security plugin for WordPress websites, offering a simplified approach to website protection. Its key features include malware detection and blocking, login security with two-factor authentication, website application firewall (WAF), security hardening, and backups for disaster recovery.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to configure security settings, suitable for both beginners and experienced users. While the free version provides essential security features, premium plans offer additional functionalities like vulnerability scanning and security audit logs.

SecuPress benefits beginners with its user-friendly interface, website owners seeking comprehensive security, and developers utilizing advanced features like WAF for enhanced protection.

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7. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security: best wordpress security plugin combinations

Bulletproof Security secures WordPress sites with two-factor login, anti-spam, and hardening measures. However, free users miss out on malware scanning and a website firewall, crucial for robust defense. Configuration relies on .htaccess files, potentially causing issues for non-technical users.

While Bulletproof Security offers login strength, other plugins provide more in their free tiers:

  • Sucuri Security: Website monitoring and basic firewall protection.
  • Wordfence Security: Built-in firewall and malware scanning.
  • All in One WP Security: Basic firewall and malware scanning.

Consider Bulletproof Security if login security is your top priority, but for a more well-rounded free security solution, explore other options.

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8. Wordfence

Wordfence Security is a powerful security solution for WordPress websites, offering a feature-rich free version. It includes a firewall, malware scanning, traffic monitoring, login security, and security hardening.

Premium plans start at $99 annually, providing real-time threat defense updates. Considerations include a learning curve for advanced features and potential performance impact on resource-limited servers.

Comparing with other options:

  • Sucuri Security offers robust features, with a free website application firewall in premium plans, while Wordfence requires premium for real-time threat updates.
  • iThemes Security focuses on core features in its free tier, catering to users comfortable with a slightly technical interface, unlike Wordfence, which offers more features in its free version.
  • All In One WP Security & Firewall has limitations on malware scanning in its free tier, unlike Wordfence, which provides a broader feature set, including a built-in firewall and traffic monitoring in the free version.

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09. MalCare Security

MalCare specializes in WordPress security, prioritizing rapid malware detection and removal. Its distinguishing features include:

  • Swift Malware Removal: With a unique one-click removal system, MalCare instantly eliminates detected malware without technical expertise. (Limited scans in the free version)
  • Proactive Defense: The built-in website application firewall (WAF) blocks malicious traffic, preventing attacks before they occur. (Limitations in the free version)
  • Automatic Updates: MalCare keeps pace with evolving threats, ensuring continuous protection against malware.
  • Performance Optimization: Designed for minimal impact on website loading speed, MalCare focuses on performance.

Free versions offer malware scans, while premium plans unlock one-click malware removal, WAF, security hardening, and priority support. Ideal for website owners valuing user-friendly solutions with immediate malware removal and ongoing protection, as well as agencies managing multiple sites due to MalCare’s efficient interface.

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10. WPScan

WPScan is a potent scanner crafted to uncover vulnerabilities in WordPress websites, serving as a vigilant watchdog against potential hacker entry points. Key features include:

  • Vulnerability Detection: Checks your website against a vast database, identifying outdated themes, plugins, and core installations.
  • Malware Scanning (Premium): Detects malicious code and hidden threats within your website.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Provides clear reports to easily understand and prioritize security updates.
  • Free and Paid Options: The free version offers core vulnerability scanning, while premium unlocks additional features like malware scanning.

However, WPScan focuses on identifying vulnerabilities rather than actively patching them or offering real-time protection. It benefits website owners, security professionals, and developers alike, offering insights into security posture and aiding in security audits.

While no longer actively supported for non-enterprise customers, alternatives like Jetpack Protect provide similar scanning capabilities for ongoing security monitoring and protection.

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