50 Funny Chicken Jokes For Kids

50 Funny Chicken Jokes For Kids

April 17th, 2021   |   Updated on March 21st, 2022

Chickens are amusing in their way. Simply seeing one clucking around a farmyard will provide you with instant slapstick hilarity.

Perhaps this explains how there are so many chicken puns. Chickens are endlessly entertaining, whether they’re laying eggs, crossing highways (no, we have no idea why chickens like crossing a street so much), or just squawking around.

Not just chickens are known for crossing highways; find answers to often asked ‘Why did…?’ queries here, or grab a spoon and dive into our culinary jokes.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 50 of the funniest chicken jokes from around the internet for your enjoyment. They’ve been incubating for quite a while and are now ready to eat in a bucket to you.

1. Why did the chicken cross the road?

To prove to the possum that it could be done!


2. Why did the turkey cross the road?

To prove he wasn’t chicken!


3. Why did the chicken stand in the middle of the road?

Coz he wanted to play squash!


4. Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide


5. Why did the chicken cross the road half way?

He wanted to lay it on the line!


6. Why does a chicken coop have two doors?

Because if had four doors it would be a chicken sedan!


7. Why did the rooster cross the road?

To cockadoodle dooo something!


8. If the Rooster layed an Egg on a roof, witch way would the egg roll?

Nowhere because roosters don’t lay egg.


9. Can a hen speak english?

Yes, she can (chicken).


10. What do chicken families do on Saturday afternoon?

They go on peck-nics!


11. Did you hear about the chicken who could only lay eggs in the winter?

She was no spring chicken.


12. What do you get when you cross a chicken and a four-leaf clover?

The Cluck o’the Irish!


13. Which day of the week do chickens hate most?



14. Why did the boy put a chicken in his garden?

He wanted to grow an eggplant.


15. How did the headless chicken cross the road?

in a KFC bucket.


16. What do chickens serve at birthday parties?



17. What happens when you drop a hand gren-egg?

It eggs-plodes!


18. What do you get when a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn?

An eggroll!


19. What do you call a chicken with a piece of lettuce in its eye?



20. How do chickens bake a cake?

From scratch!


21. Why did the piece of gum cross the road?

Because it was stuck to the chicken’s foot.


22. Why did the chicken cross the road roll in mud and cross the road again?

Because he was a dirty double crosser


23. Why did the chick disappoint his mother?

He wasn’t what he was cracked up to be!


24. What did the sick chicken say?

“I have the people-pox!”


25. Whats the difference between meat and chicken?

If you beat your chicken it dies.


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26. How does a chicken mail a letter to her friend?

In a HEN-velope!


27. What did one chicken say to the other after they walked through poison ivy?

“You scratch my beak and I’ll scratch yours!”


28. What do you call the outside of a hand gren-egg?

The bombshell!


29. Why did the chicken cross the road, roll in the mud and cross the road again?

Because he was a dirty double-crosser!

30. What does an alarm cluck say?



31. What did the chicken do when he saw a bucket of fried chicken?

She kicked the bucket!


32. What do you call a group of chickens clucking in unison?

A Hensemble.


33. What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cement mixer?

A brick layer!


34. Why did the chicken go to KFC?

To see his brother!


35. What kind of chicken grows on a tree?


36. Why did the cactus cross the road?

It was stuck to the chicken!


37. Why did half a chicken cross the road?

To get to its other side!


38. How did the chicken wake up?

It had an alarm cluck.


39. What happened to the chicken whose feathers were all pointing the wrong way?

She was tickled to death!


40. If you had 10 chicken nuggets and Jimmy tried to steal one, what would you have?

10 chicken nuggets and a dead Jimmy.


41. Why don’t chickens like people?

They beat eggs!


42. why did the chicken cross the road?

the chicken next to him farted.


43. Why did the rooster run away?

He was chicken!


44. What does an evil hen lay?

Deviled eggs!


45. What do chickens grow on?



46. Does that make you a chicken tender?

You take care of chickens.


47. Why did the chicken cross the basketball court?

He heard the referee calling fowls


48. What is the most musical part of a chicken?

The drumstick


49. Why is it easy for chicks to talk?

Because talk is cheep!


50. why did the man say chickens were lucky…?

because they get killed and eaten.