50 Funny Dinosaur Jokes Which Kids Gone Love It


April 16th, 2021   |   Updated on March 15th, 2022

Dinosaur puns are a certain way to make everyone giggle, and they’ll have you dino-laughing in no time. Just thought they can be frightening doesn’t mean they can’t be amusing. These 50 dinosaur gags for children are certain to make you chuckle.

They’re fantastic for the school, and you can write them off and include them in your child’s lunch. Take a look at these dinosaur jokes and puns for kids. Dinosaurs are entertaining in addition to being cool. It will assist you to deal with life if you laugh about these humorous extinct animals. Take a look at these hilarious dinosaur puns!

1. Why do museums have old dinosaur bones?

Because they can’t afford new ones!


2. What do you call a fossil that doesn’t ever want to work?

Lazy bones!


3. What do you call a smelly dinosaur fart?

An exstinktion!


4. What’s the best way to talk to a velociraptor?

Long distance!


5. How do you invite a dinosaur to a cafe?

Tea, Rex?


6. What do you call a dinosaur ghost?

A scaredactyl.


7. How do you ask a tyrannosaur out to lunch?

“Tea, Rex?”


8. What do you get when dinosaurs crash their cars ?

Tyrannosaurus wrecks !


9. How do you know there’s a seismosaurus under your bed?

Because your nose is two inches from the ceiling!


10. Why did the Archaeopteryx catch the worm?

Because it was an early bird!

dino jokes


11. What did the dinosaur say after the car crash ?



12. What’s better than a talking vulcanodon?

A spelling bee!


13. Where do dinosaurs go shopping?

The dino-store!


14. What do you call it when a dinosaur makes a goal with a soccer ball?

A dino-score!


15. What’s worse than a giraffe with a sore throat?

A tyrannosaur with a giraffe in its throat!


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16. What do you call a plated dinosaur when he is asleep? ?



17. What do you call a gigantoraptor that won’t stop talking?

A dino-bore!


18. What type of tool does a prehistoric reptile carpenter use?

A dino-saw !


19. Why can’t you hear a pterosaur using the bathroom?

Because the “p” is silent!


20.What do you call a T.Rex who hates losing?

A saur loser.

t rex jokes

21. What do you call a tyrannosaurus that talks and talks and talks …? ?

A dinobore!


22. How can you tell there’s an allosaurus in your bed?

By the bright red “A” on its pajamas.


23. What do you get if you cross a dinosaur with a pig?

Jurassic Pork!


24. What do you call a dinosaur with no eyes?



25. How can you tell there’s a stegosaurus in your refrigerator?

The door won’t close!


26. What do you call twin dinosaurs?



27. What does a Triceratops sit on?

Its Tricera-bottom.


28. What family does shantungosaurus belong to?

I don’t know. I don’t think any family in our neighborhood owns one!


29. What do you call a dinosaur who has left its armor out in the rain?

A Stegosau-rust.


30. What’s the best way to talk to a Tyrannosaur ?

Long distance!

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31. What has a prominent head crest, a duck-like bill, and 16 wheels?

A Maiasaura on roller skates!


32. What do you call a dinosaur with one eye?



33. Why did carnivorous dinosaurs eat raw meat?

Because they didn’t know how to barbecue!


34. Why can’t you hear a Pterodactyl when it goes to the toilet?

Because the pee is silent!


35. What do you call a terrible, horrible, unpleasant dinosaur?

A thesaurus.


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36. Do you think anything could tricera-top these dinosaur puns?

I dino what to tell you, but probably not.


37. Why are there old dinosaur bones in the museum?

Because they can’t afford new ones!


38. What is a dinosaur’s least favorite reindeer?



39. What do you call a dinosaur car accident?

A tyrannosaurus wreck!


40. What do you say when you meet a two-headed dinosaur?

Hello, hello!

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41. Why don’t dinosaurs ever forget?

Because they never knew anything in the first place!


42. What’s a dinosaur’s favorite drink?

Rex on the beach!


43. Is it true that a dinosaur won’t attack if you hold a tree branch?

That depends on how fast you carry it!


44. What happened when the brachiosaurus took the train home?

He had to bring it back!


45. What do you call a group of dinosaurs who sing?

A tyranno-chorus.


46. What did the Tyrannosaurus rex get after mopping the floor?



47. What’s purple and green and won’t stop singing?

Barney taking a shower!


48. What do you call a baby dinosaur?

A Wee-Rex!


49. Why did the dinosaurs go extinct?

Because they wouldn’t take a bath!


50. What do you call a dinosaur after they break-up with their girlfriend?

Tyrannosaurus ex.

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