How To Start Your Own Yoga Instructor Business

Yoga Instructor Business

Published on July 2nd, 2019

The benefits of yoga are manifold, and once you have experienced these advantages yourself, you may very well want to share them with others.

Before you open the doors to your open yoga business, however, you should review the steps needed in order to do so.

1. Commit To The Process

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You might have dreams of opening up your own yoga studio within the next couple of months. Keep in mind that it can take that long simply to find a place.

You may also need to work in other spaces before you can have your own. Having a long-term goal is important, but so is appreciating your successful completion of the other steps.

2. Get Certified

In order to provide yoga instruction in the safest and most effective manner, you must obtain certification. Chances are that you won’t need to go far to get certified.

Yoga is so popular, and certification programs are likely available in or near your neighborhood. The certification makes you a better teacher and bolsters the confidence of prospective students in your lessons.

3. Choose A Niche

Depending upon where you live, you might have a great deal of competition with other yoga instructors. Finding a niche can help you to set yourself apart and to draw in members of a specific target audience.

For example, you might advertise classes specifically geared toward women, or you may offer a schedule that accommodates people who work typical business hours.

4. Find Liability Insurance

When people think of yoga, they often envision sessions filled with peace and tranquility. While the ultimate goal is to generate these feelings in every moment of your yoga classes, remember that injuries can occur.

In the event that an injury occurs, the right liability insurance can protect you against having to pay financially. You can research the benefits of yoga liability insurance at beYogi.

5. Procure A Space

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Once you are certified and insured, you are quite close to starting your lessons. Before you can begin instructor people, however, you must decide where you are going to do so.

If your home has adequate space, you could start by offering lessons there. You might also travel to the homes of clients as long as you ensure your safety. Another option is to rent out space in a studio.

You can also see if the local library or gym is hiring yoga instructors. Eventually, you can work your way up to owning your own studio, but that point is not where new instructors typically start.

6. Set A Schedule

You’ll likely need to scope out a place and set a schedule simultaneously. In other words, if you’re renting out space from a studio or getting hired by a library, your schedule needs to match with what’s available and what’s needed.

On the other hand, if you are working out of your home or at the point where you are opening your own studio, you have more control over the schedule.

Consider the needs of your target audience members when creating the schedule. In other words, you want to make sure the classes are offered at times that they can actually attend.

7. Hire Staff Members

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Depending upon the size of your business, you may be fine operating it solo at least at the beginning. However, eventually, you may have a need to hire other yoga instructors to teach classes, a secretary to keep track of the schedule and a treasurer to help you to manage the money.

8. Advertise Your Business

Remember that prospective students are not going to know about your business unless you advertise it. Advertising through print media can certainly work, but you should take your marketing efforts online as well.

Develop a website that incorporates local SEO since the vast majority of your clients are likely to come from nearby. Also, make sure that you incorporate social media and content marketing into your advertising strategies.

Becoming a yoga instructor is an excellent way to keep your body and mind in good health while also supporting the health of other individuals. To ensure that you approach this goal in the right way, make sure to go through all of the steps.