9 Game-Changing UI/UX Design Trends To Elevate Your Digital Experience

UI/UX Design

April 22nd, 2021   |   Updated on April 12th, 2023

With the number of internet users increasing every day, the digital marketing sector has also grown significantly.

Users visit numerous websites daily; hence any business nowadays needs that extra factor to stay in the race. As a result, entrepreneurs are paying more attention to their websites and applications’ detailing and appeal.

The concept and level of UI/UX are getting enhanced with each passing year, and 2021 is no less. Therefore, if you want users to stay on your website or application, you need to understand the current market trends. Hence read this article to know about the top UI/UX trends to follow in 2021.

Incorporating Motion Graphics

Since the audience nowadays is already immersed in social media, you should also upgrade your graphic quotient.

You can use graphic design software like Adobe after effects and website-creating programs for keeping things simple.

These will help you to incorporate the elements of time and space into your UI/UX design.
The various advantages of motion graphics are:

  • It makes fluid transitions
  • It provides affirmative or negative news as well as confirms an action
  • Successfully draws the users attention to the things that will happen next
  • It can make understanding complex processes easier

However, it is also important to remember the motion graphics shouldn’t be overdone. Visitors can feel confused because of too many animated objects. Hence, it is essential to make an immersive experience.

Immersive Full-screen Display

With the decrease of attention span in the audience, the screen’s size is getting bigger every day. Therefore, it is the need of the moment to customize your website for providing immersive displays.

The benefits of an immersive full-screen experience are multifold. The users remain interested and engaged on your portal.

The immersive display can also enhance the aesthetics of your website significantly. Market analysis reveals that for mobile users, the notification bar at the top serves as a distraction. Hence you can use full-screen UX to get over it.

Moreover, with an upcoming trend of foldable intelligent devices, you need to incorporate a full-screen design to support the new devices efficiently. This will help your business to stay in front and prepare for future trends.

Implementing Dark Mode

The popularity of dark mode has started in early 2020, and it is getting bigger in 2021. This ultra-sleek mode is enough to make your portal look modern, stylish, and elegant. Therefore it is vital to keep an option of changing the mode in your UI.

There are several benefits of implementing dark mode. Some of these are:

  • It helps in reducing screen fatigue
  • Even in a dark environment, the screen remains optimally readable
  • The dark mode is also helpful in preserving the battery of the user’s device.
  • It helps in hiding corrupted pixels.
  • Using dark mode helps in making some elements pop. As a result, users get intrigued by the things visible on the screen.
  • Chances of triggering photophobia also get reduced with a dark mode.

However, this mode can get hectic for a text/data-heavy website or application. Therefore, although this mode is present conveniently in messaging apps and OTT platforms, its utility needs to be adequately understood.

Users don’t want a trend to pop off everywhere randomly. Hence you have to provide the proper form and utility through your UX.

Therefore when your main objective is to grab the user’s full attention or filling forms, you can avoid the dark mode.

Gradients with Low Contrast

Trends of gradients started and became popular in the mid-1990s, and they are coming back nowadays. Gradients can be very useful in ensnaring users or providing depth to average designs.

However, the latest gradient Trend is all about limiting the contrast. This proves that in-your-face gradients are not needed to attract customers. Smooth color transitions are preferable in this case.

This trend of limiting the contrast started in 2018 when the trend was all about purple and blue gradients. In 2019, shades became softer, and it has become softer ever since.

Incorporating gradients in UI is easy, but some complementary factors also need attention.

As a result, UI/UX designers focus more on the color wheel to provide better outcomes. You should note that your brand’s color and temperament should be directly related to the gradients used in your designs.

Integrating Voice User Interface

The preference of screen and displays are coming to a halt in 2021. Therefore, with screen fatigue going up, users are looking for time off-screen. Hence, it is the correct period to replace the visual priority with that of voice.

Modern technologies have enhanced the natural language processing capabilities of devices. Therefore the digital market is now inclining towards voice search.

All the big digital firms like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and others are launching voice-optimized devices or planning to do so.

Hence the next big step in UI / UX design is voice UI integration. People nowadays stay hooked to their smartphones that come with an inbuilt microphone.

