Top 5 Platforms Where Freelance Developers Can Sell Their Services?

platforms where freelance developers

October 27th, 2020   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

These days, especially in the development and designing world, it can be challenging to find good help.

It seems almost impossible to acquire and retain qualified full-time employees. That’s why, hiring a freelancer is a great option.

You can hire a freelancer to help with specific issues or upcoming projects. With limited attachment to freelancers, you can keep costs low while meeting your business needs. Who knows, you may find the perfect full-time developer in the process.

The internet provides a series of freelance work websites for you to browse and find the one that best suits your situation. This freedom can be a double-edged sword. It’s good if you have a very large number of candidates, but it’s bad because it’s too many to analyze.

Many people explore freelance web designer jobs at Dormzi so you can post your work and find a suitable freelancer for your needs. Also, there are jobs for freelance web developers so it will be a suitable place for finding people with both these skills.

Here are the top 5 freelance websites to help you find a star Freelance Web Developer or Freelance Graphic Designer- else more:

1. Top Tal:

Top Tal

Toptal connects startups and businesses with the best software engineering talents in the world. The company is uniquely proud to have access to the top 3 percent of independent developers worldwide. To do this, they screen all applicants before entering the freelance talent pool.

Toptal’s selection process includes language and personality testing, timed algorithm testing, technical evaluation with other Toptal engineers, testing projects.

This process is rigorous for future freelance engineers, but Toptal aims to turn it into a reverse experience for its customers. First, the customer tells Toptal how many engineers they need and what type of technology they are using.

2. Upwork:


Upwork is a recent nickname adopted by Elance-o Desk after the merger last year. This freelance service works with clients throughout the hiring process, from posting to payment, to provide users with excellent market experience.

The work process is very simple. Start by explaining what kind of work you need to do. It can be almost any job, big or small, individual or team, short-term or long-term.

Potential candidates will be able to submit your post and compare their profiles, comments, and portfolios.

Then do an interview and select the best candidates to join the team and work on the project. Payment can be made on a project-by-project or hourly basis. Payments also go through the Upwork payment system, and Upwork maintains the charges.

3. Guru:


Guru is similar to Upwork and starts searching for freelancers by describing and posting your work on the freelancer’s site.

However, unlike Upwork, Guru adds another layer to search for specific freelancers based on discipline, category, location, reviews, pricing, and more. This will make the best freelancers stand out from the crowd instead of applying for a job every time.

Guru also offers a collaboration and project workspace called a workspace. You can share project deadlines and milestones in the workroom or simply communicate with freelancers in the Guru system.

Payment can be made via the Guru Safepay system or invoice. With SafePay, the employer deposits money into Guru’s Safepay account, and Guru pays the freelancer only after you approve the job.

4. Self-Employed


Similar to the websites above, allows you to list your projects and receive competitive offers from Freelancer.

You can also add updates to your project for a fee, such as flagging the projects featured in your posting system or having a freelancer recruiter help you select candidates.


  • The immense talent pool of freelancers
  • Great for project-based work
  • Disadvantages
  • Expensive with 10% price and possible upgrades
  • Large groups lack talent in some places.

5. Fiverr:


Fever takes the standalone market and divides it into smaller projects. Freelancers provide introductory videos and create profiles that show who they are and what services they offer on their website. Companies can search from the talent pool by entering keywords or navigating directly to predefined categories such as “Web & Mobile Design.”


  • Review system for certifying freelancers
  • Prompt delivery of projects
  • Very affordable option
  • Disadvantages
  • Suitable for small projects and work.


Hopefully, you like this as it will bring you so much knowledge about the different platforms. This will help you grow as Freelance Software Developer, Freelance Illustrator, or Freelance Animator for multiple projects and clientages.

Thus if you want to do better in freelancing, know more about VA’s opportunities, freelancer profile hack, and more with us.

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