15 Best Firewall Program That Keep Your System As Safe As Possible

Best Firewall Program

July 8th, 2020   |   Updated on April 13th, 2021

You are searching for a firewall program that lets you work while keeping your system safe. Best firewall program is supposed to monitor your network for suspicious activities without compromising on privacy & security.

Why do you need a firewall program? Because your computer is connected to the internet, and that makes your computer susceptible to malware attacks.

Hackers are always looking for a security “hole”. And, once they find a hole in your network, they gain access to all the sensitive data that you have stored on your desktop or laptop.

Your computer or laptop or network gets a layer of security if you have installed a good firewall.

Here, we have selected 15 best firewalls that can safeguard your computer from any suspicious activities.

1. Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall

Comodo Free Firewall is a superb replacement for Windows’ default utility. The interface is modern, sleek and intuitive and easy to navigate.

Not only is it pleasing on the eyes, it also provides enhanced protection via a constantly updated cloud database to always keep your system as safe as possible.

Comodo KillSwitch is an advanced portion of Comodo Firewall that lists all running processes and makes it a breeze to terminate or block anything you don’t want.

You can also see all your computer’s running applications and services from this window.

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2. TinyWall


TinyWall is a lightweight, user-friendly, and secure firewall for Windows. It is also completely free. TinyWall lets you work while protecting you. No annoying popups and simple configuration.

TinyWall’s performance impact is neglible. It barely uses any resources on your computer.

Tampering protection, blocklists, temporary firewall rules, UWP-support, boot-time filtering, and many-many more features. No drivers or kernel-components are installed, which keeps your system stable.

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3. GlassWire


GlassWire helps protect your privacy & security by monitoring your network activity for suspicious activity.

Once suspicious activity is detected you can block the potential threat with GlassWire’s built in firewall management tool. GlassWire visualizes all your network activity on an easy to use graph.

Click anywhere on the graph to see what applications and hosts are accessing the network from your computer.

In GlassWire’s menu is an option to go incognito, which will prevent the program from logging all traffic until you turn it back on.

There’s also a snooze option to disable all notifications for 24 hours. In the settings are additional features like to launch GlassWire at startup and to turn on or off specific alerts, like for bandwidth overage, changes made to proxy settings and/or DNS servers, and ARP spoofing detection.

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4. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall blocks hackers from infiltrating your home PC by hiding your computer from unsolicited network traffic.

By detecting and preventing intrusions, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall keeps your PC free from viruses that slow down performance, and spyware that steals your personal information, passwords, and financial data.

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5. Privatefirewall


This application integrates several different protection methods, which include a desktop firewall, an application manager, a process monitor, port tracking and traffic filtering. Furthermore, you can set different protection profiles for home, office and remote access.

Privatefirewall is an application that allows you to add extra security measures for your system. Its main advantage is that it allows you to prevent intrusions on the computer and protect it from information theft.

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6. PeerBlock


As the name suggests PeerBlock, is an app that prevents unsecured locations from accessing your computer, in order to protect your sensitive data.

It can be easily figured out. The main application window shows the time, range, source, destination and protocol for each connection. Enabling and disabling PeerBlock’s status can be done with the simple click of a button.

Moreover, you can view a history list or clear the log file, customize settings when it comes to the log window, history and notifications, make the app automatically run at system startup and start minimized to the system tray area, among others.

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7. R-Firewall


R-Firewall is an effective and easy-to-use solution to secure your on-line activity. It protects a computer connected to a local network and/or to the Internet against any intrusions, attacks, trojans, spyware, and other external and internal threats.

R-Firewall also filters out inappropriate Internet pages content and blocks dangerous active components you may get while browsing over the Internet or receiving e-mail massages.

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8. AVS Firewall

AVS Firewall

AVS Firewall is a specialized third-party security software solution that enables users to control the access to and from their computer while also helping them to get rid of various banners and pop-up elements while browsing the Internet or using applications that have embedded advertisements in their interface.

The application provides users with all the components they need to secure, protect, create profiles and rules, monitor their connections, control their PC status, view the history of connections or attempted connections and adjust the security level depending on the user’s needs.

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9. Outpost Firewall

Outpost Firewall

Outpost Firewall gives peace of mind from any virtually every Internet danger. Unlike other personal firewalls, Outpost starts protecting against all kinds of internal and external attacks as soon as it’s installed.

This is the first firewall with an open architecture and support for plug-ins, so its capabilities can easily be extended by thousands of developers worldwide.

Connections Monitoring – Lets you see network activity in real time, to help define inappropriate connections and close them right away.

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10. NetDefender


NetDefender is a simple software program which was developed in order to aid people in cutting off all network traffic, scanning an IP range and blocking the ping command.

The installation process is a piece of cake and does not offer to add any products that are not actually vital for the app to work fully.

Once you are done with it, you come across a simple and straightforward interface, as it is comprised of a menu bar, several buttons and a list of all rules currently registered.

Both power and novice users can find their way around it, without facing any kind of difficulties.

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11. Ashampoo FireWall

Ashampoo FireWall

Small but effective, rather than bulky and complicated. The use of a firewall can be very frustrating for those who are not graduate in computer science.

Apart using unintelligible jargon, the current firewall tends to be very bulky. You have sometimes the impression that you install an entire office software but not a basic network tool.

New Ashampoo FireWall FREE is different. Its wizard guides you throughout the simple configuration process.

The use in Easy Mode is a child play – no need for special technical knowledge, every thing is clearly explained. Ashampoo FireWall FREE is also compact.

Even with its four additional security tools, it is a tiny program which uses minimum memory and resources. Therefore, you get a strong protection without overloading your system. It is a freeware.

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12. Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security is a powerful internet security suite that offers a firewall among a range of featured security protections.

There’s also anti-virus protection, but its multi-layered malware protection also protects against ransomware.Other features include anti-phishing, anti-fraud, and anti-theft options, as well as a performance optimizer.

A wide range of privacy protection options include anti-tracking, file encryption and shredder, parental controls, as well as protection for microphones to prevent them being used by a third-party.,

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13. Avast Premium Security

Avast Premium Security

Avast Premium Security protects against all online threats, including spoofed websites and ransomware. Spoofed (fake) websites are one of the oldest hacking tricks in the book.

Avast Premium Security scans websites for security risks on both your computer and mobile phone, so you can finally shop and bank online safely on any device.

Ransomware is quickly becoming one of the most common — and dangerous — types of malware out there.

Avast Premium Security protects your devices against havoc-wreaking ransomware so you don’t become the victim of digital extortion.

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14. Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe offers an even richer and more feature-packed internet security suite than just providing a firewall.

While it provides for antivirus and standard anti-malware protections like the above internet security suites it dares to go further.

Advanced security with antivirus helps protect against existing and emerging online threats to your devices, and helps protect your private and financial information when you go online.

Tools to easily generate, store, and manage your passwords, credit card information and other credentials online – more securely.

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15. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is really the only one to deliver on this front.

Installation takes seconds, the program files barely use 2MB of your hard drive, RAM footprint is tiny, and there are no bulky signature updates to tie up your bandwidth.Considering this, there’s no compromise on features, which makes it all the more impressive.

Along with the core protection, there’s smart behavior monitoring, accurate real-time anti-phishing, network connection monitor, enhanced anti-ransomware, and of course firewall protection.

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