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A Guide To Maternity Bras

Maternity Bras

January 28th, 2021   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

A Maternity Bra is just like a normal every day one but with lots of added support, comfort, and bigger, wider straps.

This is because during the pregnancy process and growing a baby inside of you, your rib cage expands open in order to prepare your body.

Whilst this is happening the size and shape of your boobs constantly change also. By wearing a maternity bra during your pregnancy, you will help to keep your breasts looking their best whilst still being very comfortable.

If you are new to the world of maternity bras, then try not to worry. Gone are the days of the large, plain, and often white bras of years gone by.

Since then they have come a very long way and are now stylish, boasting pretty patterns and colors, along with using the latest technologies and materials in order to provide you with the greatest amount of support.

It is recommended that any pregnant woman has at least 3 maternity bras to rotate through every day use.

However, this does of course depend on the individual, with some women preferring to have more in order to suit certain items of clothing or for certain occasions.

What is important to remember though is the size of the bra that you wear is likely to change a number of times throughout your pregnancy.

When To Buy One

Guide To Maternity Bras

Although this will vary from woman to woman, the general consensus is that a maternity bra should only be purchased when you reach your 4th month of being pregnant. Some women will of course need one sooner than that as their breasts may grow at a faster rate.

Based on this then, you should consider buying one as soon as you begin to feel uncomfortable. In order to stay comfy throughout the entirety of your pregnancy, you should get regular re fits with a professional, as your cup size is likely to change numerous times.

During the very last months of your pregnancy, your rib cage begins to expand. When this happens, you should make use of the back extender in order to make the bra bigger.

Underwire Bras

Many health care professionals state that maternity bras with underwire inside of them should not be worn during the pregnancy process as they have the possibility to restrict upon and even suppress milk ducts and thus the production of milk for the purposes of nursing baby.

What To Wear At Night

During pregnancy it can be equally uncomfortable to go without wearing a bra than what it is to actually wear one.

In the last trimester of a pregnancy, it is not unlikely for some women to experience the leakage of milk from their breasts and so keeping a bra on in bed at night will facilitate the use of breast pads.

Where a bra is required at night, there are models that have no seams or hooks, and are softer and lighter, thus making them much more comfortable to sleep in.

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