People are getting used to technology that can talk and reply. This is evident from the fact that voice assistants and smart home devices’ popularity increases every day. Therefore implementing search and interface can be very beneficial for your website.

Security through ID Authentication

Security and data breaches can be a significant threat for every website and application out there. Hence, facial unlock and fingerprint or voice sensor unlocking system can be of some relief.

Most of the cyber-attacks happen on smartphones and mobile applications. Hence an ID authentication unlocking feature is a crucial part of any mobile application UI design.

Data security is a primary concern today for every individual. With chances of data breaches getting high, developers are concentrating more on facial identity authentication features.

Therefore, incorporating any biometric lock for a robust data encryption tool to UI can help you gain user trust. It will make users feel safe about using your application and add to your trustworthiness.

Providing Personalized Designs

In a highly competitive digital market, you always need to stay on your toe to cater to the customer’s needs.

Clients can be very selective about things, and if you fail to provide them what they want, they will shift their attention from you to your competitors.

Therefore, UIs need occasional personalization. Great examples of search interfaces are that of Netflix or Amazon, or Flipkart.

Your UI should analyze your user’s history and recommend them the things they want the most. This will help you to keep a hold of your audience.

However, it is not always possible to cater to a user’s demand. Hence, personalization can also occur according to the occasion. You can opt for suitable themes in big festivals like Halloween or Christmas.

This changing aesthetics according to global events will help you to grab visitors from around the world. Hence, personalizing your interface is essential to make you different from the rest.

Synchronization of Multiple Devices

Audiences nowadays use more than one smart device in their daily life. Therefore, since they have multiple devices available to them, your UI should also be supporting cross-platform adaptability.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that the experience they will enjoy across devices should be well synchronized and consistent.

The basic concept for multiple devices is that of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktops. However, these are not the only synchronizable devices on the list.

There are also smart wearable devices and smartwatches. Therefore you’re UI / UX design should be focused on these devices too.

According to market trends, wearable technology is going to be huge in 2021. Hence you need to be prepared with a UI/UX design that has cross-device synchronization features.

Incorporating 3D Elements

Gone are the days when flat texts and 2D images were a rage. If you want to keep your viewers hooked to your interface, you need to provide them an extraordinary experience. Here comes the importance of incorporating 3D in your UI.

3D development started with the gaming sector, but now it finds heavy usage in the website and mobile app development. Introducing 3D elements and effects in your UI, users get a better informative and engaging overview.

It is evident from the rising popularity of the digital 360-degree view among users. Moreover, the 3D development sector has improved a lot nowadays.

You can now use shadow below text for 3D get-up or even utilize AR/VR technology to add 3D motion graphics to your interface.

How to test your website UI UX for a seamless user experience?

UX Design Course_4

UX is one of the main reasons for user stickiness on your website, as per various studies users are tend to go away if you offer a bad UX and that is why it is mandatory for everyone to test the UX and UI of your website and we suggest LambdaTest.

LambdaTest is one of the most widely used cross browser testing platform that helps you to test your website UI/UX on a combination of 2000+ browsers & OS. Let us look at some of the features offered by this platform:

  • Using automated testing, LambdaTest ensures that the developers do not perform any redundant test process.
  • It helps to check the variation in web page UI depending on the browser and its version.
  • The Cloud Service ensures that the developers can run thousands of automated tests simultaneously.
  • The easy bug logging feature detects all the issues present in the framework of the web application.
  • LambdaTest also checks the cross-browser compatibility of locally hosted web pages.

You can also read this article that talks about Ways In Which Cross Browser Testing Ensures A Better UX for deeper understanding on how to test your UI UX.


Therefore, these are some of the UI/UX design trends that you can incorporate within your websites.

The importance of providing an immersive and new experience to your customers is immense. Looks always matter; hence, implementing unique features to your application and websites is the first stepping stone of attracting a new audience.

Therefore, the key is to understand the market trends properly, take professional designers’ help, and understand what your portal needs.

In 2021, design trends combine minimalism, pastel colors, immersive 3d visuals, and complex typography. Choosing and combining these tendencies will help in making a unique and engaging UI.